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Complete pest control protection for your Daytona Beach, FL home.

We have simple, affordable pest control programs for every kind of home and budget.

Keeping your Daytona Beach home pest-free can be surprisingly affordable with Turner Pest Control’s simple payment options. We’re here to take care of your immediate needs or provide regularly scheduled service throughout the year.

A full range of services to meet your needs.

Even the cleanest, most well-kept homes can also be home to insects. Bugs thrive in Daytona Beach’s warm, humid climate, which often makes pest control a year-round need. Pests can multiply rapidly once they’re established in or around your home, so we offer comprehensive services that are designed to take care of any problems you have right now and give you long-term pest control protection.

Here’s what you can expect from Turner Pest Control services:

Thorough indoor coverage. Pests have many ways to come into your home, so we treat every entry point, including crevices, cracks, under appliances and more.
Complete outdoor protection. On your home’s exterior, we treat doorways, around windows, and under eaves. We also clear away the nests of flying insects and spider webs, and offer complete lawn protection.

Easy payment options. From affordable, one-time treatments to our all-in-one SMART TurnerGuard protection program, we offer a range of flexible payment options, plus regular service that’s priced according to the size of your home.

Committed to your satisfaction.  We promise that you’ll be happy with our service or we’ll provide free follow-up service until you’re satisfied.

Thorough indoor protection. Our treatment covers every entry point where pests come into your home, plus the places they hide.

Complete exterior coverage. We know where to find outdoor pests where they live, and treat around your doors and windows, under your eaves and more.

Free additional service calls. We make no-cost additional service calls when needed.

No-obligation quotes. We don’t have one-size-fits-all estimates — your quote is customized to the size of your home.

Simple payment options. Effective pest control doesn’t have to break your budget — we offer affordable ways to pay.

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Our full range of Daytona Beach pest control services includes:

You can count on our well-trained, professional technicians to be careful with your home and property and to provide thorough, courteous service. Our technician will arrive on time, clearly explain our services, and recommend the best treatment plan to meet your needs. Call us today or order your pest control treatment online.

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Daytona Beach SMART TurnerGuard Termite & Pest Control

Our all-in-one SMART TurnerGuard program offers an exceptional value on pest and termite control. SMART TurnerGuard service starts at an affordable initial price, then you pay a low monthly fee that’s based on your home’s square footage, so you never pay too much.

There are never any hidden fees or exclusions in fine print, and you will never have to pay for another termite retreatment again.

The most comprehensive pest and termite control.

SMART TurnerGuard gives you unprecedented peace of mind with its complete range of services.


The best green solutions.

Modern pest control provides options that are safer than ever for your family and the environment while being completely effective. At Turner Pest Control, all of the products we use are eco-friendly, and we even offer an organic pest control program. Our green solutions are so safe that no first-aid information or warning labels are necessary.

Peace of mind for you and your family.

Our expert technicians thoroughly inspect your home to find the spots where insects may hide and infest, then recommend a targeted treatment designed to take care of the pests you can see as well as those you can’t.

For the ultimate protection, we proudly offer SMART TurnerGuard, our premier pest control and termite program—which includes a comprehensive pest control services plan at an affordable price. Offering more coverage than any other plan in our industry, SMART TurnerGuard customers enjoy exceptional pest control with no excluded pests.

Daytona Beach pest control professionals you can count on.

For more than 40 years, North Florida homeowners and businesses have depended on Turner Pest Control for all of their pest problems, from ants, bed bugs and fleas, to roaches, termites and rodents. Our customers can rest assured that we use only the best termite treatments and that we always work to exceed the industry’s minimum standards for pest protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turner provides a wide range of residential pest control services that address the problems often encountered in Daytona Beach, including:

  • Professional mosquito control: Mosquitoes can cause problems, year-round, in Florida, carrying serious diseases. Our plans are personalized to meet your needs and budget.
  • Bed bug extermination: Yesterday’s treatments no longer work on these unwanted pests, but our exterminator in Daytona Beach, FL can tackle the problem.
  • Termite treatments: These destructive pests can gnaw on your home’s structure, 24/7, causing expensive damage and threatening its integrity. Our termite treatments stop them in their tracks.
  • Rodent control: Besides wreaking havoc on your home, rats can carry dangerous diseases. Fortunately, our exterminator in Daytona Beach, FL can solve the problem.
  • SMART TurnerGuard: Benefit from the industry’s most comprehensive plan, an all-in-one plan with no excluded pests. It’s the ultimate in pest control in Daytona Beach, FL. Start with a low initial fee; then make low monthly payments based on the square footage of your home.
  • Lawn & Outdoor Services: Enjoy the lush, beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted while we do the work and you relax in the great outdoors.

To get started, please contact us online or call (386) 287-0070.

Pest control services are important, yes, because the same climate that draws people to Florida also attracts pests. Although some pests can merely be nuisances, others damage houses and spread serious diseases to people and pets. Do-it-yourself treatments are often ineffective, short-lived, or even harmful if not applied appropriately. Because winters in Daytona Beach often aren’t cold enough to kill off many pests, they can be problematic around the calendar. The more quickly an infestation is addressed, the more easily it can be managed. So, contact an exterminator in Daytona Beach, FL as soon as you suspect an issue.

The purpose of termite treatments is to protect your investment in your home, and they should only be applied by experienced professionals who have the training, products, and technology to control the infestation. Turner provides multiple options for termite treatments with the high-tech Termidor HP treatment being highly effective with minimal disruption. Liquid treatments protect you where these destructive pests enter your Daytona Beach home and cause damage—and we provide the maximum allowable applications. Then, for around the clock protection, we use termite bait systems.

We make it simple! Please contact us online or call (386) 287-0070. We’ll perform a free, no-obligation inspection of your home, providing you with a customized recommendation for your specific circumstances. With your approval, our trained technicians will provide the necessary pest control services, arriving on time and being respectful and helpful throughout. At Turner, there are never any complicated contracts to sign and there are no cancellation fees. There are good reasons why Turner Pest Control is one of Florida and South Georgia’s fastest growing companies!

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