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Some pests, unfortunately, go beyond being a nuisance, and can pose significant health risks to you, your family, and your pets. Others can carry allergens that can aggravate respiratory conditions like asthma.

Whether you’re having problems with ants, bed bugs, roaches, or rodents, our residential pest control services are affordably priced with low monthly payments to meet your needs. We price your services upon the square footage of your home to ensure you never pay more than you should.

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How Our Pest Control Services Help

These expert, comprehensive services are specifically designed to meet the needs of Port St. Lucie homeowners. And, the reality is that pests appreciate the Florida climate, which means they can be a concern all year long.To help, we provide regularly scheduled services—also all year long—to help keep your home free of pests.

Trained technicians will inspect your Port St. Lucie home carefully, knowing that some pests only need the smallest of crevices to enter it—meaning, as small as 1/64th of an inch. This includes your doors and windows, where pipes come into your home, where the wiring does, and much more.

Our pest control experts know the types of hiding spots where pests like to burrow, infesting your home. (Once comfortably settled in, they can thrive and reproduce there, increasing exponentially in number!) We track down these pests and then apply precise treatments to exterminate them, and then keep them under control.

Simple Payment Plans—Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer flexible payment plans that fit your pest control needs and your budget. They are priced upon the square footage of your home, without any long-term, complicated contracts. We guarantee your satisfaction with our Port St. Lucie residential pest control services. If you ever aren’t satisfied, we’ll return to your home, no charge, until you are.

Conveniently make an appointment online and, if you decide to cancel scheduled services after that initial call, we’ll refund your money. And there are never any cancellation fees.

Environmentally Friendly Services

At Turner Pest Control, we use chemicals that require no warnings on their labels. That’s how safe they are. No first aid information needs to be on the labels, either. That’s how safe they are! And, although these pest control products are safer than ever before (so are our application methods), they’re still completely effective. We also have an organic option for your pest control services.

Comprehensive Termite Control Services

Your Port St. Lucie home can be significantly damaged by termites, with these pests able to cause thousands of dollars in damage. So, at Turner Pest Control, we provide effective, safe, and green termite control options. We give you three different termite treatment options to choose from:

  • Premise: the economic and effective choice
  • Termidor: wider protection that lasts even longer
  • Altriset: the environmentally friendly solution

Expert Mosquito Control Services

So far, we’ve focused on sharing information about our indoor pest control services. Well, we also provide services for your yard, including expert mosquito control. These affordable services are priced according to your yard’s size —so, again, you never pay too much—and they focus on reducing and controlling the population of these disease-carrying pests.

Lawn Care Services

Our experts protect Port St. Lucie lawns from outdoor pests all year long, applying only the treatments you need, while keeping your family and pets safe from dangerous chemicals. We schedule bi-monthly lawn care visits to fertilize and beautify your lawn, taking care of it like you would.

TurnerGuard for the Ultimate in Protection

TurnerGuard provides total protection with no excluded pests and a lifetime guarantee—complete coverage for a low initial price.

This plan offers more coverage than any other one in the industry. You start with an affordable fixed price, a great value, and then you pay a low monthly fee based upon the square footage of your home. With TurnerGuard, there are no hidden costs. No fine print exclusions. And, best of all, you’ll never need to pay for another termite treatment.

Why Choose Turner Pest Control

We’re the area’s most experienced pest control experts, with services provided by a friendly, professional team. You can count on highly trained and courteous technicians to explain your options; what services we’ll provide; how we’ll provide them—and then we’ll get down to business to take care of your home and property.

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