Termite Control in Orlando, FL

Every year, termites cause around $2 billion in damage in the United States. That’s more than tornadoes, windstorms, and hurricanes combined. For Orlando homeowners, that can translate into thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Termites, the Invisible Invaders

Termite infestations often go unnoticed. They nibble away from the inside, often feasting on important structural parts of the home.

Over time, termites can destroy a home. Orlando homeowners should be particularly watchful for signs of termite damage since the dreaded Formosan termite species is found throughout the city.

Fully Customized Treatment Plans: Safe for Your Home, Pets & Family

Turner Pest Control’s termite plans begin with a complete termite inspection. Only after a comprehensive report is assembled are we able to recommend a customized treatment plan that’s right for your home and your budget.

We offer three termite treatment levels:

  1. Premise. Our most economical option.
  2. Termidor. Longer, more extended protection.
  3. Altriset. Our greenest treatment.

Prevent Infestations Before They Start

At Turner Pest Control, we believe in preventing infestations before they can begin. That means treating the soil around your home, as well as the areas around pipe penetrations and bath traps. Spot treating for termites is not a comprehensive plan for termite control and extermination. Without attention to prevention in these areas and more, you are not receiving complete termite protection.

Turner Pest Control Protects Orlando Homes from Termites

In Orlando, where the Formosan termite is prevalent, it’s essential that a treatment and prevention plan include attention to the following areas:

  • Foundation cracks. Termites don’t eat through concrete, but they can fit through incredibly small cracks (as small as 1/32 of an inch) in your foundation as they make their way into your home.
  • Plumbing entry points. The wood forms used when pouring concrete can provide food and nesting sites for termites if they were not removed during construction.
  • Above-slab patios and room additions. These areas of your home can harbor termites that often go undetected. That’s because many construction methods leave soil levels which are higher than desirable. That means termites have a direct ‘on-ramp’ into your home from the soil.

For homes in Orlando, we use soil treatment rather than termite bait systems. It’s a technique based on prevention: eradicate termites and their colonies before they can enter your home and gain a foothold.

The added benefit of soil treatments for Orlando homeowners are that they are faster — more than 10X faster than baiting techniques!

Types of Termites in Orlando

  1. Formosan termites. These underground termites are by far the most aggressive termite species found in the United States. According to the University of Florida, Coptotermes formosanus, as they’re known in the scientific world, are heavily prevalent in and around Orlando.
  2. Eastern subterranean termites. They are far less destructive than the Formosan variety, but are so widespread they cause more damage, overall.
  3. Drywood termites. Found in Orlando and throughout Florida, these creatures often travel in furniture that’s moving across the country. In a constantly changing metropolis like Orlando, that can be a major problem. These termites don’t need soil or much moisture to survive, either, so hardwood floors are particularly susceptible to damage from drywood termites.

Termite Facts Every Homeowner Should Know

Everyone knows termites love to eat wood. But did you know they prefer their wood to be wet? Even better if it’s moldy! It’s yet another reason homeowners should be on the lookout for mold in their homes. And in a humid, semi-tropical climate like we have here in Orlando, homeowners need to be extra careful when it comes to mold.

Here are a few more termite facts you should know if you own a home in the Orlando area:

  • Termites live in colonies, so if you see a few in or around your home, there are others nearby.
  • Some Formosan colonies can be enormous, containing millions of termites! Other types of subterranean termites have far fewer members: closer to several hundred thousand termites in each colony.
  • Queen termites can live up to 50 years, producing eggs the whole time.

Want to know more about termites and other pests in Orlando and how you can protect your home? Turner Pest Control has answers, advice, and solutions.

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