Termite Control & Extermination in Daytona Beach, FL

Turner Pest Control will eliminate termite colonies with a complete termite protection plan.

Termites can cause extensive damage to your Daytona Beach home. This is why it’s important to call the experts at Turner Pest Control to handle termite infestations before significant damage occurs.

Turner Pest Control offers the best termite protection available for Daytona Beach homes. We use the maximum application allowable for effective treatment so the job gets done right the first time.

You choose the level of termite treatment that’s right for you:

  • Premise – the most economical plan available
  • Termidor – intermediate level termite treatment for longer and wider protection
  • Altriset – our highest environmentally friendly plan available

How do we provide termite control for your Daytona Beach home?

Each of our customers' homes and budgets is unique. With this in mind, we create a termite control plan to meet your specific needs.

Our termite experts provide a full perimeter treatment, which includes underneath patios and concrete slabs, behind or inside bricks, and around pipe penetrations where other companies may miss.

When you choose our termite treatment, you’ll receive our zero-deductible termite warranty. Daytona Beach residents also have access to no-tent Drywood Termite programs.

No two termite treatments are alike.

Termite control companies may take shortcuts or spot treat for termites, which are less effective. We believe in handling termite problems the right way, ensuring your home is fully protected wherever termites can enter and cause damage. This includes soil protection to make sure your home is completely safe.

These are just a few reasons why our termite treatment plans are the best in the area:

  • Our treatment plans include looking for foundation cracks, even the small ones. Termites can sneak through a crack as small as 1/32” wide. Cracks in a foundation could allow termites to reach wood or other building materials to eat.
  • Plumbing entry points are an area commonly missed by other companies. When concrete is poured, forms made of wood are often used. These may be left behind, offering the opportunity for hidden termite infestations.
  • Patios or other additions to your home may leave soil levels higher than necessary. This can allow termites to enter your home undetected. We’ll check these areas while looking for access points so you can avoid expensive repairs later.

We avoid using termite bait systems because they’re generally less effective than soil treatments. We believe soil treatments will handle a termite problem faster and more effectively as it kills termites and colonies before they enter your home. Soil treatments work up to 10 times faster than typical bait systems.

Think you have termites? Don’t delay. Get rid of termite problems and other pests in your Daytona Beach home for good with our affordable and effective pest control plans!

Call us at 386-615-0206 to request a free termite inspection and treatment plan today.