Anticimex SMART Rodent Control

Anticimex SMART is the high-tech, digital solution for rodent control. Environmentally friendly and free of pesticides, this intelligent system prevents infestations that can disrupt your business and affect your company’s reputation.


With rodents becoming more resistant to traditional control methods, Anticimex SMART is the new, efficient solution you need—and Turner Pest Control is one of only four companies in the U.S. and the only one in the Southeast who can bring you this precise and powerful technology.

How it works.

  • 1 Analysis and plan development: We closely inspect your site and conduct interviews. We then determine the optimal plan for your business. Existing infestations are exterminated.
  • 2 Installation and connection: We strategically place non-toxic traps and sensors that will detect activity and infestations. We receive real-time reports wirelessly.
  • 3 Inspections and service: When any rodent activity is reported by the system, we take immediate action. We also do regular inspections, handle emptying and relocating traps as needed, analyze data, and keep you informed.

The benefits to your business.

  • Detect the presence of vermin early
  • Constant monitoring and immediate alerts
  • 100% non-toxic
  • Identifies problems before they become costly
  • Detects activity in hidden places
Traditional Pest ControlAnticimex SMART Pest Control
Monitoring systems require in-person readingsInformation on activity is sent remotely
Doesn’t report when activity occursSends date/time data when activity occurs
Difficult to determine how many pests and how often there is activityTrend curves from each device forecasts potential infestations
No focus in sewer systemsUses unique traps for sewers
Often relies on the use of pesticides100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly

We take care of pests while
you take care of business.

With the protection of our Anticimex SMART technology and our comprehensive commercial pest control services, Turner Pest Control delivers expert service and peace of mind. Contact our dedicated commercial pest control division to learn how you can have the best in both automation and expertise.

Ready to Get SMART?

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    Around-the-clock surveillance

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    Non-toxic pest control

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    Avoid costly problems

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    Detect blind spots

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    Easy documentation

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    Less to worry about