We eliminate existing termite colonies and keep them from coming back.

Get the effective, safe and green options you want with our comprehensive termite protection plan.

Any type of home can be damaged by termites and all homes need protection. With the potential for termite damage costs to run into the thousands, only the best protection will do. Other Jacksonville termite and pest control companies may only meet minimum treatment specifications, but at Turner Pest Control, we exceed them by treating with the maximum application allowed. And, unlike other companies, we give you your choice of three levels of termite treatment:

  • Premise, economic and effective
  • Termidor, for longer and wider protection
  • Altriset, an environmentally friendly solution

How we protect your home.

Every home is different, so we create a termite extermination plan just for you. We perform a complete perimeter treatment, including under patios, within adjoining slabs, behind brick and inside blocks, bath traps and pipe penetrations. Our plans include a zero-deductible termite warrantyWe also offer treatments focused on Formosan termites, swarming termites and more.

Not all treatments are alike.

Some companies cut corners by only performing spot treatments or omitting some areas from their treatment, allowing them to do more treatments in less time. We do things differently — we make sure to get protection in every place where termites can enter or cause damage. If soil protection, pipe penetrations and bath traps aren’t part of your termite control plan, you may not have complete protection.

Here are just a few reasons why our termite treatment is better than the rest:

  • We treat foundation cracks, no matter how small.

    Termites can enter a crack that’s less than the width of a human hair. Even though termites cannot eat through solid concrete, the tiniest cracks in your foundation provide a pathway for them to get to the materials they can eat.

  • We treat plumbing entry points that others overlook.

    When the concrete around your bath was poured, it may have been formed with wood. If this wood wasn’t removed, or if cardboard or plastic buckets were used for forming, you may have a termite problem in this hidden area.

  • We treat above-slab patio and room addition problems.

    If the addition of a room or patio to your home leaves the soil level too high, termites can move straight into your house and stay undetected until extensive damage becomes apparent. We inspect these areas of your home to determine if termites are entering your home through these often-overlooked entry points.

  • Superior soil protection.

    Soil treatments are superior — it’s that simple. Soil treatments kill termites before they get into your home, and they work more than 10 times faster than bait systems. Once termite damage is underway, there’s no time to waste. We won’t waste yours with inferior treatment methods.

Termidor HP: Our premium, high-tech termite solution.

For the ultimate termite treatment with the advantage of protecting both your home and the appearance of your property, we offer the Termidor HP High Precision Injection System.

Unlike traditional trenching and rodding methods, this system allows us to treat your home with minimal disruption to landscaping, pool decks and patios. With this advanced technology, we precisely and uniformly apply the industry’s leading liquid product in a manner that can’t be replicated through traditional methods for exceptionally effective prevention and eradication of termites.

Learn more about the revolutionary Termidor HP High Precision Injection System in this brief video. Contact us for pricing details or to schedule your Termidor HP service. Learn more about all of our Jacksonville pest control services.

"I just want to let you know how absolutely fantastic my technician
Tim was today handling my pest control! He was friendly, easygoing and efficient."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5 / 5 stars
—Mrs. Akridge
"Turner just finished my annual termite inspection. While all the previous inspections have been good, Randy’s inspection was by far the most comprehensive inspection of my house, interior and exterior that I have ever had. Really felt that with his scrutiny and diligence, if I had any sort of bug or moisture issue, Randy would have found it. Thanks for sending such top tier professionals to my home, for both lawn (Chris) and termites (Randy). Please extend my thanks to Randy for his professional inspection of my property."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5 / 5 stars
—Gregg R.

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