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Bed bugs can’t hide from our powerful treatments.

We have specialized treatments to exterminate every bed bug in your home.

Turner Pest Control is trusted to keep premier hotels, offices, and medical facilities free of bed bugs. We bring the same expertise home to you.

Bed bugs aren’t choosy—they’ll infest even the most well-kept homes. If they’ve moved in with you, don’t wait to call in our pros.

Here’s what you can expect from your Turner Pest Control bed bug service


Bed bugs are hard to find, but we know where they hide. We start with a complete inspection to confirm the presence of bed bugs in your home.


We provide a free, no-obligation quote for our bed bug treatment that’s based on the size of your Ormond Beach home and the extent of the infestation.


We’ll take care of removing mattresses, box springs, bed frames, outlet covers, and more to be sure we reach everywhere bed bugs may be.


To make bed bug treatment less disruptive to your schedule, you and your family will need to stay out of your home for just four hours.


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Bed Bug Problems in Ormond Beach, Florida?

If so, we know you aren’t happy about that, and it’s unlikely you’re getting a good night’s rest, either. Fortunately, you can get the peace of mind you want and need with Turner Pest Control’s professional bed bug services.

Bed bugs can be challenging to find, and even more difficult to get rid of once they’ve burrowed their way into your mattresses, sofas, and chairs. These tiny creatures can really dig in and make themselves at home—and, unfortunately, DIY solutions rarely get the job done right.

If you need a free evaluation in your Ormond Beach home, contact us online or call us at 386-287-0070. Our bed bug experts can provide you with the Ormond Beach extermination solutions you need so you can rest easy. Plus, with our full-service bed bug treatment plan, we’ll even re-inspect your home to make sure the critters are completely gone.

How Do You Get Bed Bugs?

These are incredibly sneaky creatures, and they find plenty of creative ways to get into your home. This includes suitcases you bring into the house after traveling, or that guests bring when visiting your home. They can even hitch a ride on people’s clothing.

Other ways that bed bugs get into homes include in pre-owned furniture bought at garage sales or thrift shops, and in virtually any fabric-covered item.

How to Tell If You Have Bed Bugs

Because these critters are so small, you may not see them. But, you can watch for these signs:

  • small bite marks where exposed skin on your body comes in contact with your mattress or affected fabric; this includes but isn’t limited to arms, legs, and back
  • spots on your linens, either red or black; these are small drops of dried blood
  • musty odors from beneath your bed

Sometimes, when the bed bugs mature to the adult stage, they’ll be large enough to be visible, although they may still hide beneath your mattress or in your home’s cracks and crevices.

Fortunately, the experts at Turner Pest Control are experienced in finding and exterminating bed bugs, removing them for good. Plus, we understand the urgency you feel when you have a bed bug problem in your Ormond Beach home, so we work efficiently to make them disappear. That’s why so many homeowners, businesses, premier hotels, and medical facilities in the area choose us for their bed bug treatments.

If you see any signs of an infestation, please contact us immediately at 386-287-0070.


Turner Pest Control has the latest and most effective bed bug extermination products and treatment methods, including:
Heat Treatments

Thermal Remediation® uses only high heat to kill bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle in just one treatment. There’s no chemical fumigation, so no toxins are left behind and you and your pets can return to your home right after treatment is completed. Heat treatment can penetrate even the smallest cracks and crevices.

Chemical Treatments

After our bed bug experts confirm that these pests are in your home and locate their hiding places, we use the latest insecticide dust and residual contact treatments. As part of this thorough and effective bed bug control strategy, we provide an initial treatment, plus two more follow-up visits one and two weeks later.


Not sure if bed bugs have invaded your home? Our expert bed bug control technicians can identify these pests at every stage of their lives and recommend the best solution for getting rid of them. You can look for these signs of bed bugs yourself:
Turner Pest Control has the latest and most effective bed bug extermination products and treatment methods, including:
bed bug inspection
Small spots and Odors
Look for small reddish or brownish spots on linens and mattresses. Additionally bed bugs' scent glands produce a foul, musty odor
get rid of bed bugs bed bug control
You can see adults easily when they’re not in hiding. They are typically brownish or red in color.
bed bug bites
You may have red, itchy welts, often lined up in a row
Learn more about our bed bug treatment services

Safest and Most Effective Extermination Methods

We use safe, eco-friendly solutions to protect you, your family, and your pets from harsh chemicals. These bed bug treatments are so safe that you can stay in your home without worrying about exposure to unsafe chemicals or having allergic reactions.

Why to Choose Turner Pest Control

Our experienced technicians provide quality service from start to finish, from when they assess the bed bug problem in your home to when they develop a plan and then follow through with highly effective, targeted treatments.

At Turner Pest Control, we design all of our pest control services—including bed bug extermination—in a way that prevents unnecessary disruption, getting rid of the bed bugs in your Ormond Beach home without interruption or bother.

We’ve been serving customers in Florida since 1971 and, although technology changes, we still maintain the same unrelenting commitment to quality and service as we did when we first started providing pest control services. Today, we’re one of the country’s top 100 pest control companies, and one of the fastest-growing companies in Florida. Plus, we’re QualityPro Certified—something that fewer than three percent of pest control providers in the United States can say.

For a free estimate, contact us online or call us at 386-287-0070.

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