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We have simple, affordable pest control programs for every kind of home and budget.

Whether you need immediate help with a pest problem or want ongoing protection for your home and family, we’re ready to help. Our friendly, experienced technicians will promptly provide a free estimate for the services that are right for you.

Indoors or out, our pest control services have you covered.

No matter what kind of pests threaten your Titusville home, you’ll want the same overall kind of help: affordable pest control.

How Our Turner Pest Control Services Help

First, the reality. Pests that range from ants to bed bugs—and from roaches to rodents and more—love Florida’s climate. Why shouldn’t they? Its beautiful weather is why so many people live in and visit the state.

To help, Turner Pest Control has designed comprehensive pest control services that are specifically tailored for Titusville home owners like you. Because pests can be a problem throughout the year, we provide regularly scheduled, expertly applied services all year long to keep the unwanted pests away.

Here’s how it works. First, trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your home, which includes looking for tiny cracks and crevices that can serve as doorways for numerous pests. Places include where pipes and writing come into your home, around your doors and windows, and more. Some pests can slither in through crevices as small at 1/64th of an inch. Seriously!

We also hunt down hiding spots that pests tend to prefer, including those where they can reproduce in exponential numbers. Our team tracks down where pests like to burrow and create a targeted pest control plan that’s based on what you need.

Next up? Applying targeted treatments that exterminate the pests you have and create barriers that prevent their return.

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Our full range of Titusville pest control services includes:

You can count on our well-trained, professional technicians to be careful with your home and property and to provide thorough, courteous service. Our technician will arrive on time, clearly explain our services, and recommend the best treatment plan to meet your needs. Call us today or order your pest control treatment online.

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Titusville SMART TurnerGuard Termite & Pest Control

Our all-in-one SMART TurnerGuard program offers an exceptional value on pest and termite control. SMART TurnerGuard service starts at an affordable initial price, then you pay a low monthly fee that’s based on your home’s square footage, so you never pay too much.

There are never any hidden fees or exclusions in fine print, and you will never have to pay for another termite retreatment again.

The most comprehensive pest and termite control.

SMART TurnerGuard gives you unprecedented peace of mind with its complete range of services.


Affordable Pest Control Solutions for Titusville Residents

At Turner Pest Control, you never pay more than you should. That’s because we price our residential pest control services on the square footage of your home, with smaller homes almost always paying less than large ones. Our plans are then affordably priced, having low monthly payments.

There are no long-term, complicated contracts or cancellation fees—and we are committed to your satisfaction. If you’re ever not satisfied with the services provided at your Titusville, FL home, then we’ll return to make it right. No charge. If you decide to cancel services scheduled after the initial call, we’ll refund your money.

To get started, just make an appointment online!

Completely Effective, Environmentally Friendly Services

In our products, we use chemicals that are so safe that they don’t require being listed on labels. There isn’t even a requirement to list first aid information. Yet, they’re still fully effective—and we also have an organic option.

Our highly experienced professional team will inspect your home and share options, including information about the recommended services and how we’ll provide them. Then, our friendly, courteous technicians will get to work!

Frequently Asked Questions

Florida’s beautiful climate appeals to residents and visitors alike, and it also attracts a range of unwanted pests: from rodents to termites and from mosquitoes to bed bugs and more. So, to protect your home from damage and to help keep your family safe from diseases spread by these pests, you’ll likely need help from an exterminator in Titusville, FL. Although you may be able to address the smallest pest-related problems, DIY, these do-it-yourself treatments can be challenging to apply appropriately. Even when correctly applied, they simply may not be effective enough. When you need professional pest control services, we invite you to request a free inspection or call (321) 267-0620. Our trained technicians will find and identify the pests, and then create a personalized plan for your specific situation.

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a method endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and used by Turner for pest control in Titusville, FL. Here’s how the EPA defines IPM: an “effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices.” This approach addresses pest removal economically with the “least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.” All of Turner’s pest control services use an environmentally friendly approach. Plus, if you’d like organic products used in your Titusville home, just let us know.

According to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, termites cause more damage than “fires, floods and storms combined. It is very important to protect your home from these very destructive insects.” So, highly effective termite treatments are vital in Titusville, and we start the process by identifying the specific species that’s troubling you. Our trained technicians will then create a customized plan to get rid of them. Our three treatment levels include:

  • Premise—Effective and affordable
  • Termidor—Long-lasting, broad protection
  • Altriset—Environmentally friendly

For a premium, high tech solution, choose Termidor HP. This termite treatment provides outstanding results with little disruption while positioning you well for termite prevention going forward.

First, we offer a range of high quality pest control services, providing them to Florida residents for more than fifty years—and we’re now one of the fastest growing companies in Florida and South Georgia. Here’s another reason. We customize treatments to each client’s specific needs and are always committed to their satisfaction. No matter what pest control services you need, the process starts with a free, no-risk pest inspection followed up by the creation of a personalized plan for your approval. The exterminator in Titusville, FL will arrive on time to provide efficient yet courteous service. Plus, when it’s time to start pest control services, you won’t have to sign a complicated contract, and there are never any cancellation fees. You can request an inspection online or by calling (321) 267-0620.

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