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One source for all of your Debary pest control needs.

Tired of battling bugs and pests in your own home? Your house is no place for termites, pests, and rodents. Fortunately, Turner Pest Control has the extermination team you’ve been waiting for! Buying and maintaining a home is one of your biggest investments, so allow us to help you protect that investment. We have the most comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of pest control and rodent removal in the Central Florida area, and protecting your home is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we engage in only the safest, most advanced techniques and methods of pest control.

Expert pest control for your home.

Our exterminators in Debary are all professional technicians that are highly trained to treat any pest or rodent problem you may encounter. When it comes to termites, mosquitos, ants, spiders, bed bugs, cockroaches (and more), our 50 years of experience ensures swift results.

Choose from one or more of these affordable services:

Complete interior pest control: Our team will come out for an interior inspection so they know what needs protecting in each room while also creating a plan based on your budget and needs.

Lawn and outdoor: We work to keep your lawn green and lush with the latest treatments for fertilizer, weed management, and fungus control as well as turf optimization.

Termite control: The greatest threats to your Debary home are termites. Repairs from an existing infestation can cost thousands of dollars, but we have plans to protect your home that include everything you need at affordable prices!

Mosquito control: How would you like to enjoy your Debary yard all year long without worrying about mosquitoes? We offer one-time treatments and recurring services that keep these pesky, potentially disease-carrying insects at bay.

Bed bug treatment: Living in an area that’s an international vacation destination means our area has millions of tourists passing through each year. Unfortunately, that also means that bed bugs can easily spread to homes and businesses. If you have a bed bug infestation, let Turner’s bed bug extermination experts help you.

Rodent control: If you see a mouse or rat, give us a call! Acting promptly to take care of the problem can prevent a population explosion. We’ll inspect your property for entry points that rodents use and create rodent control plans that meet your needs and helps to prevent their spread throughout your Debary home.

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We understand the unique requirements of effectively controlling and exterminating pests in Debary and provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of homeowners.

Environmentally-Friendly Options

In the past, pest control involved highly toxic chemicals sprayed into homes, a process that wasn’t safe for people and pets. At Turner, though, our products are eco-friendly, so safe that no health warning labels or first aid instructions are required—while being just as effective. Plus, we recognize how many people want organic pest control in Debary, so we make these options readily available.


Enjoy a lifetime termite damage protection with no termite retreatment fees, plus complete pest control services with no excluded pests. We even cover fleas, snakes, and bed bugs.


Get peace of mind with our eco-friendly products. Go extra-green with our organic products.


We use only the best termite treatments for our customers—Premise, Termidor and our green option, Altriset. Choose from several affordable, effective termite solutions.


We offer complete fertilization and pest protection services to let you enjoy your yard year-round.


Get rid of these biting, disease-carrying insects with affordable mosquito extermination services.


We offer thorough inspections, expert technicians and re-inspections to ensure bed bugs are eliminated.


When rats, mice, or other types of rodents invade your home, they can cause problems ranging from structural damage to carrying disease.


We are committed to your satisfaction.

Termites eating away at your foundation? Turner can handle that. Bed bugs, spiders, and ants taking over your household? Turner can handle that. Surprise long-term stay visitors moving around in your walls? Turner can handle that!

We take great pride in our EPA approved removal methods of rodents. Don’t let these rodents endanger your family by allowing them to set up shop in your walls.

Get a free estimate for our Debary, FL pest control services. After you receive your no-obligation quote, you can choose from affordable ways to pay that don’t have to break your budget. Plus, we make it simple to request services, pay your invoices, view account documents and upcoming service schedules, change your credit card information and more through our Customer Connect portal.

Our exterminators in Debary are trained to treat any and all residential and commercial properties. We don’t offer “band-aid” solutions. Here at Turner Pest Control, our goal is customer satisfaction and, if you’re unhappy with the initial treatment, we’ll return until you are satisfied. When it comes to honesty and integrity, we know you expect the best and that’s why Turner provides the most skilled and highly trained professionals to rid your home of pesky pests and rodents. Plus, our entire team will go the extra mile to serve you: from our customer service representatives to our technicians. We’ll share information about each of our pest control services in Debary and answer all of your questions.

Contact us today about our free inspection and estimate, and discover for yourself just how friendly and convenient our service is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes—and here’s why. At a minimum, mosquitoes, bed bugs, rodents, and more are a nuisance. Pests often go beyond simply being annoying, though, to also being dangerous. Some can spread dangerous diseases, either directly or indirectly, to family, guests, and pets while others can do serious damage to your home.

Simply hoping you won’t get any pests inside or out won’t work in Debary because they enjoy the same pleasantly temperate climate that people do. So, if you live in the area for any length of time, the question won’t be if you’ll encounter pests on your property. It’s when, what types, and to what degree. Many DIY treatments, if not applied correctly, can be harmful and, even if you do use them appropriately, they can be pretty ineffective.

The best approach is to address an infestation as quickly as you can. That way, it can be managed more easily and effectively. Once you notice signs of a pest presence, contact a company with exterminators in Debary that specialize in the kind of problem you’re experiencing.

Pest control services in Debary are worth it when handled by experienced professionals. Here’s just one example. Let’s say that your home becomes infested with termites. These pests gnaw through wood around the clock and can easily cause thousands of dollars of damage to your house and hurt the integrity of the structure. Looking at the issue through that lens, early treatment followed up by preventative care can ultimately save you money.

Then there’s the issue of health. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists more than a dozen viruses and parasites spread by mosquitoes, many of them downright dangerous. In their information about rodents, the CDC lists a couple of dozen diseases that rats and mice spread directly and indirectly. Since you can’t put a price on your family’s good health, it’s safe to say using one of the professional pest control companies in Debary, FL is worth it.

Numerous reasons exist, including how trained exterminators in Debary know how to locate where pests hide and breed and then identify the precise species. Bed bugs, for example, can look like other critters and the first step in treating an infestation is proper identification—followed up by targeting their nests and hiding spots. In addition:

  • Licensed technicians at Turner have access to the most effective products and are trained in the safest and most efficient application methods. To receive and maintain their licenses, technicians undergo required testing and take continuing education courses. This allows them to handle the most complex pest problems. More information on what’s required for a pest control license is available on the National Pesticide Information Center’s website.
  • Many pests can carry and transmit diseases. They include cockroaches, mosquitoes, rats and mice, ticks, and more. Professional pest control in Debary, provided by trained experts, is the best route to keep you and your family, guests, and pets safe.
  • Professional exterminators in Debary can provide the most effective services to get the infestation under control and then keep the pests out, long-term.

If you have concerns about a current infestation, please contact us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Thanks for asking! Our company offers a wide range of pest removal services, effectively addressing the types of problems experienced in Debary homes with customized solutions. We offer one-time services, often helpful when a homeowner plans an outdoor get together and wants to keep mosquitoes away. Other times, homeowners choose SMART TurnerGuard to benefit from the most comprehensive plan in the industry today (with no excluded pests).TurnerGuard starts with a low initial fee. Then your low monthly fee will be based on your Debary home’s square footage.

At Turner, we make pest control simple, which is another benefit for Debary homeowners. We don’t believe in complicated contacts. There are no hidden fees. We don’t charge cancellation fees. We offer no-risk plans. If you aren’t satisfied, just let us know. We’ll return at no charge to you. If you have problems between your regularly scheduled services, provided quarterly, we’ll provide extra ones.

For indoor services, our quotes are based on your home’s size. For our lawn and outdoor services, we base our quotes on the size of your yard. That way, you’ll never pay more than you should. For our comprehensive SMART TurnerGuard, you pay an initial low fee and then the price for subsequent months is based on your home’s square footage. We invite you to start with a free inspection.

We make it simple. You can request a free inspection online; make your appointment online; or call us at (407) 675-5000. Whatever works best for you works for us!

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