...and keep your customers happy with customized commercial services.

Protect your brand and keep your customers happy with customized commercial services.

Turner Pest Control is based in Florida and is a leader in the Commercial Pest Control industry utilizing an Integrated Pest Management philosophy. All of our services start with a custom assessment and a solution customized to the pressures your business is experiencing. Our regional presence enables us to react and adapt as your business grows.

Our dedicated Commercial Services department provides you with an unmatched experience in pest control, pest prevention and customer support. We know Florida’s commercial pest control challenges and we understand business — let our commercial technicians and experts protect your company and your reputation.

Savings, convenience and service.

We make commercial pest control simple. You have a single point of contact, access to online reports and the choice in select markets to bundle our services for greater savings. Our full-service capabilities help you manage costs, simplify procurement, and make sure your own customers are satisfied.

Solutions for businesses of any size.

No matter what kind of business you are in, we have a unique solution for you. You’ll have the support of our dedicated commercial division with its own experts and technicians. Each of our technicians undergoes a stringent background check and receives extensive training to become Commercial Certified by Turner Pest Control’s Quality Assurance Department. Our technicians have even been recognized nationally for their outstanding commercial service to our customers.

Complete commercial services for your complete peace of mind.

We provide a full range of services that can be customized to fit your needs:

  • icon-pest-out

    Pest Clean Out

    An initial intensive clean out that removes problem pests so subsequent treatments are as effective as possible.

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    Pest Control

    Premium service that eliminates pests and proactively reduces conducive conditions that promote pest harborage. Set at regular intervals depending on the facility needs and size.  Interior and Exterior treatments included.

  • Rodent Control

    Stations placed according to the latest industry standards. Stations are inspected, baited, dated and at a minimum, cleaned monthly.

  • Lawn + Outdoor

    Turner has a dedicated team offering Lawn and Shrub services. Lawn / Shrub service includes inspection and treatment including fertilizer. Services address turf damage, insects, weeds and fungus. Airation available.

  • Mosquito Control

    Mosquito Control — Exterior/Lakes

    Treatment in surrounding lawn and shrub areas via backpack blower and service trucks. Thermal foggers available depending on situation. Larvacide available for use in problem areas like ponds, drainage areas and standing water.

  • Spider De-Webbing

    Spider De-Webbing

    Identification, removal and treatment of any spider activity.

  • Termites


    Turner has a dedicated division offering Premise and Termidor treatments with annual warranties and inspections. We also offer the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System, a revolutionary method for treating your structure with minimal disruption to landscaping and hardscaping in a manner that can’t be replicated through traditional methods. Learn more in this brief video.

  • Fly Control

    Fly Control (Interior/Exterior)

    Treatments can include baiting, liquid treatment, traps and light traps to address problem areas like dumpsters and loading docks.

  • Bees

    Stinging Insects

    Elimination of wasps, yellow jackets, hornets and their nests. Approach is customized to each situation.

  • Ants


    Control and eradication of problem infestations such as Caribbean crazy ants, Argentine ants and Pharaoh ants.

  • Birds


    Displacement and control of nuisance birds such as pigeons and sea gulls.

  • Bed Bug Treatment

    Bed Bug Detection & Elimination

    Our custom solutions include chemical treatments and Thermal Remediation, a safe, non-toxic treatment that allows same-day re-occupancy.

Thermal Remediation

Thermal Remediation®: Powerful new technology to safely eradicate bed bugs.

Commercial establishments such as hotels can't afford the damage that a bed bug infestation can cause to their reputations or bottom lines. With Turner Pest Control's Thermal Remediation treatment—the latest bed bug extermination technology—you have a solution that's fast, effective and non-toxic, and that doesn't disrupt your business. In fact, hotel managers can allow guests to occupy rooms treated with Thermal Remediation in just a day. This technology harnesses the power of high heat, which bed bugs cannot survive. There are no extended chemical fumigation treatments or the need to evacuate occupants from adjacent or surrounding areas.

Service Spotlight: Turner SAN Service

The Turner SAN Service is a complete sanitation and pest mitigation solution that addresses indoor fly and pest problems with an easy three-step system.

The program meets the challenges of commercial facility sanitation with the innovative new BIO-Based Foam cleaner. Perfect for kitchens, restrooms, showers, animal care and health care facilities, this program surpasses traditional cleaning methods that tend to push food and moisture into cracks and crevices where it builds up and compounds problems.

stinging insects
I wanted to present some feedback of the increased service here at our facility. The program you recommended and implemented into of Campus I believe has been a complete success. As you are aware we have had several major audits at our facility and Pest control is always brought to the forefront to demonstrate that we are in full compliance. Your service tech has really stepped up his awareness of the seriousness of how his practices reflect the way we do business. Using the bar code reader has proven to be a large step in the service process. I do believe in the future with enough History that we will be able to do away with the current redundant form vcf 2658, developed for addressing protocol count and verification of each device. I wish to thank you form partnering with Vision Care and providing your expertise in the service to put this plan in action. Thank you."

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—Kenneth W.
"Thank you for your help with the annual USDA survey. Your support is appreciated. There were no deficiencies written in your area. The lone comment was that you are doing a good job. Please thank Pierre as well."

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—Steve T.
"First let me say, you have done an exceptional job with all of the tasks that I’ve requested so far and I really appreciate everything you have done for us in the past few weeks. I did get the original maps from Ms. Sara so thank you. I look forward to seeing again next Wednesday."

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—Rebecca A.

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