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Wildlife unwelcome in your home? We don’t blame you! People don’t want raccoons, birds, bats, squirrels, possum, snakes, or other critters inside their houses. They can wreak havoc in homes and, when carrying diseases, transmit them to people and pets alike.

So, if you suspect or know of a wildlife presence, it’s time to act—but it’s not recommended that you DIY their removal because they can scratch, bite, or otherwise react badly. Instead, call in professional wildlife removal services. In Port St. Lucie, you can contact our expert team online in our special inbox or call us at (772) 223-9891. You’ll receive prompt service that’s personalized for your needs.


Wild animals seek out shelter in homes, garages, and other outbuildings, especially locales that also provide what else they need to survive and reproduce: food and water. They’ll do so when hurricanes and other storms are imminent but also when they’re simply ready to find somewhere safe to live.

When they get into your home, the impact can vary based on the species. Raccoons can be quite problematic as they can bite, scratch, damage your home, and spread diseases, including rabies and other viruses. They can also spread unwanted bacteria and parasites. Disease transmission can take place directly (through bites and scratches) or indirectly through their waste. As far as your home, they can ruin roof shingles, damage your attic, break soffits and vents, gnaw through insulation, and so forth. Fortunately, our trained technicians can remove raccoons from your Port St. Lucie home.

Bats can also be bad news, carrying and transmitting rabies and/or Histoplasmosis; with the second, a person can catch the disease by breathing in spores from feces and urine of infected bats. When bat droppings and urine leak through walls, they can ruin them along with ceilings and insulation. Bats can also bring bat mites, bat bugs (related to bed bugs), and fleas into the home.

This is true of just about any wild animal. Once they get into your home, they’ll usually bring pests like ticks, fleas, mites, and lice along with them.

Another creature that can cause big problems in your home: squirrels.They chew through siding, insulation, and other parts of your home; if gnawing through wires or cables, squirrels could start house fires. Diseases spread by infected squirrels include the plague, typhus, tularemia, ringworm, and more.

Having problems with wild animals? Contact us for wildlife removal in Port St. Lucie.

Outside, wild animals, including armadillos, can damage your lawn. They dig tunnels to look for food and create places to reproduce. Outdoor wildlife also spreads diseases to people and pets.

So, when wildlife gets indoors or are damaging your lawn, you can count on Turner Pest Control for efficient and effective wildlife removal in Port St. Lucie. Simply contact us online or call (772) 223-9891 for a fast response.


We have a longstanding reputation for excellence in pest control—and we also do much more. Count on us for wildlife removal services to keep you and your family safe.

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    They damage homes include tearing up roof shingles and soffits, breaking attic vents, gnawing through insulation in the attic, and more. Plus, they can spread disease. Raccoons are, in fact, one of the most frequent carriers of rabies.

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    They can also cause significant damage as they gnaw on cables and wires, which could lead to a house fire, along with siding, insulation, and much more. Squirrels can also spread unwanted diseases.

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    Armadillos dig tunnels to find food and to create a place to reproduce, which can do serious damage to your yard. Plus, they carry diseases that can spread to people. If you need a wildlife trapper in Fort Myers, contact us.

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    Rabid bats can transmit the disease and droppings and urine leak through drywall, damage ceilings, and ruin insulation. So, if you suspect a bat presence, contact us for wildlife removal and pest control services.


Our best prevention tips include the following:

  • Position your outdoor trash cans away from the foundation of your home, keeping them firmly lidded.
  • Add regularly checking your roof’s condition to your to-do list. As needed, make repairs.
  • Attic and/or crawl spaces? Keep them clean and dry, ventilating them well.
  • Inspect your windows, caulking or weatherstripping as needed. This includes basement windows.
  • Clean up outdoor debris, including that left after storms.
  • Keep vents and exhaust fans covered well.
  • Maintain tree branches and shrubbery located near your house, pruning them back when necessary.

You may spot signs of wild animals before you actually see them: chew marks in your home or scratching sounds. Perhaps you’ll see their waste. As soon as you suspect a presence, reach out to us. We’ll come to your house for a no-charge inspection, identifying the species and making customized recommendations for wildlife removal in Port St. Lucie.


If you spot or suspect the presence of raccoons, possums, squirrels, bats, snakes, birds, or other unwanted animals, you can count on the Turner team for wildlife removal in Port St. Lucie. For more than fifty years, we’ve provided outstanding service to families like yours, and our growth to one of Florida’s and South Georgia’s fastest growing companies is evidence of our customers’ satisfaction.

We carefully vet each member of our professional team, which includes stringent background checks. Then, before they’ll come to your home, we train them well. Arriving on time for appointments, they’ll provide you with the excellent service you want and deserve. In need of wildlife control? Contact us online in our special inbox for wildlife removal services or call (772) 223-9891 today.


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What wild animals can infest your home?

In Port St. Lucie, unwanted animals can include raccoons, squirrels, and possums as well as bats, snakes, and birds. If you suspect a presence, contact our trained wildlife removal services team, and we’ll promptly address the issue for you.

What attracts wildlife and rodents to an attic?

Wildlife, including rodents, want the following: food, water, and shelter. So, when they find a location, like an attic, that provides all this, it makes sense that they’d settle in. This is also a place where they wouldn’t be in regular contact with homeowners, which would be more appealing to them.

How do you get rid of wild animals in your house?

Although plenty of species of wildlife can get into your home, they have one thing in common: they may react badly to being cornered, perhaps biting and scratching you. So, removing them, DIY, is not recommended. Instead, reach out for professional help when wild animals are sharing your space. We’ve set up a special inbox for professional wildlife control requests. Or, you can call us at (772) 223-9891. In either case, you’ll receive a prompt response.

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