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Area Businesses Rely On TurnerClean Commercial Disinfection Misting Service

April 9, 2020   |   News

For many companies, virus cleaning and disinfecting may make the difference between being able to continue to operate and having to completely shutter their business. Businesses in Florida are relying on our TurnerClean commercial disinfection misting service to help them maintain a safe, clean workplace for employees, customers, delivery personnel, and others. 

TurnerClean serves clients throughout Florida.

TurnerClean recently provided a fast turnaround for a Jacksonville business, disinfecting its office space. The company requested our disinfection services on a Friday and our team arrived to the complete the job the next day. With a space that’s now clean, the company is able to remain open for business and its employees know they can work there safely.

We are now also partnering with the community developer and semi-custom homebuilder MasterCraft Builder Group to disinfect all of its model homes and purchased homes prior to homebuyers moving in. MasterCraft Builder Group CEO and founder Chris Shee says offering our disinfection service is “the right thing to do.” He adds that “Offering peace of mind to our homebuyers fits in with what we strive to uphold each and every day. It’s part of our Customer Service and Community pillars.”

TurnerClean disinfecting service
TurnerClean technicians keeping Florida businesses safe.

Our president, Bill Talon, notes that being able to provide TurnerClean services to commercial customers underscores Turner Pest Control’s commitment to the health and well-being of the communities we serve to a remarkable extent. According to Bill, “We have the equipment, we have the technology, and we have the product. More importantly, we believe we are acting socially responsible within the communities in which we live and work to deliver this service to the benefit of protecting and saving lives.” He adds that this service “speaks to the heart and soul of our organization to respond to this crisis with a solution that benefits the community, provides financial benefits to both our clients and our company, and provides stability to our workforce that relies on these decisions to support their personal economic situations.” 

Learn more about making your business safe with TurnerClean.

Turner is ready to help, whether your facility is presently closed and you need to ensure your employees’ safety upon their return or you’ve remained open for business and want to provide a healthy environment for employees and visitors.

Our broad-spectrum disinfection misting service provides powerful protection against the coronavirus. It’s safe, kills pathogens in just seconds, and can be applied to walls, floors, structures, and equipment. Whatever kind of workplace you have—an office, warehouse, healthcare facility, restaurant, manufacturing facility, educational institution, or other type of business—TurnerClean commercial disinfection misting service can bring you peace of mind.

Please call us at 904-355-5300 now, click to request a quote, or learn more on our TurnerClean web page.

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