TurnerGuard Termite and Pest Control in Orlando

Get all-in-one protection and a lifetime guarantee — and no excluded pests.

We know pest control — we are Orlando’s most experienced pest control experts. Throughout our 40 years in the pest control industry, we’ve discovered the best solution for homeowners: a total termite and pest control plan.

That’s why we’re proud to bring our exclusive TurnerGuard service to our Orlando area customers.

Get comprehensive pest control coverage at a low initial price.

It doesn’t matter if you are concerned about damage to your home from termites or just want to avoid the annoyance of everyday pests, our proprietary TurnerGuard service is the answer for your needs. TurnerGuard covers everything from termites and bed bugs to snakes and spiders. Our plan provides more pest control coverage than any other service in the industry.

You will be getting a great value by signing up for TurnerGuard service at an initial and affordable fixed rate, then just pay a small monthly fee based on the square footage of your Orlando home. There are no hidden costs or fees and no exclusions written in fine print — what’s more, you’ll never pay for termite re-treatment again!

TurnerGuard is our most comprehensive termite and pest control program.

The TurnerGuard program provides the following industry-leading protections:

TurnerGuard Termite Protection

  • Soil and crawl space treatments
  • Termite monitoring and detection system
  • Barrier and interior entry point treatments
  • Green, environmentally friendly treatment options
  • A lifetime warranty and guaranteed satisfaction
  • Termite retreatment costs fully covered

TurnerGuard Pest Control Services

  • TurnerGuard treatment targets your wall voids, switch plates, and even around plumbing
  • We clear your eaves, doors, and windows of spider webs, wasp’s nests, beehives and more
  • We offer green pest control options at no additional charge
  • Perimeter treatment to keep insects out of your house
  • Bed bug extermination, rodent control, and snake control and removal.

TurnerGuard is available in Orlando now! Call 407-675-5000 today for a free inspection or to schedule an appointment.

TurnerGuard pricing is based on square footage of your property and starts with a low initial price, and affordable monthly fee:

Orlando TurnerGuard Pricing

Square Footage Initial Price Monthly
0-1700 $199 $49.99
1701-2300 $199 $55
2301-2900 $199 $60
2901-3500 $199 $65
3501-4100 $199 $70
4101-4700 $199 $76
4701-5300 $199 $82
5301-5900 $199 $89
5901-6500 $199 $95
6501-7100 $199 $101
> 7100 Call Call

Start protecting your home and family with TurnerGuard today!

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