Bed Bug Control & Treatment Services in Port St. Lucie, FL

Rest Easy in Port St. Lucie with Bed Bug Treatments

Worried about a bed bug infestation? Turner Pest Control can help!

Unfortunately, it’s far too easy for these nasty critters to enter your home and, once they settle in, they’re hard to spot—and even harder to exterminate using DIY methods.

If bed bugs invade your Port St. Lucie home, don’t wait. It’s time to get a professional solution from an experienced team. At Turner Pest Control, we offer a comprehensive bed bug pest control program that starts with a full inspection, followed up by a customized recommendation, professional treatment by trained technicians, and then follow-up inspections until you’re free of bed bugs.

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How Bed Bugs Arrive

These sneaky creatures can arrive with your guests, whether in their luggage or on their clothes. Returning from vacation or a business trip? You may be bringing bed bugs with you. Or, if you like to go thrift shopping or visit rummage sales, these bugs can ride in on secondhand goods. This can include furniture, mattresses, clothing, and so forth.

Here’s something else to watch out for. If you return from a trip and put towels, for example, back in a closet, any bed bugs in them can continue to lay eggs and breed. So, when you come back home, wash towels, linens, clothing and so forth in hot water, and inspect your luggage carefully. Also wash your pet’s bedding and any clothing they wear.

Signs of Bed Bugs

These critters know how to hide, so you may not see them. If, though, you’re finding tiny bites on skin that comes into contact with your mattress or bed linens, that could be a sign. Typically, these bites are found on arms, legs, and backs. Or, you may see spots on your sheets, either brown or red. If so, this could be dried blood drops from bed bug bites.

Or, there may be a musty smell you can’t identify. If so, the odor may be coming from bed bugs. And, in some instances, you may see them on the underside of your mattress or huddled in cracks and crevices in your Port St. Lucie home, including in baseboards, furniture joints, and bed frames. They’re reddish brown in color, with flat bodies that are oval shaped. Figure the size of an apple seed, perhaps bloated if they’ve just fed.

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Problems with DIY Treatments

It can be extremely challenging to rid your home of bed bugs by DIY-ing. Reasons include:

  • They hide in difficult places to treat.
  • They’re tiny, so it’s not easy to know how successful you’re being.
  • They can survive at a range of life stages; a treatment that might work at one wouldn’t necessarily work at another.

Plus, bed bug DIY treatments can even boost the population of these pests in your home and can pose health problems for you and your family. For example, a paper by the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences warns people against using foggers or off-label pesticides, creating your own treatment mixture, or using heat as a DIY method.

Bed Bug Extermination Services

Turner Pest Control uses the same effective treatment plans for your home that we do in the area’s top hotels, office parks, and medical facilities we serve. We use the safest and most effective treatments, along with modern equipment and products, for your peace of mind. Plus, our Port St. Lucie technicians have the experience needed to make your home bed bug-free again.

With Turner Pest Control, you can count on:

  • An initial consultation where we can talk about what you need, plus your treatment preferences and budget
  • A free estimate so you know what you’ll need for guaranteed bed bug services that provide long-lasting protection
  • A practical and efficient plan that helps to prevent you from having another bed bug infestation
  • Minimally disruptive extermination methods—meaning to your home and to your schedule
  • Environmentally friendly techniques that allow people with allergies or other health issues to stay inside without any health threats

For example, professional thermal remediation (heat treatments) are quite effective, able to kill bed bugs in every life stage. In fact, treatments using heat can rid your home of bed bugs that are insecticide-resistant, and can even target them in their hiding spots.

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