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Complete pest control protection for your Clearwater, FL home.

Our range of comprehensive pest control plans fit your unique home and budget.

Whether you’re looking for ongoing pest protection or need help solving an immediate pest problem, the experts at Turner Pest Control in Clearwater are ready to help. Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote on the services you need.

Comprehensive pest control, indoors and outdoors.

Turner Pest Control is the only source you need for a complete range of pest control services, from termite treatments to whole house fumigation. Our skilled technicians offer friendly, expert service for your Clearwater home, and can keep it free from fleas, ticks, roaches, bed bugs, spiders, termites, wasps, and more. As a our customer, you’ll receive:

Comprehensive indoor protection. Our treatment covers all of the places where pests hide and all of the entry points they use to come inside your home.

Mosquito control. Our long summers in Clearwater mean a long mosquito season. The good news? We offer year-round mosquito control treatment plans, and one-time services for that special outdoor gathering or event.

Complete exterior coverage. Florida pests can’t hide from our expert technicians: We know where to find outdoor pests where they hide and nest, and treat around your doors and windows, under your eaves and more.

Committed to customer satisfaction. If you have pest problems in between scheduled visits, we provide additional service calls when you need them at no additional cost.

No-obligation estimates. We don’t have one-size-fits-all quotes — your pest control estimate is customized to the size of your Clearwater home.

Simple payment options. Safe, effective pest control doesn’t have to break your budget — we offer affordable ways to pay.

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We also provide expert Clearwater pest control services to these surrounding areas:

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Our full range of Clearwater pest control services.

You can rely on our well-trained, professional technicians to be respect your home and property and to provide thorough, courteous service. Our technician will arrive on time, clearly explain our services, and recommend the treatment plan that best meets your needs. Call us today or order your pest control treatment online.

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Clearwater SMART TurnerGuard Termite & Pest Control

Our all-in-one SMART TurnerGuard program offers an exceptional value on termite, pest and digital rodent control. SMART TurnerGuard service starts at a low initial price, then you pay an affordable monthly fee that’s based on the size of your home, so you never pay too much.

With SMART TurnerGuard, there are never any hidden fees or exclusions in fine print, and you’ll never have to pay for another termite retreatment.

The most comprehensive pest and termite control.

SMART TurnerGuard gives you unprecedented peace of mind with its complete range of services.


Everything you need to keep your Clearwater home free of pests.

When you allow us to serve your pest control needs, you gain these additional benefits:

Committed to your satisfaction

If you’re unhappy with our initial inspection and treatment, we offer unlimited service calls until you’re satisfied. We will also gladly come back for retreatments if you’re unsatisfied with any of our residential pest control treatments.

A top-notch team: From our technicians to our customer service pros, we go the extra mile every day. Everyone who visits your home receives ongoing training in the latest, most effective pest control techniques and is qualified to assess your pest problem and recommend the course of action that’s just right for your home and needs. We will explain every detail of our estimates and how we provide our services, and we’re glad to answer any questions you have anytime.

Thorough indoor pest control. We will closely inspect your Clearwater home to find every spot where pests hide, then treat every opening where insects come in. With our recurring pest control service, we come out three times a year to treat the exterior of your home, creating a barrier to keep pests out. If you have an unexpected pest issue, we’ll be glad to come out between regularly scheduled visits to take care of it.

Environmentally friendly options. Pest control techniques of yesterday meant simply spraying highly toxic chemicals in your house. Today, pest control products are safer while still being just as effective. At Turner Pest Control, our products are so safe that none of them require first-aid instruction or health-warning labels, and we offer organic pest control options as well.

Convenient ways to manage your account. Paying your invoice or making a request for service is simple with Turner Pest Control’s Customer Connect portal. Go online anytime to view account documents, change your credit card information, view your upcoming service schedule, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clearwater homeowners, naturally enough, want to protect their homes from damage and keep their families safe—and they want to enjoy being outdoors in their yards. Unfortunately, pests can create the damage they want to avoid and spread disease. 

The reality is that the beautiful climate enjoyed by Florida residents and visitors is also ideal for a wide variety of pest species: from termites to mosquitoes, and from rodents to roaches, bed bugs, and more. These pests can damage house structures, spread diseases to people and pets, contaminate food supplies, trigger allergies and asthma and more. 

So, Clearwater pest control methods are clearly needed. DIY treatments may help with the smallest problems, but it can be challenging to appropriately apply them and these products can be harmful if not used correctly. Plus, even correctly used DIY products may not be effective enough to address the pest infestation.

To effectively tackle the problem, it often makes sense to reach out for professional help. If you’re in the Clearwater area and are searching for “best pest control near me,” then we invite you to request a free thorough pest inspection. Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem and create a customized plan for your approval. 

We offer many kinds of residential pest control in Clearwater, including:

We start each of these pest control services in Clearwater with an inspection and customized quote for the recommended service plan. We also offer:

We guarantee our work and provide our treatments with the highest levels of customer service. To get started, please make an appointment online or call (813) 565-7333.

It goes without saying that termite treatments are crucial in Clearwater. In our state, termite damage—according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services—is greater than “fires, floods and storms combined. It is very important to protect your home from these very destructive insects.”

Termite control processes begin by identifying the species and understanding their habits. In our area, the Formosan termite (a subterranean species) causes the most problems. Their huge colonies can literally number in the millions as they forage across significant areas. If left to their own devices, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage in a single home, damage that often isn’t covered by home insurance policies.

After our experienced technicians verify the species, we’ll present you with a customized quote for comprehensive termite treatments that fit within one of these tiers:

  • Premise, for economic yet effective treatment
  • Termidor, for longer and wider protection against termites
  • Altriset, for an environmentally friendly termite solution

In each of these plans, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive perimeter treatment where our Clearwater exterminator team goes granular. In fact, we’ll even take care of foundation cracks that are tinier than the width of a human hair. 

If you suspect termites are in your Clearwater home, don’t delay. Don’t give them time to do any more damage. Simply schedule a free pest inspection and then we’ll investigate the issue. We’ll recommend what you need—and nothing more. If you do need termite control services, we’ll provide the maximum number of applications to optimize protection. 

Plus, if you’ve had a less than ideal experience with another pest control company, we invite you to experience the Turner Pest Control difference with your termite treatments and more.

Because of our climate, including the humidity, mosquitoes are attracted to the area with more than eighty species of this pest living in our state. In fact, Florida has one of the country’s most significant mosquito populations with the season starting in spring and lasting until September or October—or, during mild winters, even through December. This means that the interim period between mosquito seasons (when these pests are less active) may only be three or four months long. 


If these pests were only annoyances, that would be one thing, but they actually spread several kinds of dangerous diseases, including the West Nile and Zika viruses. So our Clearwater exterminators take mosquito problems seriously and we don’t skimp when it comes to protecting you. Step one is a free inspection of your property. We’ll find where mosquitoes breed and we’ll apply fast-acting, ultra-low volume mosquito control treatments with a backpack mister. This includes beneath your foliage and other shady areas. 

During the winter, when mosquitoes are more dormant, we can pause treatments. Plus, we can provide special one-time treatments when you host an outdoor event. Just let us know!


First, roaches are another kind of pest that’s attracted to our temperate climate with about one third of Florida homeowners experiencing at least one cockroach infestation a year, according to the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

If you live in Clearwater, there isn’t much you can do about that factor. So, manage what you can control by depriving them of shelter, food, and water. Walk around your home and close up any openings that cockroaches can take advantage of; wipe up food spills and clean up crumbs as quickly as you can; store dry foods in airtight containers; fix water leaks; take your trash outside regularly and put the bags in tightly lidded outdoor trash cans; and so on.

When that isn’t enough, our trained cockroach exterminators will thoroughly inspect your Clearwater home, discuss our findings, answer your questions, and apply treatments to effectively and efficiently address your infestation. 

To calculate this, you could estimate the damage that termites and rodents could do to your home (termites alone can create thousands of dollars of damage in a single home while rats can chew through wires and even trigger house fires). Also add in the costs of human health. Disease-carrying pests include rodents, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and more—and that doesn’t count when pests trigger allergies and asthma. 

Now compare that to the cost of protecting your family and home with professional pest control in Clearwater and you can see how proactive responses and regular maintenance can provide numerous benefits that make the services well worth the cost.

When you contact our Clearwater exterminators, we’ll recommend what you need—and nothing more. Then we’ll use today’s best products and application methods to tackle your issues.

Several reasons, which include how:

  • We offer the high quality pest control services in Clearwater that people want and need to protect their homes and families.
  • We use a customized approach, carefully targeting our treatments to the specific needs of a client.
  • We’re committed to your satisfaction with our high quality service through our no-risk plans.
  • Our services range from one-time treatments to address infestations to a comprehensive, money-saving plan where no pests are excluded: SMART TurnerGuard. With this plan:
    • You start with a low initial fee.
    • Subsequent monthly fees are also low.
    • Those monthly fees are calculated on the square footage of your Clearwater home.

No matter what Clearwater pest control you need, you won’t have to sign a complicated contract and we don’t charge cancellation fees. If you’re ever not satisfied, let us know and we’ll return at no extra charge until you are. If issues arise between our quarterly visits, we’ll provide another treatment in between at no cost to you.

When you know that you need “best pest control near me,” you can contact us in three convenient ways: 

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