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Get the healthy lawn and pest-free backyard you want with our Daytona Beach lawn and outdoor services.

Relax while we keep your yard beautiful and free of pests.

Turner Pest Control’s lawn program and outdoor services make it easy to have a backyard you can enjoy anytime.

Our experts work year-round to make sure your lawn looks great and that you and your family are protected from bugs and dangerous chemicals. If you want someone to take care of your lawn the way you would, we have the program for you.

Here’s what you can expect as a Turner Pest Control Daytona Beach lawn service customer:


Our lawn experts take a careful assessment of the condition of your Daytona Beach lawn and identify any pest or weed problems that need to be addressed.  


We create a plan that’s customized to your needs and pest issues, including a quote based on the square footage of your property.


We’ll be back to treat your lawn every six weeks. Note that you will need to have an operable irrigation system and water 48 hours after each treatment.


If new problems arise between our scheduled visits, just let us know. We will return as necessary to keep problems under control.

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Due to the temperate climate in Daytona Beach, the growing season lasts longer which means you need lawn care and pest protection year-round. We offer full-service protection and a range of services to meet your needs. Our pest control, lawn, and outdoor services will make sure your yard looks beautiful and remains free of pests throughout the year.

Our expert outdoor services include:

  • Top-of-the-line fertilizer treatments with granular applications
  • Removal and management of weeds, including broadleaf weeds
  • Treatments to make your lawn lush and green again
  • Removing fungi and optimizing turf
  • Optional services, including disease control for shrubs and fertilization
  • And much more!

Our professional pest control services include:

Mosquito Extermination
Mosquitoes are carriers of dangerous diseases and infestations on your property should be taken care of right away. Our expert technicians will inspect your property and treat the sites where mosquitoes breed. We offer regularly scheduled mosquito treatments to protect you and your family, as well as treatments done on a seasonal basis or one-time for your special outdoor events.

Fire Ant Treatment
Our pest control services can protect you and your family from fire ants and their painful bites. Additional service calls are free of charge and our services are completely guaranteed. Save money by bundling our fire ant treatment with our premier lawn care service.

Perimeter Outdoor Pest Control
Our perimeter pest control service keeps ants, roaches, spiders flies and more from entering your home.

Complete outdoor pest control and fertilization from the Daytona Beach experts.

Daytona Beach’s grass-growing season is long, so pests and other issues can be a year-round concern. That’s just one of the reasons we provide a full range of services to treat and prevent your lawn problems:

Grassy and broad leaf weeds


Treatments include granular applications


Turf optimization and fungus management


Additional "green up" treatments


Disease control and shrub fertilization programs


Optional fire ant, mole and armadillo control

Optional services for your Daytona Beach lawn:

Fire ant control
We offer once-a-year fire ant treatment to keep your summer season safe. You have the option to bundle fire ant control with our lawn program for great savings, and free service calls are guaranteed.
Mole Control
No yard can be made mole-proof, but we have effective control methods to get rid of moles. Our expert mole control service includes applying bait to the tracks they travel on.
Armadillo control
Armadillos can carry dangerous diseases and do serious damage to the soil. Our Daytona Beach armadillo control includes applying products that make them abandon their burrows.
Enjoy your lawn while Turner's Daytona Beach lawn pest control pros do the work

Whether you’ve seen the signs of lawn problems or pests, or just want to have a great-looking yard to enjoy, Turner Pest Control’s Daytona Beach lawn and outdoor services get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No two of our customers have the same needs, so we always begin serving you with a complete inspection for any of our services. Once we’ve assessed your pest problems, we create a plan that’s customized to your specific needs and an estimate based on the size of your property. To ensure you receive the best service and plan that’s right for you, we provide estimates in person.

Fire ant control services are separate from our lawn and outdoor service. If you have a fire ant problem at your Daytona Beach home, we have optional fire ant treatment. We will be happy to give you an estimate for this optional service.

We offer a broad and comprehensive range of lawn and outdoor services which are customized to each of our customer’s needs. Depending upon the issues you may have, our services may include the use of products that manage grassy and broad leaf weeds, treat fungi, optimize the condition of your turf, and fertilize your turf.  We also make sure to keep both safety and effectiveness in mind to ensure the best results. Our expert lawn and outdoor service technician will be happy to review all of your options and answer your questions about the products we recommend for solving your issues.

As a rule, the better condition your lawn is in to begin with, the more quickly you’ll see results from our weed treatments. More extensive or severe issues will require more time to resolve. In our experience, it may take about six months to achieve optimal results.


You can find information on our Compare Our Services page about the specific pests that are covered and the services that are included.

The same warm temperatures that make Daytona Beach a great place to live also play a large role in the condition of your lawn. One of the most important keys to getting the results you want from our lawn and outdoor service is regular and thorough irrigation, which is best achieved with an irrigation system. That’s because an irrigation system can deliver just the right amount of water at just the right time, something that’s difficult to do with hand-watering or sprinklers on hoses.

Our lawn service technician will be glad to provide recommendations on a watering schedule that will help get great results.

It’s important to wait until any products that our technician may have applied to be thoroughly dry before letting children or pets be on your lawn.

Moles are unusual in that they move from one part of your lawn to another, or even one property to another in highly unpredictable ways. Our treatments do help minimize problems with moles and we’re happy to provide specific mole control treatment if needed.

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