Ormond Beach, FL Residential Pest Control

Your family’s comfort and safety are important to us, which is why we offer safe, effective, affordable residential pest control services for your Ormond Beach home. Our plans are customized to meet your unique needs, with low monthly fees that fit your budget.

We offer a wide range of plans, ones designed to deal with short-term pest problems, and others created to deal with intermediate to long-term challenges. No matter what services you need, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We’ll keep coming back until the problem is solved. Plus, at Turner Pest Control, you don’t have to worry about complicated contracts. Instead, you can count on straightforward, no-risk plans that meet your needs at an affordable price.

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Comprehensive Pest Control Services, Inside and Out

When you’ve got a pest problem in or around your Ormond Beach home, we’ll offer a free, no-obligation quote for the solution that’s based upon the size of your home. Indoor treatments are comprehensive, and they include pest control protection in cracks and crevices, foundation areas of your home and patio, under appliances, and more. Outside, we’ll treat thresholds—windows and doors—and under eaves. We’ll remove spider webs, wasp nests, and much more.

Specific Types of Pest Control Services

We provide a wide range of services, including our comprehensive, all-in-one TurnerGuard protection program that provides the ultimate in protection, more coverage than any other plan in the industry. TurnerGuard includes a lifetime termite damage guarantee, along with comprehensive pest control services with no excluded pests, all at an affordable price.

Individual services include pest control services for ants, roaches, fleas, and more, along with:

  • Termite extermination: These pests can cause thousands of dollars in damage in your home, which is why we provide a comprehensive perimeter treatment. This includes under patios, within adjoining slabs, behind brick, inside blocks, in bath traps, and within pipe penetrations. You can take advantage of our zero-deductible termite warranty, and our customized plans can even focus on specific termite types in your home, such as Formosan termites, swarming termites, and more.
  • Mosquito control services: Because Ormond Beach has temperate weather year-round, this is a hospitable environment for mosquitoes, too. Unfortunately, these pests can carry serious diseases, such as the Zika virus and West Nile virus, which makes it especially important to control the mosquito population around your home.
  • Rodent extermination: Rodents (rats and mice) breed rapidly so, even if you just see just a couple of them in or around your home, the population may already be out of control. Fortunately, our technicians are trained in the most effective methods to control rodents, including how to deal with your current infestation and how to prevent a new population from coming your way.
  • Bed bug treatments: DIY treatments typically aren’t very effective. This is true because it can be hard to find these critters—and then it’s challenging to eliminate them. That’s why it makes sense to contact professionals—and the experts at Turner Pest Control are already the technicians of choice for many of Florida’s premier hotels, medical facilities, office complexes and more. Here’s something else important: we offer residential inspections and re-inspections until we’re sure these nasty pests are gone.

Benefits of Choosing Turner Pest Control in Ormond Beach

We customize our services and plans to your needs, while keeping your pest control services easy to afford, thanks to our payment options. We’re committed to your satisfaction, too, providing free follow-up calls. In fact, we’ll keep coming back until you’re totally satisfied with your pest control services.

We use safe, eco-friendly treatments because your safety, and that of your family and our employees (and of your pets, too!) is our top priority. So, we only offer highly-effective, environmentally-friendly solutions.

For your best protection, you can choose TurnerGuard, our comprehensive solution with no excluded pests. This program provides the best value for Ormond Beach residences, where you pay an initial, low, fixed rate, then an affordable monthly price based upon the size of your home to ensure you never overpay.

Peace of Mind with the Pest Control Professionals

For more than 40 years, homeowners and business owners in North Florida—including in Ormond Beach—have depended upon our pest control services. Because we focus on exceeding industry standards at an affordable price, we provide customers with the peace of mind they want, need, and deserve.

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