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Comprehensive, highly effective pest control services, indoors and out.

Turner Pest Control can keep your Ormond Beach home pest-free in a surprisingly affordable way. We can deal with current challenges and/or provide regularly scheduled services, year-round. In other words, you have access to a full range of services to meet your specific needs with simple payment options available.

The reality is that insects, rodents, and more flourish in the warm, humid climate of Ormond Beach. So, even the cleanest homes can be ideal environments for these pests and, once they’ve established a foothold, they can settle in and multiply rapidly. This also means that, even in the most well-kept homes, pest control concerns may need addressed throughout the entire year—which is why we offer a full spectrum of services, tackling today’s issues and providing long-term protection.

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Pest Control

Indoor and Outdoor Protection

More specifically:

  • Because pests are very creative about how they come into your home, we address every entry point. This includes cracks and crevices, beneath your appliances, and much more.
  • We treat exterior doorways, plus under eaves and around windows. We also eliminate spider webs and the nests of flying insects. As part of our comprehensive offerings, we also offer complete lawn protection.

Specific types of our pest control services include:

  • Mosquito control services: These flying pests can also carry serious diseases, such as the Zika virus and West Nile virus, making it even more important to choose mosquito control services for your Ormond Beach home. Because our city has year-round temperate weather, we offer our expert service throughout the year.
  • Termite extermination: We provide services customized to your home, conducting a comprehensive perimeter treatment, including behind brick, inside blocks, under patios, within adjoining slabs, in bath traps, and within pipe penetrations. Our termite extermination plan comes with the option of a zero-deductible termite warranty, with specialty plans available for Formosan termites, swarming termites, and more.
  • Bed bug treatments: It can be challenging to eliminate bed bugs through DIY treatments, in part because they’re hard enough to locate, much less exterminate. So, it makes sense to use experienced professionals who can track down and eliminate the bed bugs. We offer residential inspections and re-inspections, to ensure the bed bugs are exterminated, with Turner Pest Control services used by plenty of Florida’s premier hotels, medical facilities, office complexes and more.
  • Rodent extermination: Once a couple of rodents are in or around your home, they can breed rapidly and, before you know it, their population can become out of control. So, if you’ve seen one rat or mouse, you probably are hosting many more of them. Call us. Our technicians are trained in the most effective methods to control rodents, addressing the current problem and helping to prevent further infestation.

We also offer pest control services for ants, roaches, fleas, and more.

Why to Choose Turner Pest Control in Ormond Beach

You have a range of options, and can select affordable, one-time treatments, or our comprehensive, all-in-one TurnerGuard protection program, or something in between. We have a flexible range of payment options, with our regular services priced by your home’s size.

We promise you’ll be happy with our service. If no, we’ll provide free follow-ups until you are, with satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

All of our products are eco-friendly, with an organic pest control program available. In fact, our green solutions are so safe that no warning labels are necessary. No first-aid information is necessary.

Our expert technicians find just where insects can hide and infest as part of our thorough inspection, then recommend a targeted treatment plan that fits your needs. For the ultimate in protection, TurnerGuard offers premier pest control and termite extermination services—more coverage than any other plan in the industry.

TurnerGuard includes a lifetime termite damage guarantee, along with comprehensive pest control services with no excluded pests, all at an affordable price.

Ormond Beach Pest Control Professionals: You Can Count on Us

North Florida homeowners and business owners have depended upon our pest control services for more than 40 years. We provide the peace of mind our customers want and need, as we also focus on exceeding industry standards for pest protection.

Ready to get the peace of mind that you deserve at a price you can afford? Request your free inspection online or call us at 386-615-0206. We’re ready to get started!

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