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Enjoy Your Fort Myers Yard Without the Critters

Get the lush, green lawn you’ve dreamed of having.

Our Experts Keep Your Lawn Beautiful Without the Work and Worry

Turner Pest Control’s lawn and pest control services allow you to have a pest-free outdoor space, year-round, that you can truly appreciate. Our lawn program provides this while keeping you, your family, and your pets safe from dangerous chemicals—taking care of your lawn like you would. 

As our lawn service customer, you can expect the following:
  • Thorough inspection: Our lawn professionals will evaluate your lawn’s condition and identify issues. They could include, for example, weed growth or pest infestation. 
  • Personalized quote: We’ll tailor your plan so it meets your unique needs, and then base the price off your property’s square footage so you never pay too much. 
  • Recurring treatments: Our expert technicians will regularly treat your lawn: every six weeks. Then, 48 hours after each treatment, you’ll need to water your yard with an irrigation system. 
  • Additional services: In between scheduled visits, if new issues arise, let us know. We’ll return to re-treat to keep problems under control. 


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Turner Will Beautify Your Lawn & Protect It Against Outdoor Pests

Our professionals will treat your lawn so you can enjoy being outdoors in a lush, green space all year long. That’s one of the great advantages of living in Fort Myers and being a Turner customer with our lawn and pest control services.

Pest Control + Lawn Care = Gorgeous Yard

Yes, we’ve got more than fifty years of outstanding pest control service—and we’ve also got lawn care expertise. Our Fort Myers lawn and outdoor services include the following:

  • Fertilizer treatments: For lawn care service programs to truly be complete, they should always include fertilizer treatments. We do this by providing granular applications. 
  • Weed management: This includes broadleaf weed treatments. 
  • Fungus growth management: We keep fungus growth at bay through specialized lawn turf optimization. 
  • Shrub care option (fertilization and disease control): If you need this service, we’ll make this part of your personalized lawn care program.
  • Micronutrient treatments: Using “Green Up” in our treatments creates a beautiful, healthy lawn.
Additional Lawn and Pest Control Services

Our warm climate means that the growing season is long, which gives the pests plenty of time to get settled into your yard. To help, we have optional Fort Myers lawn services, such as our shrub care, and Fort Myers pest control services to consider:

  • Perimeter lawn care treatment: With this lawn pest control service, we’ll treat your yard’s perimeter to help prevent ants, flies, roaches, spiders, and more from getting close to your home. 
  • Fire ant management: Nobody wants fire ant colonies threatening their families. So, to protect them and enjoy your time in your yard, choose our annual fire ant treatment with free service calls, as needed. Bundle this service with your Fort Myers lawn services for savings and convenience. 
  • Mole control: Although we can’t stop these critters from coming into your yard, we have effective treatments to get rid of them so they can’t destroy your turf. This includes applying bait where the moles travel as part of our Fort Myers pest control.
  • Armadillo control: These creatures dig up soil and can spread disease to humans. To protect you, we apply treatments to their burrows. After the application, they’ll leave and not come back.
Tree Care in Fort Myers

Trees say a lot about your house and your personality—it’s what makes your landscape pop! But if trees go untended, it can quickly become an eyesore that can’t be reversed. In order to keep your ornamentals in tip-top shape, it’s important to have recurring tree care services! Lucky for you, Turner Pest Control offers a variety of tree care services in Fort Myers that will be customized to your landscape and its specific needs.

Turner Pest Control tree care includes:

  • An inspection of your trees and shrubs, as well as a square foot measurement to calculate the cost of the service.
  • Bi-monthly, family-friendly services using a foliar application.
  • Tree fertilization is designed specifically for Florida’s soil types.
  • Protection against leaf-damaging insects and diseases.
  • Granular fertilizer if supplemental nutrition is needed.
  • Additional treatments, such as palm fertilization, root feeding, palm weevil control, and more.
Rugose Spiraling Whitefly Prevention and Treatment

Are you noticing white spirals or a black sticky substance on your palm trees or shrubs?

Rugose spiraling whiteflies may be to blame! The effects of these landscape pests can be spotted all across Southwest Florida, on just about any of our most common palms, trees, and shrubs. It begins with white, fuzzy patches on your plants, followed by a black, sooty mold that covers the leaves, trunk, and anything surrounding it. This dark, sticky substance interferes with photosynthesis in your plants and, if excessive, can cause early leaf drop.

The good news is that once we have treated your trees and landscape, you can rest assured that within a few days to a couple of weeks, the infestation is controlled and your trees can begin to heal. Because of the long-lasting systemic product Turner Pest Control uses your tree will also be protected from future infestations.

Lawn Treatment Plans Tailored For Fort Myers Homeowners

At Turner, we don’t do one-size-fits-all treatment plans. For us, there’s no such thing. Instead, we provide fully customized Fort Myers lawn care services that give you just what you need—and you only pay for what’s in your plan.

Comprehensive Expert Fertilization and Lawn Pest Control

In Fort Myers, we’ve got a long grass-growing season, which makes lawn care a year round process—with pests being a problem all year. Fortunately, our comprehensive Fort Myers lawn and outdoor services address every type of problem you’ll likely encounter: 

Broad leaf and grassy weeds


Complete treatments, including granular applications


Fungus management and turf optimization


Additional "green up" treatments


Shrub fertilization and disease control programs


Optional fire ant, mole and armadillo control

Want Extra Protection? Have Special Problems? Here Are Optional Services

Fire ant management
We will protect you and your family from fire ants and their painful bites on an annual basis. Extra service calls are free, and we are committed to your satisfaction. You also have the option to bundle fire ant treatment with our premier lawn care service to save more.

Mole Control
While moles can’t be prevented from making their way into your yard, there are effective treatments for getting rid of these turf destroyers. Our mole control service includes applying bait to the track in which the mole travels.
Armadillo control
Armadillos not only dig up your soil; they can also carry diseases that are dangerous to humans. Our armadillo control service includes applying products in the animal’s existing burrows that causes them to leave and not return.
rugose spiraling whitefly prevention and treatment fort myers fl
Rugose Spiraling Whitefly Prevention and Treatment
Our Rugose Spiraling Whitefly Treatment Program is a twice a year service that provides control over your current infestation, as well as protection for the rest of your landscape against future outbreaks, for 6 months at a time.
leaf damaging insect control prevention and treatment fort myers fl
Leaf Damaging Insect Control
Certain pests love tree leaves because of their sticky and naturally sugary nutrients. Our leaf-damaging insect control is systemic, where it moves through the plant, or foliar with a contact insecticide—our treatment plan depends on the type of tree, the insect, and how deeply rooted the damage is.
You Enjoy Your Lawn! Our Lawn Pest Control Pros Will Do the Work

Turner’s expert team provides lawn and outdoor services, ones done right. This is true if you’ve seen evidence of lawn pests or other issues—or if you simply want the most lush and healthy lawn around without having to do the work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No—and here’s why. We want to provide you with the best pest control solution for your specific needs, so we start with a complete inspection of your yard. Then, we’ll create a plan that’s customized just for you along with an estimate that’s based on your property’s size. Then, to ensure that you get the best service and get your questions answered about your plan, we provide these quotes in person. You can schedule a free inspection online.

Our area has warm temperatures, which has a big impact on how to care for your lawn. To get the beautiful results you want, you’ll need to provide regular and thorough irrigation. This is most effectively provided by an irrigation system because it delivers just the right amount of water, exactly when it’s needed. That isn’t easy to accomplish with hoses, sprinklers, or hand watering. So, we require the use of an irrigation system as part of our Fort Myers lawn care services. 

Your lawn care technician can provide recommendations on optimal watering schedules.

There’s no one answer. Overall, it depends upon the lawn’s condition at the start of treatments, including but not limited to how many weeds exist. In general, the healthier your yard is from the get-go, the more quickly you’ll see results. As a broad estimate, it can often take six months to achieve optimal results. To get an inspection for your lawn, request one online or call (239) 334-0880.

You can learn more about what our services include on our Compare Our Services page.

Not immediately—please wait until any products we’ve applied to your property dry before allowing children or pets on your lawn.

Our outdoor pest control treatments can help minimize issues with moles, but unfortunately, moles move in unpredictable ways. We will provide specific treatment if needed.

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