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Pest Control Services in Fort Myers, FL

Being in such an optimal area for growth, residents of Fort Myers constantly need pest control to keep their homes and businesses safe. Turner protects Fort Myers homeowners from the pests that may be lurking in and around their homes. Deemed the “Gateway to Southwest Florida,” Fort Myers has a rich history and serves as many people’s first stop en route to the beautiful tropical beaches to its south.

Protect Your Home Today: Inside and Out

No matter how tough your pest challenges are, our trained technicians are pros at tackling them. We’re well versed as an exterminator in Fort Myers, getting rid of the pests that call Florida home. When you contact Turner, here’s what you can count on:

  • Comprehensive indoor pest protection: Our expert team will find potential entry points that pests can use to get indoors; then we’ll treat those places. 
  • Complete outdoor pest and lawn coverage: We’ll also locate places where outdoor pests can breed, treating around doors and windows, under accessible eaves, and so forth. 
  • Rodent control: Rats can carry dangerous diseases, so contact our professional rat exterminators to take care of the population for you. 
  • Termite treatments: Termites are truly destructive creatures, wreaking expensive havoc and damage in home. Our termite control is safe and effective. 
  • No-charge extra service calls: In between ongoing service calls, you may need extra help with pests. Just contact us! They’re free. 
  • Free, no-obligation estimates: Turner doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all quotes, so we base our free estimates on the size of your home. 
  • Affordable payment options: We keep it all simple with plans for pest control in Fort Myers, FL available for a range of budgets. 
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Fort Myers Pest Control Office

We also provide expert Fort Myers pest control services to these surrounding areas:

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12271 Towne Lake Dr., Fort Myers, FL 33913
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Comprehensive Fort Myers Pest Control Services

Our region experiences significant pest populations because of its warm temperatures and humid climate. This can range from rodents (rats and mice) to termites, lawn pests, and more. Help, fortunately, is just a click or phone call away. Turner Pest Control provides Fort Myers residents with safe, effective, and affordable pest control services. Because our plans are based on your home’s square footage, you’ll pay just what you need, and no more, with low monthly fees. 

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Fort Myers SMART TurnerGuard Termite & Pest Control

Fort Myers SMART TurnerGuard Termite & Pest Control Our all-in-one SMART TurnerGuard program provides outstanding pest and termite control at great value. Starting with an affordable initial price, our SMART TurnerGuard service ensures you only pay a monthly fee based on your home’s square footage.

No hidden fees or exclusions buried in fine print.

Unmatched in its scope, our Fort Myers SMART TurnerGuard Termite & Pest Control services deliver unparalleled peace of mind.


Safe, Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

Our green solutions are the best on the market today, protecting your health, and that of your family, friends, and pets. They’re the ideal intersection of safety and effectiveness. 

Green Solutions

We care about your safety and health. That’s why all of our pest control services use eco-friendly products and processes. (If you’d like an organic option, just let us know.) Our green treatments don’t even require warning labels or first aid instructions. They’re that safe.                                           

Commitment to Your Satisfaction

When you need a Fort Myers exterminator, we know your need is urgent and we know you need a company that takes excellent care of your home and property. That’s exactly what Turner does. We’re QualityPro certified, one of fewer than three percent of pest control companies with this prestigious designation. This shows how you can proceed with confidence with Turner as you receive quality pest control services from a team that has proven its excellence.

Benefits of choosing Turner Pest Control include how we arrive on time to inspect your home and describe customized treatment recommendations. We’ll also answer your questions with respect. If you’re ever dissatisfied, we’ll return for retreatments at no charge to you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Turner uses the latest in professional termite control products and technologies and we leverage our experience to control the population and protect your home. Our expert team can use the high-tech Termidor HP treatments that provide protection to your home with minimal disruption. We can protect you in places where termites enter your home and cause damage through liquid termite treatments, providing the maximum allowable applications. To protect you around the clock we use termite bait systems. To get started, please contact Turner for your pest control in Fort Myers, FL, or call 239-334-0880.

As part of our lawn and pest control services in Fort Myers, our experts will assess your yard and its condition, determining what problems exist: from pest infections to weed growth. Your customized Fort Myers lawn services are based on the square footage of your property. This ensures that you don’t pay more than you should. Lawn care services include fertilization and weed management; we pair that with lawn pest control where we address insects and fungus; add-ons include treatments for fire ants, moles, and armadillos. Treatments occur every eight weeks; forty-eight hours after each one, water your yard with an irrigation system. If issues occur in between visits, we’ll return for retreatments.

Effective methods include traps and bait stations along with looking for places where rats and mice are entering your home and nesting and breeding. Contact us online for more information about our rodent control methods. Or call 239-334-0880.

We’ve got fifty-plus years of experience and use professionally trained experts only who must pass stringent background checks and drug testing. So, when you need an exterminator in Fort Myers, you can proceed with confidence with our QualityPro Certified pest control company. Fewer than three percent of pest control companies in the United States have this designation from the National Pest Management Association. It denotes that we’re outstanding in our business operations, environmental stewardship, consumer relations, and technician training.

We arrive on time for appointments and then provide prompt, courteous service for problems that are common in Florida. Pest control services are affordable, safe, and effective. Plus, we keep everything simple with no complicated contracts or cancellation fees.

Contact us online or call us at 239-334-0880. A trained, licensed exterminator in Fort Myers will thoroughly inspect your home and then provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for the issues you’re experiencing: from a rat exterminator issue to termite treatments to lawn pest control. No problem is too small and none is too complex for us. We are committed to your satisfaction and look forward to serving you.

Strictly speaking, Fort Myers exterminators will come into homes and trap or kill pests—addressing the current infestation and that’s it. The term “Fort Myers exterminators,” though, can be used to mean pest control professionals, and they offer a broader set of services; this would include using preventative measures to keep pests away after they’ve been eliminated from a property.

At Turner, here’s how pest control in Fort Myers works. First, you’ll reach out to us when you suspect you have a pest presence. Our well-trained technicians will then come to your home to provide a thorough free inspection to discover where pests are hiding. We’ll identify the species and create a customized plan to remove them from the premises along with a free, no-obligation estimate for our services. With your approval, we’ll provide our highly effective, affordable Fort Myers pest control services, using the best methods for the pests involved; this can include baiting, trapping, misting, and so on.

Next up: a focus on keeping the critters out by sealing off entry points and otherwise preventing them from accessing food, water, and shelter on your property. If you’re ready to be done with pests today, tomorrow, and in the future, then we recommend SMART TurnerGuard, the most comprehensive pest control in Fort Myers. This provides the ultimate protection with no excluded pests.

No two homes or pest problems are exactly alike—and neither are the solutions. That’s why we don’t have cut-and-dried pricing, instead providing you with a customized estimate for your specific situation. The quote will be based on the pests involved, the infestation’s size and scope, and your home’s and property’s square footage. So, although we can’t simply give you an answer in this FAQ, we can tell you that we’ve designed this quoting method to ensure you never pay more than you should. 

Here’s our process. After you contact us, we’ll come out to provide a free inspection and a transparent, no-obligation quote. Our team will share the results of their thorough inspection and describe the recommended treatment plan, answering all of your questions. Once you approve this plan, we’ll get started with our highly effective, affordable pest control in Fort Myers. To get started, contact us online or call (239) 334-0880.

If you lived in a climate where temperatures were lower and/or winters were longer, then the pest season would be better defined. In Florida, because of our temperate, humid climate throughout much of the year, we have a longer pest season.

In Fort Myers, when spring rains arrive, so does a growing pest presence. Numbers of pests can increase from that point on until it peaks for the year; then, the numbers probably won’t decrease until the colder temperatures of winter are on the horizon. Each year, of course, spring rains can arrive at slightly different times and so can the arrival of winter.

Then, during winter, homes will have the insects and other critters that haven’t been eliminated through pest control methods earlier in the year. Plus, if entry points aren’t effectively sealed off, rodents and other creatures may work hard to get inside as temperatures go down.

So, when you have pest infestations, no matter the time of year, contact us online for pest control in Fort Myers. Or call us at (239) 334-0880.

When you choose Turner Pest Control for your residential Fort Myers pest control services, you can confidently expect a solution to your pest challenges. The treatments can be different based on the pest species involved, and the timeline can vary based on the size and scope of the infestations. Some pest populations can be taken care of with one treatment; with others, more than one will be best. Some, like ants and cockroaches, may briefly become agitated and more active as the treatments compel them to leave your property. 

Treatment methods will vary by species. With bed bugs in Fort Myers, our exterminators can use heat treatments or chemical treatments. In need of mosquito control? Our professional technicians will use fast-acting, long-lasting mists to get rid of this biting, disease-carrying pest across its entire life cycle.

Here’s what consistently stays the same: our professionalism in delivering pest control in Fort Myers; our courteous customer service; our free, thorough home inspections and no-obligation quotes; and our technicians’ willingness to explain our pest control services and answer your questions. This includes what to expect after our Fort Myers pest control services. For more information or to get started, contact us online or call (239) 334-0880 today. 

Fort Myers pest control protects people, pets, and homes. More specifically, professional pest control services protect people and pets from diseases, directly and indirectly transmitted by pests, and homes from the havoc they can wreak. Although this is true everywhere, it’s particularly relevant in Florida where our temperate, humid climate attracts a variety of pests in significant numbers.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes how diseases spread by pests can be mild—but they can also be “severe” with “lasting consequences.” These include the Zika virus, Lyme disease, malaria, dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya, and more. Just looking at rodents alone, they can spread dozens of diseases when people breathe in contaminated air or touch contaminated surfaces before touching their nose, eyes, or mouth. Rats and mice can also transmit disease by their bites or scratches or when people eat food contaminated by their waste—or indirectly after they infect ticks, fleas, and mites. They can also chew through wires, which can trigger house fires.  These are a few major reasons why rodent control is vital. 

Additionally, termites cause billions of dollars of damage to homes yearly, including in Fort Myers. To keep your home structurally sound, it’s important to have regular termite control performed by professionals. 

So, in short, pest control in Fort Myers is important to protect people, pets, and homes. 

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