Need Bed Bug Treatment in Orlando?

If you’re worried about bed bugs, Turner Pest Control can help you rest easy!

Bed bugs are famously difficult to spot. That makes it very difficult to get rid of them, especially when using DIY solutions.

If bed bugs have invaded your home, don’t waste time with DIY treatments that don’t work. You need a professional solution from an experienced team like the bed bug experts at Turner Pest Control. Our comprehensive program includes a full inspection, professional treatment, and follow-up inspections until you are bed bug-free.

Orlando residents enjoy the same effective treatment plan chosen by top hotels, office parks, and medical facilities that we serve throughout the area.

Where do bed bugs come from?

  • Guests. One common way that bed bugs enter homes is via house guests who unknowingly carry bed bugs in their clothing and luggage.
  • Used items. Furniture, clothing, or mattresses from consignment or thrift stores that came from places with bed bug infestations can transmit the critters to your home.
  • Items in storage. Towels, sheets, and luggage can harbor bed bugs when they’re left in storage. Wash your linens with hot water and inspect suitcases and travel bags thoroughly before and after use.

Signs that you may have bed bugs in your Orlando home.

  • Bites. Do you have tiny bites on your arms, legs, or back? Any skin that’s in contact with a mattress or linens on your bed may show bite marks if bed bugs are present.
  • Spots. Do you see brown or red spots on your sheets? They could be dried drops of blood from bed bug bites.
  • Odor. If your mattress or comforter smells musty, you could have bed bugs.
  • Sightings. Bed bugs will be visible when they’re not hiding in small crevices and cracks as well as the underside of your mattress.

Seeing signs of bed bugs? Call Turner Pest Control now at (407) 675-5000.

Our Orlando technicians have the experience, equipment, and products needed to exterminate bed bugs from your home. We understand that discovering bed bugs can be distressing, so we’ll work fast to make your home bed bug-free once again.

For your peace of mind, we use the safest and most effective methods offered by modern extermination technology.

Turner Pest Control’s bed bug services include:

  • Methods designed to be minimally disruptive to your home or your schedule.
  • Techniques that are environmentally friendly. People with allergies and other health problems can safely remain indoors without any threats to health.
  • A consultation where we discuss your needs, your preferences, and your budget. Bed bug services are guaranteed to ensure long-lasting protection.
  • A free estimate so you know that you’re getting what you need to rid your home of bed bugs.
  • A plan that’s efficient and practical. Bed bugs can strike anywhere, from homes and apartments, to hospitals and dorms. Having a good plan means you’re less likely to be next in line when it comes to a terrifying bed bug infestation.

Think you might have a bed bug problem? Turner Pest Control offers same-day service and a FREE estimate!

Call our Orlando team right away if you suspect your home or business has bed bugs. Our bed bug solutions are guaranteed.

Orlando Bed Bug Treatment FAQs

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we hear from our Orlando customers about bed bugs, including prevention, treatments, and more. If you have questions about our pest control services that aren’t answered below, please contact us—we’ll be glad to provide more information.