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West Palm Beach Residential Pest Control Services

Get Fast, Long-Term Pest Protection for Your Home in West Palm Beach

Residents of West Palm Beach are often attracted to the area because of its temperate climate—and that same weather also puts out a welcoming mat for pests. So, if you need to get rid of unwanted critters, just let us know. Turner Pest Control will tailor a program that perfectly fits your needs and provides the immediate results you want and need. We offer affordable pest control in West Palm Beach, including programs specifically targeted for mosquitoes or termites along with lawn and outdoor services.

No matter what services you need, with Turner, you’ll benefit from the best residential pest control services around. There are no long, complicated contracts and we never charge a cancellation fee.

residential pest control services

Complete Residential Pest Control Services: Enjoy a Pest-Free Home and Yard

Our well-trained technicians know how to deliver effective pest control in West Palm Beach, controlling and exterminating insects and other pests. Turner understands the unique requirements of pest control and meets the needs of homeowners in Florida.

Residential Pest Control in West Palm Beach

Pest Control to Meet All Your Needs

  • Complete interior coverage: No crack is left untreated and no crevice is left untouched. We provide complete interior coverage, including under your appliances—and we carefully examine and treat every penetration point outside of the home where pests can enter.
  • Comprehensive exterior coverage: It’s important to also treat outside areas, including thresholds and eaves. Also consider potential threats that exist outdoors: anthills can pose one, and so can spider webs, wasp nests, and other colonies that lurk nearby.
  • Free follow-ups: If you need our team to check on things or re-up your pest control treatment, we offer no-cost service calls after the main treatment service.
  • Free estimates: Our quotes are customized because we recognize that no two homes, pest problems, budgets, or families are alike.
  • Streamlined payments: We make payments easy, creating plans and options for every West Palm Beach homeowner. Pest control doesn’t need to control your budget.


Best Residential Pest Control Services Possible

First, here’s what we don’t have. There are no complicated contracts to sign and no cancellation fees. Now, here are some of the benefits of using Turner Pest Control for residential pest control in West Palm Beach.

  • Environmentally friendly and safe pest control treatments: Your health and safety—and that of your family and pets—matters to us. It’s so important that we only offer the best green solutions, using the newest techniques, to provide pest control in West Palm Beach that’s both safe and effective.
  • Trustworthy, well-trained exterminators: Throughout the process, you can count on our professional exterminators in West Palm Beach to treat your home and property with care. They will arrive on time, clearly explain our products and services, and recommend the best plan for your unique needs, providing thorough, courteous service from start to finish.

To get started with residential pest control in West Palm Beach, please order your pest control treatment online or call (239) 334-0880.

Frequently Asked Questions

At a high level, you’ll want to prevent pests from accessing what they need to survive and then thrive in your home, so deprive them of access to food, water, and shelter. To avoid sheltering them, seal up entry points to your home, which can range from gaps around windows and doors to tears in screens, openings around pipes and utilities entering the home, and so forth. Trim bushes, shrubs, and tree branches that are close to your home to eliminate entry ramps and keep stacks of firewood and mulch away from your home’s foundation.

Also, put all food away after meals, cleaning up counters, floors, and more as soon as it’s practical. Store pantry food in airtight plastic containers, rather than in boxes and bags that pests can get into, and put pet bowls away once the animals are done eating. Promptly take your trash outdoors and place it in tightly lidded garbage cans that are kept a distance from your home.

Fix leaks, divert water away from your home’s foundation with gutters, address areas of standing water on your property, and so forth. Make sure that garden hoses are fully turned off.

Finally, remain alert to any signs of pest presence whether that’s hearing strange noises, seeing signs of pest waste, or something else that doesn’t seem quite right. Then, if you suspect a presence, have a professional inspect your home. At Turner Pest Control, both our initial inspection and no-obligation quotes are free of charge.

Don’t wait to address the problem! A relatively small pest problem can turn into a much larger one quickly as the pests continue to reproduce in your home and keep doing their damage. You can quickly and easily get in touch with our West Palm Beach exterminators by requesting a free pest inspection; contacting us online; or calling us at (561) 791-2400. Through our professional pest control services, the expert Turner Pest Control team will take care of your infestation, and then attention can be turned towards keeping them out for good. Plus, when our West Palm Beach pest control experts are at your house, they will offer professional recommendations and answer all of your questions.

As soon as you know or suspect that you have pest problems, it’s best to reach out for professional West Palm Beach pest control services. Here’s why: First, plenty of pests can carry and transmit often-dangerous diseases to you, your family, your guests, and your pets. Rodents and mosquitoes, for example, can be notorious for spreading unwanted diseases. Second, pests can significantly damage your home; termites are an example of a pest that can seriously threaten your home’s integrity as they gnaw on the wood in your house around the clock. As a third reason, many pests—including bed bugs, rodents, mosquitoes, and termites—will continue to rapidly reproduce on your property, perhaps turning relatively small populations into a true infestation.

So, in short, contacting a West Palm Beach exterminator as soon as you have knowledge of a problem is best. (Sometimes, by the way, you’ll hear or see signs of the pests long before you actually see them.) Next, after the pests are successfully removed from your home and/or property, then you can turn your attention to keeping them away. Turner Pest Control will provide the fast, efficient, effective, and affordable pest control services you want and need. Don’t delay! Our thorough home inspections are free—and so are your no-obligation quotes.

First, you can contact us in the method of your choice:

Then, no matter which contact method is best for you, we’ll perform a thorough free inspection of your home, and then provide you with a no-obligation estimate to tackle your pest problem. Next, with your approval, our professional and courteous West Palm Beach exterminators will arrive on time for appointments to provide your pest control services. Turner Pest Control is one of the fastest growing companies in Florida. We look forward to serving you!

Each pest control situation is unique—based on the size, scope, and type of the issues—and, therefore, so are their timelines. What you can count on: Turner Pest Control will resolve your pest problem, and our professional technicians will explain what you can expect and answer your questions. Here’s some general guidance. In some cases, treatments created to repel the pests in your home can briefly agitate them as they leave the house; this can be true, for example, with cockroach and ant infestations. Mosquito treatments that target this pest across life cycles can present a different experience for you as we apply fast acting mists that are also long lasting, allowing you to enjoy being outdoors again.

Numbers of applications needed can vary, too. In some situations, one treatment may be enough. Other times, more than one is better—and, in still other circumstances, such as with our mosquito control program, treatments are regularly applied throughout the pest season.

When you contact us for your West Palm Beach pest control services, our well trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your home; identify the pest problems and locations; and provide a customized treatment plan—and they can share insights into how long it will take for the pest control services to resolve your problems. To get started, you can request a free pest inspection or call (561) 791-2400.

We offer comprehensive termite control services, applying the maximum amount of allowable treatments to exterminate these pests. Termites can cause thousands of dollars of damage in your West Palm Beach home, so we’re laser focused on providing exactly what you need for your situation.

Choices of termite treatments include:

  • Premise, for economic yet effective treatment
  • Termidor, for longer and wider protection against termites
  • Altriset, for an environmentally friendly termite solution

We never apply spot treatments and we never cut corners. No matter which option you choose for termite control, we’ll provide comprehensive perimeter treatments—even with foundation cracks that are so tiny they’re less than the width of a single human hair. Maybe you’ve had termite extermination services provided by another residential pest control services company with less than optimal results. If so, we invite you to schedule a free pest inspection with us to experience the Turner Pest Control difference.

We provide the fertilization, weed control, turf optimization, green-up treatments, and more to give you the healthy, lush, green lawn you’ve always wanted. We provide disease control services, control fungi, and conduct pre-emergent weed control in our winterization initiatives. As part of our lawn and outdoor services, we control lawn pests, ranging from sod webworms to armyworms, chinch bugs, scales, aphids, lace bugs, and more. Plus we’ll eliminate unsightly weeds in your sidewalks and driveway.

In short, we’ll take care of your current pests and problems and then proactively prevent seasonal issues from occurring. Our lawn and outdoor services are priced by the size of your yard to help you get the most for your budget. Contact us online or call (239) 334-0880, and we’ll analyze your lawn and recommend a personalized program.

More than eighty species of mosquitoes live in Florida and, because they can carry dangerous diseases (such as the West Nile virus, Zika virus, and many more), it’s important to quickly exterminate them. So, we apply fast-acting solutions to protect you, your family, and your pets.

First, request a free pest inspection. We’ll come out to your property and assess the situation for you before making a customized recommendation. Next up, we’ll apply ultra-low volume mosquito control treatments with focus and care, targeting the undersides of foliage because mosquitoes often breed there.

To keep your family safe, monthly treatments are often needed although, in the winter, they can be paused because mosquitoes are less active. Or, if you’ve got a special outdoor activity that you don’t want disrupted by mosquitoes—a graduation or birthday party, wedding and reception, or a family reunion picnic—we provide one-time treatments. Simply make an appointment online or call (239) 334-0880 to get started.

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