Commercial Pest Control Services in Orlando, FL

Safeguard your reputation and keep your customers satisfied with custom commercial services.

Florida-based Turner Pest Control is an industry leader when it comes to integrated pest management for our commercial clients.

We begin by conducting a full assessment of your commercial property. Then we develop a custom treatment plan designed to both address your immediate concerns and protect your property from future infestations.

Our office in Orlando means we’re always close by and ready to respond to your needs.

Turner’s commercial services team offers Orlando business owners unparalleled service and experience in pest control and prevention. We’ve been working with Florida businesses for more than 40 years, so we know the specific challenges that come with running a commercial operation in the Orlando environment. We know how to help protect your brand with fast, safe, and effective pest control solutions perfectly matched to your needs.

Orlando commercial pest control made simple.

We know you’re busy and that you’re under pressure to maintain a pest-free environment at your business. That’s why we make it simple to work with us, offering you:

  • A single point of contact for the most efficient service
  • Online reporting access and bundled services for savings
  • Comprehensive solutions for simplified procurement and greater convenience

Service plans that come in all sizes.

From small business service plans to enterprise solutions, we have a customized plan for you. Our dedicated commercial division will make sure you get the best expertise and service from a team that’s fully dedicated to working just with business owners. You have our full attention!

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all of our technicians have to pass through an extensive background check in order to work for Turner Pest Control. But that’s not all it takes to become a Turner team member. Technicians also undergo an intensive training program, too. That’s the only way they can become Commercial Certified by our Quality Assurance (QA) Department.

Our training program is highly regarded in the pest control industry and our technicians have received national recognition for their superior customer service in the commercial sector.

Thermal Remediation®: Powerful new technology to safely eradicate bed bugs.

A bed bug infestation can affect your bottom line and your reputation, so it’s critical to have the fastest, most effective, and least disruptive extermination plan. Turner Pest Control offers Thermal Remediation, the latest solution in commercial bed bug control technology. Because it uses only extremely high heat to kill bed bugs, there are no week-long chemical fumigation treatments or the need to evacuate surrounding areas. This safe, non-toxic solution is especially important for companies in the hospitality industry, which can allow guests to occupy treated rooms in just a day.

A complete line of commercial pest control services to put your mind at ease.

Turner offers all manner of pest control services. Your customized plan is created according to your unique needs.

Pest Clean Out

An initial intensive clean out that removes problem pests so subsequent treatments are as effective as possible.


Pest Control

Premium service that eliminates pests and proactively reduces conducive conditions that promote pest harborage. Set at regular intervals depending on the facility needs and size. Interior and exterior treatments included.


Rodent Control

Stations placed according to the latest industry standards. Stations are inspected, baited, dated and at a minimum, cleaned monthly.


Lawn + Outdoor

Turner has a dedicated team offering lawn and shrub services. Service includes inspection and treatment including fertilizer. Addresses turf damage, insects, weeds and fungus. Aeration available.


Mosquito ControlMosquito Control — Exterior/Lakes

Treatment in surrounding lawn and shrub areas via backpack blower and service trucks. Thermal foggers available depending on situation. Larvacide available for use in problem areas like ponds, drainage areas and standing water.


Spider De-Webbing

Identification, removal and treatment of any spider activity.



Termite Control

Turner has a dedicated division offering Premise and Termidor treatments with annual warranties and inspections. We also offer the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System, a revolutionary method for treating your structure with minimal disruption to landscaping and hardscaping in a manner that can’t be replicated through traditional methods. Learn more in this brief video.


Fly Control — Interior/Exterior

Treatments can include baiting, liquid treatment, traps and light traps to address problem areas like dumpsters and loading docks.


Stinging Insects

Elimination of wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and their nests. Approach is customized to each situation.



Control and eradication of problem infestations such as Caribbean crazy ants, Argentine ants and Pharaoh ants.



Displacement and control of nuisance birds such as pigeons and sea gulls.



Bed Bug TreatmentBed Bug Detection & Elimination

Our custom solutions include chemical treatments and Thermal Remediation, a safe, fast and non-toxic treatment that allows same-day re-occupancy.