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Affordable Pest Control Services In Deltona, Florida

One source for all of your Deltona pest control needs. 

Turner Pest Control keeps your Deltona, Florida home free of annoying pests throughout the year. Whether you need quick service for an urgent problem or you just want the peace of mind of knowing your home and family are protected from pests with our scheduled pest control services, we have a program to fit your needs.

Expert pest control for your home.

Here at Turner Pest Control, we exterminate pests including termites, bed bugs, spiders, ants, and many other types of creepy-crawlers that may be living inside your walls. Not only do we provide pest control, but we are also rodent remover experts! We’ll remove rodents that infiltrate the homes and offices in the Deltona area.

Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our fellow Deltona residents. The invasiveness of these pests and rodents threatens the safety of every residential household and their property. Turner Pest Control is staffed with highly trained and certified exterminators who evaluate your home or office, remove any unwelcome guests, and place strategic prevention methods in place so as to eliminate future infestations. We use highly tested, ethical means to control, eliminate, and remove all pests and rodents from your home and we do it at an affordable price.

Choose from one or more of these affordable services:

Complete interior pest control: Our technicians will come out to thoroughly inspect your home, discuss any concerns you have, and create a pest control plan that’s customized to your needs and budget. Our recurring indoor pest control service takes care of any ongoing pest problems and helps prevent new ones.

Lawn and outdoor: We have comprehensive lawn and outdoor services that keep your lawn green and lush, including fertilizer treatments, grassy and broadleaf weed management, fungus management, and turf optimization treatments. Optional shrub fertilization and disease control services are available as well.

Termite control: Termites are one of the greatest threats to your home, and repairing the damage they do can cost thousands of dollars. We have termite control programs that include exterminating existing termites and protecting your home from new infestations. We treat problems with Formosan, Eastern subterranean, and drywood termites.

Mosquito control: While the area’s climate allows year-round enjoyment of your yard, the presence of mosquitoes may not. They’re not only a nuisance—they can also carry dangerous diseases, including the Zika virus. We have one-time treatments and recurring service that let you enjoy your outdoor spaces throughout mosquito season.

Bed bug treatment: Living in an area that’s an international vacation destination means our area has millions of tourists passing through each year. Unfortunately, that also means that bed bugs can easily spread to homes and businesses. If you have a bed bug problem, don’t wait to call Turner Pest Control. We have the expertise and products to make your home free of these pests.

Rodent control: As soon as you see a mouse or rat, give us a call! Acting promptly to take care of a rodent problem is key to preventing a population explosion. We inspect your property to locate all of the entry points rodents use to get into your Deltona home, then create a rodent control plan that meets your needs.

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We understand the unique requirements of effectively controlling and exterminating pests in Deltona and provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of homeowners.


Eco-Friendly Options, Including Organic Pest Control

At Turner, we don’t use harsh chemicals to treat your pest problems. Instead, we use environmentally-friendly products that are so safe they don’t require health warning labels or first aid instructions. We also offer our customers organic pest control services in Deltona. So, with Turner Pest Control, you don’t need to worry about toxic treatments. We use safe, highly effective products and applications. 


Enjoy a lifetime termite damage protection with no termite retreatment fees, plus complete pest control services with no excluded pests. We even cover fleas, snakes, and bed bugs.


Get peace of mind with our eco-friendly products. Go extra-green with our organic products.


We use only the best termite treatments for our customers—Premise, Termidor and our green option, Altriset. Choose from several affordable, effective termite solutions.


We offer complete fertilization and pest protection services to let you enjoy your yard year-round.


Get rid of these biting, disease-carrying insects with affordable mosquito extermination services.


We offer thorough inspections, expert technicians and re-inspections to ensure bed bugs are eliminated.


When rats, mice, or other types of rodents invade your home, they can cause problems ranging from structural damage to carrying disease.

Count on Turner Pest Control to protect your Deltona home or business.

Committed to your satisfaction

If you own a commercial business in the Deltona area, then don’t allow pests and rodents to ruin your company’s reputation! It is imperative that office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, and other business organizations remain vigilant in prevention. Our methods have been proven to be the best for almost two decades!

Here at Turner we understand your needs and are dedicated to serving the Deltona area. Contact us today for a free inspection and see why Turner Pest Control is ranked among the best in Central Florida for your pest control and rodent removal needs!

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No matter who you talk with at Turner, our team (from our skilled, trained technicians to our customer service representatives) will treat you with the respect you deserve. When you choose Turner from the options of pest control companies in Deltona, FL, you’ll be picking a company that cares about its customers, answering their questions and explaining services. 

To get started, we offer free quotes on our services with no obligation. Find out how affordable and effective our pest control services are and then select from our budget-friendly payment plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Turner offers a wide range of residential pest control services to tackle typical problems in the area. No matter what you need, we’ll start with a thorough, free pest inspection. Depending upon the issues you have, specific pest removal services include the following:

  • Termite control with three plan levels: Termidor, Premise, and the environmentally-friendly Altriset
  • Mosquito extermination: Florida has 80+ species of this biting, potentially disease-carrying pest
  • Rodent (rat and mice) removal: We offer bait with rodenticide or snap traps, which can be safer for children and pets
  • Bed bug treatments: It’s nearly impossible to remove these bloosucking pests with DIY methods.
  • Roach extermination: These critters can carry diseases and trigger allergies and asthma. 
  • Ant control: A wide variety of ant species cause problems for people living and working in Deltona.
  • Flea and tick treatments: These pests bother people and pets with ticks potentially carrying Lyme disease.
  • Spider control: Although many species are harmless, our area is home to two venomous varieties: recluse and widow spiders.
  • Wasp extermination: Wasps can aggressively protect their nests with stings causing problems with people with allergies.

Turner offers the SMART TurnerGuard termite and pest control plan, the most comprehensive plan in the industry today with no excluded pests. We also provide whole house fumigation services for the toughest infestations. To get started, please make an appointment online or call (407) 675-5000

To answer the first part, here are two issues to consider. First, insects, rodents, and more appreciate the appealing climate in Deltona—just like people do. So, the question will almost certainly be when you’ll have a pest problem to address, not if you’ll have one. Then, the reality is that many to most DIY treatments are a combination of dangerous when used incorrectly and ineffective even when applied appropriately. So, the best pest removal approach is typically to reach out to the pros who can find where the critters are hiding, living, and breeding; identity the species; and then recommend the most effective treatments. 

The second question also has a two-part answer: yes, first to protect your health and, second, to protect your investment in your home. Because insects and rodents can spread plenty of diseases, professional pest removal is worth it to protect your family’s health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares how mosquitoes (which often swarm in Deltona) can carry more than a dozen viruses and parasites that can cause big problems for people and pets. Rats and mice, meanwhile, can transmit a couple of dozen different diseases, none of which you want to catch. So, hiring one of the professional pest control companies in Deltona, FL is an excellent way to protect your family’s health. 

Pest control in Deltona also helps you to protect your house. Rodents, for example, gnaw through wood, wires, and more while termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage as they work around the clock, chewing on your home’s structure and threatening its integrity.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development reports that 30.4% of Florida homeowners report at least one annual cockroach infestation. So, this suggests that, yes, a cockroach presence is common in our state. That said, if “normal” is defined as “acceptable,” then the answer is “no.” Roaches carry diseases, contaminate food supplies, trigger allergies and asthma, and can be downright nasty to have in your house.

Fortunately, our exterminators in Deltona can take care of that problem for you. Our trained technicians will start with a thorough home and property inspection and then use their findings to create customized recommendations. They’ll explain their strategy and answer any questions. With your approval, they’ll provide extermination services along with unrivaled customer service.

There are plenty of pest control companies in Deltona, FL, so we appreciate the opportunity to answer this question. Our exterminators in Deltona are highly trained, background checked, and licensed. They’ll provide you with highly effective, efficient, and affordable pest removal services. They undergo testing and take continuing education courses to stay at the cutting edge of products and treatments, ready to tackle your toughest problems.

Plus, we know where pests live and breed, finding their hiding spots and identifying their species to provide you with the most targeted treatments possible. You’ll be treated with respect by everyone on our team and, when technicians arrive, they will dress and act professionally throughout each visit.

To get started, please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote or call 407-675-5000.

Please request a free, no-obligation inspection or make your appointment online. Or you can cal us at 407-675-5000. Thank you!

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