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You’ve seen them around town and on TV, causing all kinds of trouble and having fun at local events. Now meet our team of pesky pests who just love meeting their fans.


I’m a refined roach, just looking for a few gourmet crumbs on a nice countertop. I’d like to be a pet, but the humans just won’t have it! When I’m not having my picture taken with fans, I like to travel, visiting places like piles of mulch outdoors and touring kitchen cabinets. Even though I’m a TV star, the pest control experts at Turner just won’t give me the star treatment I deserve. At least Miss Quito thinks I’m cute!



I’m like the little brother Crunchy never wanted but can’t get rid of. I’m a part power drill and Tasmanian termite devil, and my appetite for all things wooden keeps me and my thousands of friends busy day and night. My hobbies include trying to stay a step ahead of the termite control pros at Turner, but they seem to always know where I’m hiding out. I just don’t know how they do it!


Bet you didn’t know I was a beauty queen before I joined Crunchy and Munchy at Turner Pest Control! Now, I’m enjoying the good life in Jacksonville—I just love how the heat and humidity keep me looking young and fresh. I love to cause mischief in backyards, hiding out all day under lush green leaves, then heading out at dusk for some fine dining wherever I can find it. Unfortunately, the mosquito control team at Turner usually manage to find me first.


Move over Pizza Rat, it’s time for some new talent! I’m a cheese fiend with a penchant for scheming. When I’m not breaking and entering with the goal of snagging some of the gouda stuff you’ve got in your kitchen, I’m setting up secret poker games or burrowing into some cushy insulation for a nap. I might be the most recent addition to the Turner mascot crew, but I’ve got the advantage of being cute and fuzzy… just don’t give me too much time to chew through your electrical wiring. You might not be happy with the results I can achieve. Sadly for me, the SMART Rodent Control crew at Turner seems to always know what I’m up to, no matter how sneaky I think I am.


Keep an eye out for our mascot team at concerts, sporting events, charity events and more. Be sure to like Turner Pest Control’s Facebook page and check us out on the Turner Pest Control YouTube channel and Instagram. See you soon!

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