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When you have rodent trouble, a solution can’t wait.

We’ll take care of your immediate problem and prevent new infestations.

There’s no need to put up with even one mouse or rat in your Orlando home when our expert rodent control exterminators are just a call away. 

Here’s what you can expect from our rodent control service:


During a thorough inspection of your property, we locate all of the places where rodents may enter, nest, and travel through your home.


Our analysis is the foundation for a plan that’s customized to your unique needs and to the severity of the infestation.


Every customer’s needs are different, so we offer you choices: a rodenticide in bait form, or snap traps that are safer for children and pets.


We place traps or bait in strategic locations throughout your home, then return at regular intervals to empty and relocate traps until your problem is resolved.

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Let The Professionals Eliminate Your Orlando Rodent Control Problem

When it comes to Orlando pest control, rodents are high on the list of invaders that homeowners want to get rid of quickly. If rats, mice, or other types of rodents are a problem at your Orlando home, the pros at Turner Pest Control offer fast, effective extermination.

Expert rodent control and extermination services

Rodents multiply rapidly, so if you’ve noticed even a single mouse or rat on your property, the chances are good that there are more in hiding. That’s why it’s important to call us at the first sign of rodent trouble. Our rodent control services include determining where rats or mice are entering your home to help ward off future infestations, and setting baited traps to take care of your immediate problem.

Rodents 101

Here’s what you should know about rodents in your Orlando, Florida, home:

Threats to homes and health: Mice, rats, and other rodents are not only an unpleasant nuisance—they can carry diseases and cause damage to your home. They’ve even been blamed for house fires after having chewed through cables and electrical wiring.

Signs of rodent problems: Rats and mice are very good at hiding, so it’s good to be familiar with the signs of their presence. You may see droppings anywhere food is stored or prepared, including pantries and cabinets in your kitchen. Look for signs of chewing, such as holes in bags or boxes of dry food packaging. Check attic spaces and wiring for signs of chewing as well. Other signs include sounds as they nest or move around, particularly after dark.

Preventive measures: One of your first lines of defense is to cut off any food supply you’re unknowingly offering them. Wipe crumbs from countertops and appliances promptly; store grains, cereals, and other dry good in cabinets, drawers, or pantries in airtight containers that are chew-proof; and clean up after feeding pets, making sure their bowls are empty unless it’s mealtime.

Also check every entry point coming in to your home, keeping in mind that some rodents can squeeze through an opening just a quarter of an inch wide. Keep shrubs and tree branches away from your house to eliminate the “highways” rodents can use, and check your chimney, roof vents, attic, and utility entry points to ensure rats and mice can’t get in.

Be careful cleaning up: Even if rodents in your home aren’t disease-carriers, their droppings and urine can be harmful for those who suffer from allergies. For the greatest safety when cleaning up after a rat problem, wear gloves, a mask and goggles to ensure you don’t breathe or otherwise come into contact with droppings or contaminated dust.


Some household pests are just annoying, but rodents pose a number of threats that make professional extermination a must.

Rodents can carry diseases that can be contracted by having contact with their feces, saliva, urine, or bodies, or by being bitten. They also indirectly spread disease through insects that have fed on them.


Mice and rats will eat any type of food they find. While they don’t consume wiring or wood, they chew them to sharpen their teeth or create nests. Chewed wiring in your home or vehicle can lead to a fire.


Even if you don’t see a rodent, you may see their signs: droppings along baseboards, in boxes, or where food is stored or prepared. You may see damage they’ve done to food packaging or hear them moving around.


Keep rodents away by taking away their access to your food—store food in sealed containers that rodents can’t chew through. You should also find and eliminate their entry points, even those as small as a quarter of an inch.


Contact Turner Pest Control for the best Orlando rodent control and prevention

Frequently Asked Questions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shares that rodents carry more than 35 kinds of diseases, including some that can be spread to humans. Directly, you can catch rat-bite fever, the bubonic plague, salmonellosis, hantavirus and more by being bitten by rodents, by handling them, or by coming into contact with rat or mouse feces, saliva, or urine. Indirectly, rodents spread disease to humans when people are bit by fleas, ticks, or mites that fed on infected rats or mice. Plus, rodents can damage your home, including starting fires by chewing through electrical wiring and cables. Contact us online for Orlando rodent control services or call (407) 675-5000.

Wherever your food is stored, such as in pantries and kitchen cabinets, you may see rat or mouse droppings and may also find droppings along your baseboards. You may see signs of chewing in dry food packaging or pet food bags. Check your attic and your wiring to look for signs of chewing, and listen for sounds of movement, especially after dark. Because rodents hide so well, you may not actually see a rat or mouse, but signs listed here do indicate possible infestation. Let our pest control services team check for you. Contact us online for a quote on Orlando rodent control services or call (407) 675-5000.

Our experienced Orlando pest control team will inspect your home for signs of rodent infestation, find potential entry points into your home (some rodents can squeeze through openings as small at a quarter of an inch!), and then create a customized home treatment plan. Because rodents multiply so rapidly, it’s important to get started as soon as possible after spotting signs of rats or mice so we can create a plan that helps to prevent future infestations while setting baited traps to deal with your current problem. Contact us online for Orlando rodent extermination services or call (407) 675-5000.

Pricing depends upon the square footage of your home, with each plan customized to your specific needs. If you’re interested in a comprehensive pest control plan, we invite you to review our SMART TurnerGuard plan that offers more coverage than any other plan in the industry. You start with an initial, affordable fixed price, then pay a low monthly fee based upon your home’s size.

Our professional pest control services team is QualityPro certified by the National Pest Management Association, something fewer than 3 percent of pest control companies in the United States has earned. This designation lets you know that you’re receiving quality services from a provider with proven excellence, including in the areas of environmental stewardship, consumer relations, technician training, and business operations.

Contact us online for our Orlando rodent control services or call 407-675-5000 for a free pest control inspection and quote. We look forward to serving you!

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