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Bucket List

Spending time with your family. Traveling to those exotic places you've been talking about for years. Renting an RV and traveling cross-country, finishing your education, starting a new career or hobby, or just napping under the palm trees.

Whatever is on your bucket list, we are here to help make those dreams come true.

Why Turner Pest Control?

We are glad you're here. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about the Turner and Anticimex families.

Turner Pest Control is an Anticimex company, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit at every level of our organization. Our core values drive everything we do.

We are

  • 1 An authentic organization operating under the philosophy that our people and our customers are our most valuable assets.
  • 2 An exciting company in which to build a career with ample growth opportunities.
  • 3 Growth focused, financially stable, and a pest control leader throughout the state of Florida, who lives and breathes their core values.

Offices Throughout Florida

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Our mission is to be the premier pest control provider in the industry serving every customer with unparalleled service and value. We are committed to the communities where we live and work, and we believe in the value of keeping our word.


It is our vision to create a flexible and dynamic pest control company with the ability to expand and adapt to ever changing needs of our customers and best practices in our industry.

Our Core Values

Do Quality Work

We achieve success with our customers by working together to creatively solve complex challenges within any parameters.

Value Our People

We thrive in an environment built on transparency and mutual respect, constructively challenging each other to grow.  We always work in each other's best interest because that enables us to do what we love each day.


From sponsorships to volunteering, our team considers it an honor to contribute to the quality of life in the communities in which we live and work.


Our philosophy centers around taking excellent care of our acquired customers and employees.

We partner with like-minded pest control organizations who share the same values and vision as ours.

Our Process

Mergers and acquisitions consist of three simple steps:

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To get an in depth look about the process, please visit the Anticimex website.


Here are a few testimonials from previous owners:

Who is Anticimex?

A Modern Pest Control Company

Anticimex is one of the top four global players in the pest control market by revenue and is the leading player in the digitally enabled pest control market. The Group operates approximately 200 branches in 22 countries across five continents. They attribute their success to their decentralized business model which leverages the local expertise of individual branch managers, best practice sharing, as well as the launch of the Group's digitally enabled SMART solutions.


Anticimex has an ambitious growth strategy to become a global leader in pest management. Since 2012, this company has evolved from being a local, Northern European pest control business to a market leader present in 22 countries across Europe and Asia-Pacific; and in the U.S. since July 2016. They have achieved this through strong organic growth and with over 300 acquisitions of local businesses that all share the same desire and vision to create an innovative, global leader in preventative pest management.

Anticimex has an extensive M&A track record and solid experience in assisting acquired teams in integrating into a larger organization. Their business model is based on accomplishing this with minimal disruption to the day-to­day operations of the acquired business, while also demonstrating consideration for the employees and minimizing disturbances for the customers.

Still Working on that Bucket List?

While you're still thinking about new dreams and goals you want to pursue, you may decide it's best for you to stay on and remain working.  You're not alone. Many owners have accepted management positions, Branch Manager roles or specialist positions within Anticimex and have proven to be very successful.

Still others have chosen to retire and leave their business in our safe hands after a brief transition period. The decision is totally up to you.

consider selling your pest control business


With their decentralized branch model, we knew we would benefit from being part of a global organization with access to additional resources, funds and technology. Yet we can still be ourselves, remaining local and practicing our entrepreneurial spirit which allows us to make quick decisions close to the customer.

We knew they would take care of our employees and it would provide them with an opportunity for growth locally and globally. In fact, many of our employees have been promoted and afforded opportunities to grow their careers.

Shaking hands. Customer support. Human relationship. Success of business. Management strategy.


Started in 1971 as locally owned, family business by Joe Turner


Sold in 2003 to a group of investors when revenue was at $6M


Sold to Anticimex in 2018.  From 2003-2018, Turner grew more than 3x the size of the business


Turner acquired and welcomed 20 companies to the Turner family


Turner expects to grow by +30%

Looking to the Future

Smiling senior man and woman hug look in window distance thinking dreaming of happy future together

We will continue to grow through mergers & acquisitions; yet we will never lose sight of our core purpose, which is to deliver excellence in products and services, resulting in a "raving fan" customer experience.  We will purposely not grow so fast we forget what's most important - our customers and employees.


Ok let's address the elephant in the room. Making a change is scary. We've been there, too.  When Anticimex came knocking at our door, we did our due diligence, gathered information, asked questions, just like you are, to determine if this was the right move for us.  We applaud you for doing your research first.

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Is it Time?

Time is your most valuable asset and the only thing in life you can never get back.  What do you value most? Each of us has our own definition of success.  Yet at the end of the day, all we want is to be living a life we love. Don't take time for granted. Let us help you start checking off that bucket list.

Ready to talk? Let's get together and learn more about each other.

Pete Steinmetz,
Head of Mergers and Acquisitions
(904) 866-3686
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