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Comprehensive Pest Control Services in West Palm Beach

Our West Palm Beach exterminators are trained in tackling the most complex extermination challenges, and well versed in how to get rid of the pests that exist in our state. You can count on the following from us:

Protect Your Home — Inside and Out. 
  • Thorough indoor pest protection: We’ll locate and protect every entry point that insects can use to get inside your home and settle in. 
  • Complete outdoor pest and lawn coverage: We’ll also treat around doors and windows, under accessible eaves, and more: places where outdoor pests breed. 
  • Mosquito control services: You can benefit from regular treatments throughout the season or as a one-time service when you’re holding a special event.
  • Termite treatments: We’ll take care of termites, which will wreak havoc on homes and cause significant (expensive!) damage. 
  • No-charge extra service calls: When you need an additional service call, they’re free with our ongoing West Palm Beach pest control services. 
  • Free, no-obligation quotes: Estimates are customized to the size of your home; Turner doesn’t give one-size-fits-all quotes. 
  • Affordable payment choices: We offer simple ways to pay. Pest control in West Palm Beach doesn’t need to break your budget.
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Our West Palm Beach Pest Control Services Include:

In Florida, weather conditions are ideal for a range of pests: mosquitoes, termites, lawn pests and much more. Fortunately, Turner Pest Control has the safe, effective, affordable pest control services you need. Prices for residential services are based on the square footage of your home with low monthly fees. 

residential pest control
West Palm Beach Residential Pest Control

West Palm Beach residential pest control services:

We’ll meet all your pest control needs:

  • Comprehensive indoor protection: We treat every crack and crevice in your home, places where pests may enter. We’ll go over your home carefully to ensure that we’ve located and addressed every penetration point, including beneath appliances.
  • Complete outdoor coverage: It’s crucial to treat areas outside of your home: ant hills, spider webs, wasp nests, and other undesirable pest colonies. We address threats and lurking pests as well as eaves, thresholds, and more. This, along with indoor treatments, provides comprehensive protection.
  • Free follow-up service calls: When you need to re-up your treatments in between regularly scheduled times or want us to check something, just let us know. We offer no-cost follow-ups. 
  • Free, no-obligation estimates: We know that every family and every home is unique. So, we offer customized quotes to match your precise needs. 
  • Easy payment plans for your budget: Pest control services don’t have to control your budget at Turner. We offer simple payment options for West Palm Beach homeowners.

Safe, Environmentally-Friendly Pest Control Solutions

We offer the best green solutions available today to protect your health and safety—and that of your family, friends, and pets. Best of all, these new techniques are also quite effective. 

Green Solutions

All of our pest control services use eco-friendly products and processes, and we also offer organic options. Our green treatments are so safe that they don’t require warning labels or first aid instructions.

Committed to your Satisfaction

When you need an exterminator in West Palm Beach, our highly trained team will take excellent care of your home and property. Turner is QualityPro certified, meaning that you can proceed with pest care with confidence—knowing that you’re receiving quality pest control services from a team that has proven its excellence.

Our team will arrive on time, thoroughly inspect your home, describe treatment options, share your recommendations (a personalized treatment plan), and answer your questions in a courteous manner. If you’re ever unhappy with a service, we’ll return at no charge for retreatments. In all that we do for you, we’ll cheerfully go the extra mile. 

Frequently Asked Questions

As a mosquito control company in West Palm Beach, we use the most effective products available today, carefully applying fast-acting, long-lasting barrier sprays. They include an insect growth regulator to interrupt the pests’ breeding cycle as well as a chemical that quickly provides results and also provides a long-lasting residual effect. We apply these products everywhere they need to be, including in your yard’s shadiest spots (including the undersides of foliage), which is where mosquitoes often lay eggs. Consider our regular monthly mosquito control services, ones that can be paused during the winter when the insects are less active. Or, you can contact our mosquito control company in West Palm Beach for a one-time treatment that helps to make sure that your outdoor event is free from these pests. 

Termite treatments should only be applied by professionals who have experience and training, plus the products and technology, to control the population to protect your investment in your home. Our West Palm Beach termite control professionals can use the high-tech Termidor HP treatment to effectively protect your house with minimal disruption. Liquid termite treatments protect you in the places where the gnawing pests enter your home and where they cause damage, and Turner provides the maximum allowable applications. Then, our termite bait systems protect your home around the clock. To get started, please contact Turner for your pest control in West Palm Beach. Or call 561-791-2400.

First, our lawn experts examine the condition of your yard and identify what problems need to be addressed. These can range from weed growth to pest infestations. We create a customized plan for you that’s based on your property’s square footage. That way, you never pay more than you should. Lawn and pest control services include fertilization and weed management.

As part of our lawn pest control services in West Palm Beach, we’ll take care of insects and fungi that are harming your yard. We’ll treat your yard every eight weeks; forty-eight hours after each treatment, you’ll need to water your yard with an irrigation system. If issues occur between visits, just let us know and we’ll return for retreatments.

Turner is the experienced choice, in business for more than fifty years. When you need an exterminator in West Palm Beach, you can proceed with confidence with Turner, knowing that we only use professionally trained experts. They must pass stringent background checks that include drug testing.

We’re a QualityPro Certified pest control company, something that only fewer than three percent of pest control companies can say. The National Pest Management Association awards this designation to companies with proven excellence—a designation that considers multiple factors in its awards: business operations, environmental stewardship, consumer relations, and technician training.

When you make an appointment with Turner, we’ll arrive on time. Then, we’ll provide you with the prompt, courteous service that you want and deserve. We’ll apply affordable treatments that are specifically tailored to your needs, using effective, eco-friendly products. Customers appreciate, too, how we keep everything simple. You don’t have to sign a complicated contract. There are never any hidden fees, either, which means there’s no contract cancellation fee.

We make it easy to schedule an inspection with our trained technicians arriving at the scheduled time. After they provide a comprehensive, free pest inspection, you’ll receive a free, no-obligation estimate. Once you give us the green light, you’ll benefit from personalized pest control services in your West Palm Beach, FL home.

Simply contact us online to get an exterminator in West Palm Beach to inspect your home. Or, you can call us at 561-791-2400. No matter how you reach out to us, your satisfaction is guaranteed even when you have tough pest infestations. We look forward to serving you!

This question could really be divided into two parts. First, is pest control important in West Palm Beach and, second, is professional pest control—versus doing it yourself—worth the cost? Focusing on the first question, there are two reasons why West Palm Beach pest control is crucial: because pests can damage homes and because they can carry and transmit unwanted diseases.

Florida is home to a wide variety of pests that are attracted to the same temperate climate that people appreciate—and each kind can cause problems in your home in species-specific ways. Rodents, for example, can chew through wires and potentially trigger house fires while termites will gnaw around the clock to weaken your home’s structure. Each species can transmit different diseases to people and pets—none of which you want.

If you have a small pest presence, it’s possible that you can DIY the solution. But, when it comes to infestations of any significance, professional pest control in West Palm Beach is recommended. Turner Pest Control technicians will affordably address your current problems and then focus on keeping the pests out. You can request a free inspection online and receive a no-obligation quote at no charge for a customized pest control solution. Or call (561) 791-2400.

Consider why pests want to come into your home in the first place and then deprive them of what they want and need: food, water, and shelter. To avoid sheltering them, look for potential entry points and block them; this can include around windows and doors (also repair screens) and around where pipes go into your home. Prune trees and shrubbery that are located close to your home as well.

As far as food, prevent access both indoors and out. If you grill outside or otherwise have a meal in your yard, clean up as soon as you’re finished. This includes pet bowls if they’re eating outside with you. Put your trash in firmly lidded garbage cans and place them at a distance from your home. Inside, keep food in airtight containers instead of bags and boxes that pests can get into. Wipe up countertops and appliances after preparing meals and otherwise make it difficult for critters to even get leftover crumbs. Fix any leaks and otherwise prevent them from getting the moisture they need to survive.

If you suspect you have a pest presence, contact us for pest control in West Palm Beach before an infestation can become entrenched in your home.

What you’ll need depends on the scope of your pest problem. If you’ve got a relatively small problem to address and then, after the pests have been exterminated, you use preventative measures to keep the pests out, you’ll need less attention than if a full-blown infestation has settled into your home or a small population has had enough time to keep reproducing.

What you’ll need will also depend upon the pests involved. With mosquitoes, for example, our trained technicians will apply treatments every month during peak mosquito season. When temperatures dip in wintertime, and these biting pests are less active, we can pause the treatments to make them even more affordable.

Turner recognizes that no two pest infestations are exactly alike. Neither are any two homes, budgets for pest control services, and so forth. That’s why we provide customized solutions for our West Palm Beach pest control. Our trained technicians will come to your home and inspect it for pest species; where they’re located; and what damage they’re doing. We’ll provide you with a personalized quote based on the square footage of your home and property. That way, you’ll never pay more than you should.

The timeline for pest control in West Palm Beach should dovetail with when pests are most active. Because of our climate, this can be nearly all year long. Pest presence usually increases when the rainy season hits in the spring, which arrives earlier some years and later in others. From that point on, the weather is typically appealing to pests, and this will continue until temperatures dip in anticipation of winter. When the weather chills, though, rodents and other critters may work especially hard to get indoors—which could include into your home, garage, and outbuildings. So, if you see or suspect a pest presence, no matter what time of year, reach out for a free inspection: online or by calling (561) 791-2400.

After a West Palm Beach pest control treatment, you may find that some pests (such as ants or cockroaches) may briefly seem more active. If so, that can be normal as treatments can be designed to repel them and cause them to leave. In other instances, such as with our mosquito treatments, you’ll quickly be able to enjoy being outdoors again as we rid your property of the pest across their life cycles.

Depending on the size and scope of an infestation, more than one treatment may be necessary. What’s most important is what to expect for your specific infestation. When Turner professionals come to your home, they’ll explain what they’ll do, including the products and techniques used. They’ll also answer all of your questions, which could include when you can go on your lawn after outdoor treatments, if you can clean your house right away after indoor treatments, what you can do to keep the critters and insects from coming back, and so forth.

No matter what you need, Turner has your pest problems covered. Reach out online to get started or call (561) 791-2400 when ready to get started with your pest control in West Palm Beach. You’ll receive a prompt, courteous response and outstanding professional service. We’ve got more than fifty years of experience in helping families like yours.

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