Termite Control & Extermination in Ormond Beach, FL

Need termite colonies eliminated? Turner Pest Control has a complete termite protection plan for your home in Ormond Beach.

The unfortunate truth is that termites can cause extensive damage to your home, in the thousands of dollars. So, it’s important to handle termite infestations before significant damage takes place. Fortunately, experts at Turner Pest Control offer the best protection for your Ormond Beach home, using the maximum application allowable so the job gets done right the first time.

If you suspect that you need help with termite infestations, you can contact us right away online or you can call us at 386-615-0206.

Types of Termites

Here are two types of termites we treat in the Ormond Beach, Florida area:

  • Subterranean termites: Also known as ground termites, these pests tunnel underground and eat wood as their main source of food. They cause 95 percent of the damage by termites in North America (that’s because one colony can have one million members, eating 15 pounds of wood each and every week), and they especially enjoy warmer climates, like in Florida.
  • Formosan termites: These are especially destructive termites, infesting wood and thriving in climates like we have in Ormond Beach.

Termite Treatment Plans

We offer different tiers for termite extermination, and you can select what’s best for your situation:

  • Premise – the most economical plan available
  • Termidor – intermediate level termite treatment for longer and wider protection
  • Altriset – our highest environmentally friendly plan available

When you contact us, our termite experts will help you to create a plan that’s right for your home and your budget, which includes a full perimeter treatment. Full perimeter means beneath your patios and concrete slabs, around pipe penetrations, behind or inside bricks, and more—including places that other pest control companies can miss.

You’ll receive our zero-deductible termite warranty, and our warranty differs from those offered by other companies in a very significant way. Our renewals include two of the most destructive types of termites in the North Florida area, and at no additional charge: the Formosan termites and subterranean ones. Just one Formosan colony, for example, can contain several million of these destructive pests, so coverage that includes these especially aggressive termites can save you in repairs costs, possibly in the thousands of dollars.

Customized Termite Treatments

No two homes are alike, and neither are the specific problems that termites can create for a home. So, we don’t take shortcuts. We don’t do spot treatments. Instead, our expert technicians investigate the unique problems that you’re experiencing with termites, and identify the types of termites that are plaguing your Ormond Beach home—and then we create a plan that’s just right for you.

Here are just a few reasons why our plans are the best in the region:

  • No shortcuts.
  • We ensure that your home is protected wherever termites have the opportunity to get into your home and wreak havoc.
  • Because termites can enter your home through cracks as small as 1/32 of an inch, we look for foundation cracks and treat them to prevent termites from successfully accessing wood in your home.
  • Although other companies can miss plumbing entry points, we specifically look for them. That’s because, when concrete is poured, wooden forms can be used and left behind—and this wood is an ideal spot for hidden termite infestations.
  • Sometimes, home additions and patios can have higher soil levels than what’s necessary, and this provides ideal entry points for termites. So, we’ll check these areas, too, to help you avoid expensive repairs later on.
  • We provide soil protection, as well, which is a more effective strategy that using termite bait systems. Soil treatments kill termites and colonies before they even enter your home, working up to ten times more quickly than an average bait system.

Get Rid of Termites in Ormond Beach!

If you think you have an infestation, don’t delay. Contact us online or call us at 386-615-0206. We’ll provide a free termite inspection and create an affordable, effective treatment plan. North Florida homeowners have depended upon our pest control services for more than 40 years!