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Nobody wants wildlife in their homes—whether that means raccoons, possum, squirrels, bats, birds, snakes, or another unwelcome critter—and we don’t blame you. Besides causing all kinds of damage in houses, they can also carry diseases and transmit them to people and pets.

If you’ve got a presence in your home, it’s time to reach out for professional wildlife removal. Don’t try to do it yourself because wildlife that feel cornered will likely protect themselves by scratching and biting. In Fort Myers, use our special inbox to contact our wildlife control experts or call us at (239) 334-0880. We promptly provide personalized services to address your unique problems.


Wild animals need what other creatures do to survive: food, water, and shelter. They’ll seek shelter in homes, garages, and sheds—especially when storms, including hurricanes, are imminent but not limited to those times. Sometimes, they simply need a place to feed, breed, and sleep.

The damage they’ll do once inside your home will vary. Raccoons, for example, can damage your home by ruining roof shingles, breaking vents and soffits, chewing through insulation, and significantly destroying your attic. Raccoons will also scratch and bite, which can spread the diseases they’re carrying; they can spread parasites and bacteria, including indirectly through their waste. When you need wildlife removal in Fort Myers, just let us know. Our trained technicians can remove raccoons and more.

Bats can carry and transmit rabies as well as histoplasmosis; with the latter, you and your family can catch it by simply breathing in urine and feces spores from infected bats. These creatures can be bad news in other ways, too, with their urine and droppings leaking through walls, which can ruin the walls, insulation, and ceilings. Bats can also bring other pests into homes, including fleas, bats mites, and bat bugs (related to bed bugs). Reach out for wildlife pest control, and Turner technicians will take care of the bat problem and address the pests that ride along with them.

Bats aren’t the only wild creatures that carry other pests. This is, in fact, true for nearly any animal; they can bring fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and more with them.

Squirrels can also cause big problems in homes by gnawing through siding, insulation, and more—even gnawing on cables and wires, which has the potential to start house fires. They also spread diseases, ranging from typhus and tularemia to the plague, ringworm, and more. So, if you’re having problems with wild animals, contact us for wildlife removal in Fort Myers online or by calling (239) 334-0880.

Some wild animals can cause problems for you without ever getting into your home, damaging your property. Armadillos are a good example. They’ll dig tunnels in your lawn, seeking food and places to reproduce. Plus, even when wildlife remains outside, they can still spread diseases to people and pets.

Wildlife can cause a range of problems, depending upon their species. Here’s what remains the same. You can count on Turner Pest Control in Fort Myers for efficient and effective wildlife control—whether they’re causing problems inside your house or damaging your lawn. For rapid response, contact us online or call (239) 334-0880.


For more than fifty years, we’ve had an outstanding reputation for pest control services. These include services for rodent controltermite exterminationmosquito controlbed bug exterminationlawn and outdoor services—and affordable, efficient wildlife removal services and more. In each of our services, we’ll protect you, your family, your pets, and your home from wild animals and pests that can wreak havoc.

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    They damage homes include tearing up roof shingles and soffits, breaking attic vents, gnawing through insulation in the attic, and more. Plus, they can spread disease. Raccoons are, in fact, one of the most frequent carriers of rabies.

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    They can also cause significant damage as they gnaw on cables and wires, which could lead to a house fire, along with siding, insulation, and much more. Squirrels can also spread unwanted diseases.

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    Armadillos dig tunnels to find food and to create a place to reproduce, which can do serious damage to your yard. Plus, they carry diseases that can spread to people. If you need a wildlife trapper in Fort Myers, contact us.

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    Rabid bats can transmit the disease and droppings and urine leak through drywall, damage ceilings, and ruin insulation. So, if you suspect a bat presence, contact us for wildlife removal and pest control services.


Keeping wildlife and other pests off your property in the first place is the best remedy. Our best prevention tips include:

  • Regularly take your trash outdoors, placing it in firmly lidded garbage cans that are located away from your home’s foundation.
  • Check your roof on a regular basis and make necessary repairs.
  • Keep crawl spaces and attics well ventilated, clean, and dry.
  • Inspect windows throughout your home, including basement ones, and caulk and weatherstrip as required to close up gaps.
  • Remove outdoor debris regularly, including but not limited to after storms.
  • Carefully cover vents and exhaust fans.
  • Prune shrubbery and tree branches when located near your home to reduce hiding spots for wildlife and on ramps into your home.
  • Stay alert to signs of wild animals; you may spot other signs well before you see them. These include scratching sounds, droppings, chew marks, and so forth.

Despite your best efforts, wildlife can still settle in—and, as soon as you suspect that’s happening, contact us. Our professional technicians will provide you with a free inspection of your home and property, identifying the species causing the problems, and providing you with a personalized recommendation for wildlife pest control.


If you suspect or know that you have a wildlife presence in your home or on your property—whether that’s raccoons, squirrels, possums, birds, bats, snakes, or other unwanted creatures—you can rely on us for wildlife pest control. We’ve provided exceptional services in Fort Myers for families like yours for more than fifty years now. Evidence of our customers’ satisfaction includes how we’ve expanded to one of Florida’s fastest growing companies.

Benefits of choosing Turner for your wildlife control services includes our professional team: well vetted and background checked, we train them thoroughly before they provide services to our valued customers. They arrive on time for appointments and provide courteous customer service, including explaining our services carefully and answering all of your questions. That’s what you want—and what you deserve.

So, when you’re in need of wildlife control in Fort Myers, we’re here and ready to respond rapidly to your concerns. We fully recognize that, when you have a wildlife problem, you need an efficient and effective wildlife solution. Simply contact us online in our special inbox for wildlife removal or call us today at (239) 334-0880.


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What wild animals in Fort Myers can infest your house?

No matter the type of wildlife, if they’re in Fort Myers, there’s a chance they’ll want to get inside to find the food, water, and shelter they need. Raccoons serve as prime examples. They can’t slither into small openings the way that mice, for example, can—but they’re strong, nimble, and determined. They can climb up to the roof to enter the home: by getting in chimneys, tearing up the roof, and using vents, soffits, and so forth to find entry points. Squirrels might use similar tactics. So might possums. Birds can enter through vents in the home—and they might, if a door is propped open—fly right in! Bats can be pretty crafty creatures, sliding in through loose fitting windows and doors, gaps around vents, and damaged roof shingles. Snakes don’t need much room to get in, either.

No matter what kind of critters get into your home, the goal is the same: to get them out, ASAP. Contact Turner Pest Control through our special inbox for prompt, professional wildlife removal in Fort Myers. We’ve long been the pest control choice for many families like yours—and we also specialize in wildlife control. You can also contact us by phone at (239) 334-0880.

How do I get rid of critters in my house?

Unless you’re experienced with the proper tools for wildlife removal, this isn’t a job to do yourself. Looking at it from the creatures’ perspective, when they see people coming at them, they’ll naturally feel cornered and will likely lash out through biting, scratching, or other methods. Some species may carry rabies, and many of them carry other diseases that you really don’t want. If you did happen to catch the creatures, what would you do with them? Are you aware of animal protection laws surrounding wildlife in the Fort Myers area?

When you contact Turner for professional wildlife pest control services, our well-trained technicians will come with the appropriate equipment and know how to promptly address the situation. Having our wildlife control experts come to your Fort Myers home protects you, your family, your guests, your pets, and your home. Then, through our wildlife exclusion service, we’ll seal off the entry points to prevent critters from getting in going forward.

How do you find where animals are getting into the house?

To keep animals out of your house first inspect it from top to bottom: from your roof vents, soffits, and damaged shingles to holes along your home’s foundation—and everything in between. Look for openings around doors and windows and pipes and utilities entering your home. If you haven’t already, install a chimney cap that allows smoke to get out but doesn’t permit critters to get in.

Larger animals will need bigger openings, of course, while smaller ones can get into entry points that are of lesser size than you might imagine. Inspect your home regularly for these openings, and seal them up to prevent wildlife from entering. When you contact Turner for wildlife removal in Fort Myers, we’ll conduct a professional inspection and then get your unwanted visitors out of your house.

Once we’ve successfully completed our wildlife pest control services, we can seal up entry points through our wildlife exclusion service. Continue to use the strategies we list on the “Preventing Wildlife on Your Property” section of this page.

How do I keep small animals out of my attic?

First, to keep critters out of your attic inspect your roof for places where animals can get in, including cracks and gaps as small as half an inch; that’s all the smaller rodents will need to slide inside. Don’t forget to check your vents and, if not already there, add vent covers. Then make repairs to any damaged shingles you find and effectively close up any gaps. Make this inspection a regular part of your home maintenance plan. If you don’t have a chimney cap, put one in place; although it will allow the smoke to get out of your home, it won’t be an effective entry point for small animals to get in.

If you’ve got trees located near your home, make sure they’re pruned back so that they don’t serve as an entry ramp onto your roof—which can then be an ideal entry point into your attic and overall home. Also, if you have a fence, make necessary repairs so that it’s not as easy for critters to get onto your property in the first place.

If, despite your best efforts, these small creatures get inside, contact Turner through our special inbox or by calling (239) 334-0880. Our wildlife control professionals will take care of your current problem and provide support in keeping them out of your Fort Myers home through our wildlife exclusion service that involves sealing off entry points.

What is included in wildlife control services?

When you suspect or know that you have a wildlife presence in your home, our trained technicians will come out to provide a thorough, free home inspection to discover what you’ve got hiding in your home — and where. Next up, our expert team will give you a no-obligation estimate to address the problem along with a personalized plan for your unique situation. Turner also has a wildlife exclusion service where we’ll seal up the entry points that we’ve discovered through our comprehensive inspection.

Plenty of benefits exist when you choose Turner Pest Control for your wildlife removal in Fort Myers. First, we’re the experienced choice. For more than fifty years, we’ve been providing prompt pest control services — and now wildlife control services — to families just like yours, giving them peace of mind by getting rid of their problems, ASAP. Thanks to our satisfied customers, we’re now one of the fastest growing companies in Florida.

When you choose Turner for your wildlife pest control, you can count on friendly, courteous service by carefully vetted and background checked professional technicians. We know that your time is important, so we’ll call ahead to let you know that we’re on our way to provide second-to-none wildlife control services.

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