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Problems with drywood termites, beetles or bed bugs? Choose our fumigation service.

Whole Structure Fumigation: Get Rid of Pests in Your Clearwater Home (100% Effective)

Clearwater Fumigation Services: The Choice of Professionals 

Turner Pest Control has served the extreme pest control needs of professionals for 50-plus years, the trusted choice of property managers, rental property owners, real estate agents, and more. We also offer the same high level of services to homeowners and business owners in Clearwater, Florida, which includes free inspections and no-obligation estimates. 

Powerful Clearwater Fumigation Services: What to Expect

When you have severe infestation problems, let us tackle them for you. You’ll benefit from our:

  • FREE, NO-OBLIGATION ESTIMATE: When you contact our experienced pest control team, you’ll receive a thorough home inspection at no charge: a no-obligation quote.
  • TEAM OF FUMIGATION EXPERTS: We’ll be there for you every step of the way, answering your questions about tent fumigation and guiding you through the process. 
  • PREPARATION STEPS: Thorough preparation is crucial for a home fumigation service that’s fully effective, and we’ll share the steps with you before the process begins. 
  • FUMIGATION SERVICE YOU CAN TRUST: We’ve solved some of the worst pest issues for Clearwater home and business owners—doing so for more than 50 years.



whole structure fumigation tenting

Fumigation service you can trust.

When you’ve got problems with drywood termites, beetles, or bed bugs, Turner Pest Control offers a comprehensive solution to effectively eliminate these pests throughout their life cycles: whole structure fumigation services. We’ll take care of these critters in every corner of your home or business.


Fumigation Preparation: An Overview of Steps to Take

This video clearly shares the preparation steps:

Questions? No problem! Our expert team will guide you throughout the process and answer all of your questions. 

Thorough preparation is key with the necessary steps essential to ensure a completely safe and effective Clearwater home fumigation. To streamline the process, we’ll make sure you receive all the information you need for a successful whole house fumigation and to enjoy pest-free living again.

Preparation for Fumigation

When you choose Turner Pest Control for fumigation, our experts will be there to answer your questions and guide you through the process every step of the way.

Fumigation Prep Checklist

You can use our checklist as a handy guide to make sure your Clearwater home is ready for our
experts to safely and efficiently fumigate it.

Overview of Termite Tenting

Drywood termite infestations can be tough to tackle through most processes, which is why people turn to termite tenting to solve the challenge. This is also how homeowners may need to get rid of severe infestations of bed bugs and beetles. So, as we describe this termite treatment for Clearwater, FL residents, know that the process is similar for other pests where whole house fumigation is recommended. 

At a high level, fumigation/termite tenting involves sealing the structure and then treating the entire home (or business) with pesticides in gas form, which penetrates every crack, crevice, and corner. Once the fumigation process is complete and pests are exterminated, then the home can be ventilated—and, once it’s safe, you can re-enter your pest-free home.

Preparation Steps for Whole House Termite Treatment in Clearwater, FL

Before Turner Pest Control experts seal the structure for whole house fumigation, certain items need to be unplugged, some bagged, others removed, and so forth. We’ll provide an overview on this page and then, when it’s getting closer to your termite tenting, we’ll give you more info so that our team can safely and effectively rid your home of its infestation. 

Indoor steps include the following:

  1. Locate all consumable items in your home, which would include food, drink, and medications. Seal all you can in air-tight containers and then remove anything that can’t be sealed in this way. This includes consumables in your refrigerator and freezer.
  2. Create a plan for your pets, including fish, and houseplants. They will all need to be temporarily relocated. 
  3. Before the termite tenting begins, all pilot lights must be extinguished. Plan ahead because you’ll also need to collaborate with your gas company to turn your gas supply on and off, as needed.
  4. Keep your electrical power on as well as your water supply. 
  5. Unplug all heating elements, television sets, computers, air conditioning units, pianos, organs, and the like.
  6. Remove all baby mattresses, including ones in cribs, play yards, bassinets, swings, pack-n-plays, and so forth
  7. Also remove any mattresses with plastic coverings along with plastic coverings on pillows. Remove all high density foam mattresses, too. 
  8. For any mattresses that will remain, remove the linens. 
  9. You can leave your curtains, drapes, other linens, and towels if you’d like.
  10. Open the following by four inches or more: cabinets, closets, and drawers.
  11. Note that we will inspect any safe that’s large enough for a child to enter—meaning, before the termite tenting/fumigation begins and before you re-enter your Clearwater home or business.
  12. Open your drapes and lift up your blinds. If you have any attic space, open up access.

Outdoor steps include the following: 

  1. Inspect the area around the structure. 
  2. Remove any tables, chairs, plants, or other loose, movable items that are close to your home or business.
  3. Detach any vines.
  4. Trim tree branches, foliage, and plants far enough back so that they can fall to the ground without obstruction. This includes any tree limbs over the roof.
  5. Then heavily water any shrubbery and plants that are closely located to your Clearwater home or business. 
  6. Remove fencing that’s actually connected to the building and verify with us what to do with trellises and related structures.
  7. Rake rocks and mulch back so that they’re 18 inches from the building’s foundation.
  8. Lower awnings.
  9. Before the actual fumigation, remove any pool enclosure screens.
  10. According to law, you’ll need to give us the keys to all of your exterior doors and disable any keyless lock systems. Fumigated buildings must be locked throughout the entire process. 
  11. We’ll place secondary locks on your exterior doors. For your safety, it’s vital that you not enter the building until these additional locks are taken off and you’ve received clearance from us/we’ve taken down the fumigation notices.
  12. As a courtesy, consider letting your neighbors know about the fumigation process. 

Note: To protect your home or business, we inject tear gas to help prevent theft. That said, we can’t be responsible for vandalism, breaking and entering, or any theft.

After Your Termite Treatment in Clearwater, FL 

We often get asked how long the Clearwater fumigation process takes. Well, when including the aeration period, the home is usually safe for occupancy by 5 p.m. on the third business day. Once you receive the all clear, then you can usually replace all items removed from the structure; plug appliances and other items back in; and otherwise get back to normal. 

You’ve got plenty of choices when you need residential pest control services (or commercial ones, for that matter). Turner Pest Control, though, is the experienced choice whether you have a more routine pest problem or an infestation that requires a comprehensive fumigation solution. 

For more than 50 years, we’ve helped families and businesses to solve their toughest pest-related challenges —and our professional, courteous, and prompt technicians are licensed and well trained to help you with yours. We’ll provide complete, affordable pest control. 

To get started, just contact us online for a free estimate or call us at (813) 565-7333. There’s never any obligation and, if you approve our recommendation, we’ll get you scheduled so that you can rid your house of termites, beetles, and bed bugs to enjoy a pest-free Clearwater home. 

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