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When you have wildlife control problems, a solution can’t wait.

Get Expert Wildlife Removal in West Palm Beach

Nobody wants wildlife in their West Palm Beach home—whether that’s a raccoon, possum, squirrel, bat, bird, or snake. Because they can damage your home and transmit diseases, you’ll want them out, stat.

When you suspect or know that you have wildlife or other nuisance animals present in your house, it’s not recommended that you try to remove them yourself because they will often react badly to feeling cornered, perhaps biting and scratching. Instead, it’s much better to call in the experts. In West Palm Beach, please contact us online for wildlife removal services or call (561) 791-2400 for prompt professional wildlife removal service that’s customized to your situation.

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Wildlife Challenges in West Palm Beach

Animals are driven to find what they need to survive and breed: food, water, and shelter. Homes, garages, and other outbuildings in West Palm Beach can be ideal—of special interest during storms and hurricanes but also when the critters are ready to settle somewhere safe.

The impact of their presence may vary based on the species. Raccoons can be dangerous, biting and scratching and, if infected by rabies, spreading the disease. They can also spread other viruses as well as bacteria and parasites, doing so directly through contact or indirectly through their waste. They present a whole range of problems with your house, too, tearing up roof shingles, damaging soffits and attics, breaking vents, chewing through insulation, and more. The good news: our expert team is well trained in removing raccoons from homes.

Bats can also carry and transmit rabies along with Histoplasmosis; the latter disease can spread when someone breathes in feces and urine spores from infected bats. Droppings and urine can damage your home even when a bat isn’t infected, leaking through your walls and ruining them plus ceilings and insulation. In addition, bats can bring pests into your home, including fleas, bat mites, and bat bugs; the last is related to bed bugs.

In fact, just about any wild animal that gets into your house will typically bring more pests along: ticks, mites, fleas, lice, and so on.

Squirrels can also wreak havoc through their gnawing by damaging siding, insulation, and more. When they chew through wires and cables, this has the potential to start house fires. Then there are the diseases spread by infected squirrels: ringworm, typhus, the plague, tularemia, and more.

If you’re experiencing problems with wild animals in your home, contact us for West Palm Beach wildlife removal services.

Plus, wild creatures can tear up your yard. Armadillos, for example, will dig tunnels through your lawn as they look for food and safe places to breed. Wildlife can also spread diseases to people and pets.

So, if you’re having problems with animals indoors or out, contact us for efficient and effective wildlife removal services—and our experts will take care of the problems for you. To get started, please contact us online or call (561) 791-2400 today.

Turner's Wildlife Removal Services in West Palm Beach

You can count on us to remove the wild animals from your home. Although we’re best known for pest control services in West Palm Beach, we do much more to keep you and your family safe.


They damage homes include tearing up roof shingles and soffits, breaking attic vents, gnawing through insulation in the attic, and more. Plus, they can spread disease. Raccoons are, in fact, one of the most frequent carriers of rabies.


They can also cause significant damage as they gnaw on cables and wires, which could lead to a house fire, along with siding, insulation, and much more. Squirrels can also spread unwanted diseases.


Armadillos dig tunnels to find food and to create a place to reproduce, which can do serious damage to your yard. Plus, they carry diseases that can spread to people. If you need a wildlife trapper in West Palm Beach, contact us.


Rabid bats can transmit the disease and droppings and urine leak through drywall, damage ceilings, and ruin insulation. So, if you suspect a bat presence, contact us for wildlife removal and pest control services.


Contact Turner Pest Control for premier wildlife removal in West Palm Beach.

Wildlife Exclusion & Prevention

When looking for ways to keep wildlife out of your home, these prevention tips can make a significant difference.

  • Put outdoor trash cans where they’re away from your home’s foundation, and keep the lids on firmly.
  • Make it a habit to check your roof’s condition. Then, make any needed repairs.
  • If you have an attic and/or crawl spaces, maintain them well: clean, dry, and well ventilated.
  • Caulk or weatherstrip around windows, which includes ones in the basement.
  • Remove outdoor debris regularly, including after storms.
  • Locate vents and exhaust fans and keep them covered.
  • Prune tree branches and shrubbery located near your house.

Even if you don’t spot animals in or around your home, they may be causing damage. So, pay attention to the appearance of chew marks in the house or sounds of scratching. Look, too, for animal waste. Then, if you suspect a wildlife problem, we’ll gladly come to your house, inspecting it at no charge. We’ll identify the species and their location, making tailored recommendations.

Turner for Your Wildlife Removal in West Palm Beach

If you need wildlife removal services for raccoons, possums, squirrels, bats, snakes, birds, or other unwanted animals, just let us know. For more than fifty years, we’ve been helping families like yours, providing personalized assistance. We provide excellent service, which is one of the reasons why Turner Pest Control is now one of Florida’s fastest growing companies.

Another reason is our professional team. We carefully vet employees, which includes stringent background checks, and then we train them well. They’ll arrive on time to your house to provide expert, courteous service. So, when you need wildlife removal in West Palm Beach, don’t delay. Contact us online or call (561) 791-2400.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The short answer: unlikely. When a rodent or other form of wildlife gets into a place where they can consistently receive food, water, and shelter, there isn’t a reason for them to leave. So, if you need wildlife removal in West Palm Beach, it makes sense to contact the professionals: online or by calling (561) 791-2400.

Perhaps you know what species you have in your home because you’ve seen them. Or maybe you’re hearing scratching sounds in your wall, and you’re not sure what wild animal is there. In either case, don’t try to take care of the problem yourself. No matter what species is invading your space, they will likely react badly if you try to corner them. To help you with this urgent problem, we’ve set up a special inbox for professional wildlife removal and control requests.

Create enough access space for our expert wildlife removal team to inspect your home and confine pets so we can efficiently conduct the inspection.

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