Daytona Beach Lawn Pest Control

Count on Turner Pest Control for a healthy, beautiful yard for your Daytona Beach home.

Do you have pests in your yard that keep you from enjoying the outdoors? Does your lawn need attention?

Our pest control and lawn care experts work with Daytona Beach residents to offer professional lawn and outdoor services. Our experienced technicians will evaluate the health of your lawn and make recommendations based on your specific needs.

Throughout the year, we’ll make regular visits to make sure yard pests are controlled and your lawn is healthy and fertilized. We’ll also provide treatments to prevent future problems.

At Turner Pest Control, we offer high-quality Daytona Beach lawn care services and pest control services that work.

Due to the temperate climate in Daytona Beach, the growing season lasts longer which means you need lawn care and pest protection year-round. We offer full-service protection and a range of services to meet your needs. Our pest control, lawn, and outdoor services will make sure your yard looks beautiful and remains free of pests throughout the year.

Our expert outdoor services include:

  • Top-of-the-line fertilizer treatments with granular applications
  • Removal and management of weeds, including broadleaf weeds
  • Treatments to make your lawn lush and green again
  • Removing fungi and optimizing turf
  • Optional services, including disease control for shrubs and fertilization
  • And much more!

Our professional pest control services include:

Mosquito Extermination
Mosquitoes are carriers of dangerous diseases and infestations on your property should be taken care of right away. Our expert technicians will inspect your property and treat the sites where mosquitoes breed. We offer regularly scheduled mosquito treatments to protect you and your family, as well as treatments done on a seasonal basis or one-time for your special outdoor events.

Fire Ant Treatment
Our pest control services can protect you and your family from fire ants and their painful bites. Additional service calls are free of charge and our services are completely guaranteed. Save money by bundling our fire ant treatment with our premier lawn care service.

Perimeter Outdoor Pest Control
Our perimeter pest control service keeps ants, roaches, spiders flies and more from entering your home.

We customize our lawn and outdoor services for Daytona Beach residents.

Relax and enjoy your yard as Turner Pest Control eliminates unwanted pests and protects your lawn.

Give us a call today at 386-615-0206 to receive a free estimate for Daytona Beach outdoor services with Turner Pest Control. Learn more about our optional services including fire ant, mosquito, shrub, flea, or tick control.