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Rats and mice multiply rapidly, so if you’ve seen a rodent in your Daytona Beach home, it’s important to act quickly before you have an infestation. Our professional rodent control experts offer prompt and effective extermination services that will take care of the rat or mouse problems you have now and help ward off future infestations. Contact us today for a free estimate on rodent control or any of our comprehensive Daytona Beach pest control services.

Expert rodent extermination

During your initial appointment, our friendly, professional technicians will do a thorough inspection to look for the signs of rat or mouse activity in your home and determine the entry points they use to get indoors. We will then recommend a rodent control plans that’s based on your specific needs and provide a written estimate of our customized services, which include setting traps and bait stations that will attract and capture the type of rodent you have.

The facts about rodents

Did you know that rodents will nest in your car’s engine and may chew through its wiring? Or that a single female mouse can produce up to 10 litters in just a year? Read on for what you need to know about these destructive and often dangerous creatures.

Signs that rodents may be in your house: Rats and mice can be smart, but they’re not quite clever enough to entirely cover up the evidence of their presence in and around your home. If you suspect you have a rodent problem, here’s what to look (and listen) for:

  • Nests: If you see shredded paper, cardboard or insulation, mice may be using these materials to build their nests. Rats usually prefer to nest outdoors, but may build a nest in attics.
  • Noises: Rats and mice are nocturnal, so they move around at night. Your house is likely to be quieter during nighttime hours, so it may be easy to hear them running and scratching along floorboards and inside your walls.
  • Pathways: Rodents often use the same “runways” over and over. These include paths along baseboards, ledges and pipes. Because they have oily coats, you’re likely to notice greasy-looking smears where they’ve rubbed against walls on their way by.
  • Odors: The urine of rats and mice has a strong odor, so if you have a sizeable population in your home, you’ll notice it.
  • Droppings: If you see droppings, you’re certain to have rodents in the house. You may find them anywhere, but a noticeable collection of droppings in one place indicates the presence of many individual rats or mice. You’ll probably see them near sources of food, water, and nesting materials.
  • Gnawed holes: These can be very small, particularly if a mouse made them. Look for holes about the size of a dime in the case of mice or the size of a quarter in the case of rats. Rodents can gnaw through drywall fairly easily.
  • Disturbed attic insulation: Look around your attic for pathways that rodents may be making in your insulation.

Making your home more rodent-proof: Like every other city or town, rodents live in Daytona Beach. That doesn’t mean they have to live in your house, though, because there are several steps you can take to keep them outside.

  • The best rodent prevention measure is denying them entry into your home. A rat can enter through an opening the size of a quarter and a mouse needs even less room to squeeze through. Look for gaps and crevices as small as a quarter of an inch where cables and pipes bring services into your home or around doors and windows. Also check your eaves and vents, which can be covered with wire mesh. Stuff steel wool into smaller holes and patch larger ones.
  • Making the outside of your home less hospitable to rodents can go a long way toward keeping them out. Focus on removing potential nesting places, such as piles of wood or debris or areas that are overgrown with vegetation. It’s difficult for an infestation to take hold when rodents can’t “settle down” and start their families.
  • Another very important way to control rodents is to keep them from getting to food and water. Keep food stored in plastic or metal containers with tightly fitting lids, and regularly clean countertops, cabinets and under appliances. Don’t forget the food you may be providing outdoors for pets or birds—empty and clean outdoor pet bowls and place bird feeders as far as possible from the house.
  • Take away any “bridges” that rodents may use to travel to your house. These include shrubs and tree branches that may make it very easy for them to access your home.
  • Make sure garbage cans both inside and out are kept lidded.

Be aware of threats to health and property: Mice are known to spread several kinds of diseases directly to humans through bites, urine, saliva and feces, and even simple contact with their bodies. Some diseases are spread indirectly through mites, fleas and ticks that fed on a mouse’s infected blood.

Rodents can directly spread life-threatening hantavirus and the food-borne bacteria of salmonella, as well as Lyme disease, Colorado tick fever and more via indirect means.

Rodents can also do damage to your home by chewing through wiring (which can be a fire danger) and the wood of your home’s joists and beams.

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