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Get the healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Let our experts keep your yard beautiful and free of pests.

Turner Pest Control’s lawn program takes the work and worry out of having an outdoor space you can enjoy.

Our lawn services beautify your lawn year-round, protect against pests, and keep your family and pets safe from dangerous chemicals. We’re the only lawn care provider that takes care of your lawn the way you would.

Here’s what you can expect as a Turner Pest Control lawn service customer:


Our lawn experts assess your lawn’s condition and identify any problems that need to be corrected, such as pest infestations and weed growth.


We create a plan that’s tailored to your unique needs, including pricing that’s based on the square footage of your property so you never pay too much.


Our technician will treat your lawn every six weeks. You will need to have a working irrigation system and water 48 hours after treatments.


If new issues arise between scheduled visits, just let us know. We will return for retreatments as needed to keep problems under control.

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We’ll beautify your Orlando lawn and protect it year-round against pests.

One of the great advantages of living in Orlando is you get to enjoy a lush, green lawn all year long. Turner Pest Control can help with our complete lawn care service throughout the seasons.

Not Just Pest Control — Lawn Care, Too!

We may have written the book on Orlando pest control, but we’ve got expertise on lawn care, too. Our outdoor service plans include:

  • Fertilizer treatments. Comprehensive lawn care service plans should always include fertilizer treatments, and ours do. Included are granular applications.
  • Weed management. That includes broadleaf weed treatments for your yard.
  • Fungus growth management. We optimize your lawn turf in many ways, including keeping fungus growth at bay.
  • Shrub fertilization and disease control. If you need shrub care, we’ll make this option part of your customized lawn care package.
  • Micronutrient treatments. We use “Green Up” lawn care treatments for a beautiful, healthy yard.

Additional services for complete protection.

We know that because the growing season is so long in our warm climate, pests have plenty of time to dig in and set up shop in your yard.

Our optional services include:

  • Mosquito control. Mosquitoes are always a concern in the Orlando area. They’re not just a nuisance, either. They’re a public health threat because they can carry deadly diseases like the Zika virus and West Nile virus. And did you know they pose a threat to family pets, too? They can spread heartworms, so managing the mosquito population in your backyard is important for every member of your family! Don’t worry, though. Turner Pest Control can help. We target mosquito breeding sites in your yard, then follow up with daily or seasonal treatments to fully manage the population. We can even do a one-time treatment before an outdoor event in your yard.
  • Fire ant management. Nothing’s more distressing than colonies of fire ants posing a threat to you and your family while you’re trying to enjoy your yard. Turner does an annual treatment that comes with unlimited free service calls. For saving and convenience, you can bundle fire ant treatment with our lawn program.
  • Perimeter lawn care treatment. When you also choose our residential pest control service, we treat the perimeter of your yard so pests can’t get close to your home. Perimeter treatment can help keep out spiders, flies, roaches, ants, and more.
Customized Lawn Treatment Plans for Orlando Homeowners

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all treatment plan. Completely customized lawn care service means you get only what you need, and pay only for what’s in your plan.

Complete fertilization and pest protection services from the experts.

Orlando’s long grass-growing season makes lawn pest control unique — pests can be a problem year-round! That’s why we offer comprehensive services that treat and prevent every type of Florida lawn problem:

Broad leaf and grassy weeds


Complete treatments, including granular applications


Fungus management and turf optimization


Additional "green up" treatments


Shrub fertilization and disease control programs


Optional fire ant, mole and armadillo control

For extra protection or special problems, we also offer these optional Orlando lawn pest control services:

Fire ant management
Let us keep your summer free from painful fire ant bites with our once-a-year treatment. You'll get free additional service calls and you can bundle fire ant treatment with our lawn program to save even more!
Mole Control
While moles can’t be prevented from making their way into your yard, there are effective treatments for getting rid of these turf destroyers. Our mole control service includes applying bait to the track in which the mole travels.
Armadillo control
Armadillos not only dig up your soil; they can also carry diseases that are dangerous to humans. Our armadillo control service includes applying products in the animal’s existing burrows that causes them to leave and not return.
It’s time to enjoy your lawn — Let Turner's Orlando lawn pest control professionals do the work

Whether you’ve seen the signs of lawn pests or other problems, or just want to have the most beautiful yard on the block without any of the work, Turner Pest Control’s lawn and outdoor services get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You know exactly how you want your lawn to look—lush, green and beautiful. If your Orlando lawn has patches of dying or dead grass, or brown spots, chew marks, wilting blades, holes in the soil or visible insects, then it’s highly likely you’re dealing with pests that can significantly harm your lawn. Once you can actually see damage, the pest problem may be well entrenched.

Turner Pest Control is nationally recognized, rising in the ranks each year on the Top 100 list of companies in our industry. We began in 1971 as a family-owned and operated business, and became one of the fastest growing companies in our region. We’ve stayed true to our roots, still offering the same quality and service we did four decades ago. Technology has changed—making our pest control treatments safer and more effective—but our commitment to Orlando customers remains as strong as ever.

We know that when you need lawn pest control in Orlando, you need it fast. That’s why we offer fast, friendly service with 24-hour response time. We also know you’re busy, so our technicians arrive when they say they will, ready to take care of your pest problems. If you have lawn pests you need to get under control, ASAP, contact our office online or call (407) 675-5000.

We’re proud to be QualityPro-certified because fewer than three percent of all United States pest control companies have this designation. And, we feel it’s important for our customers to realize how this certification is not one-and-done: Each year, accredited companies are randomly selected for a QualityPro audit, required to provide evidence that they continue to meet all QualityPro Standards. Certified companies must agree to have their records audited and otherwise comply with all professional standards included in QualityPro bylaws, and provide annual signed affidavits confirming compliance. So, when you contact Turner Pest Control for your Orlando lawn pest control services, you are choosing a company with proven high standards of excellence. To get started, contact us online today or call (407) 675-5000.

We promise that you will be satisfied with our lawn and pest control services. In fact, we offer free and unlimited follow-up service calls at your request until you are satisfied. We don’t require complicated contracts or cancellation fees because we are always working hard to ensure our customers are glad they chose us for their Orlando lawn pest control.

We offer customized Orlando lawn treatment plans for residents, because we know there is no one-size-fits all solution for lush, beautiful lawns. We provide only what you need and you pay for only what’s in your plan, according to the size of your lawn. If you need other Orlando pest control services, contact us to get a quote.

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