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When you have wildlife control problems, a solution can’t wait.

Rapid Animal Removal in Gainesville, FL

Whether it’s a squirrel or a raccoon—or a possum, bird, snake, or bat—you sure don’t want them in your Florida home. In fact, you want them out, ASAP, because they can damage your house and spread diseases to people and pets alike. When this happens, it’s recommended that they be safely removed by professionals because wildlife can bite or otherwise react badly to being cornered.

So, if you need wildlife removal in Gainesville, please contact us online or call (352) 378-2433 today. In response, we’ll provide prompt, personalized service.

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Challenges With Wildlife

Naturally enough, animals will seek out what they need to survive and reproduce: food, water, and shelter. If they can find what they need in your Gainesville home or garage, they may well settle in, prone to doing so even more often during hurricanes and other storms.

Specific problems can vary by which animals get into your home. Raccoons, for example, can present a range of problems, damaging attics and soffits, tearing up roof shingles, breaking vents, and gnawing through insulation. Plus, they can be dangerous to encounter, often carrying rabies and spreading the disease through their scratches and bites. These aren’t the only viruses that infected raccoons spread, either; they can also spread bacteria and parasites directly as well as indirectly through their waste. Fortunately, our trained technicians are experienced in raccoon removal in Gainesville.

Another species that can carry and transmit rabies is bats, and these creatures can also carry Histoplasmosis, which is spread when people breathe in spores from feces and urine of infected bats. Even if a bat isn’t infected, droppings and urine can leak through the walls in your Gainesville house, which can ruin the walls along with ceilings and insulation. Plus, bats can bring bat mites, fleas, and bat bugs (the last one related to bed bugs) into your home.

Ways in which squirrels can wreak havoc include their chewing habits on siding, insulation, and so forth, potentially triggering house fires when they gnaw through wires and cables. Plus, infected squirrels also spread plenty of diseases: the plague, ringworm, tularemia, typhus, and more.

When wild animals get inside your Gainesville home, no matter which species, they typically bring in more pests: fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and so forth. So, when you need animal removal in Gainesville, contact us for our wildlife pest control services.

Even if wildlife don’t find their way into your home, critters like armadillos can cause plenty of problems in your yard. This creature will dig tunnels in your lawn, seeking food and places to reproduce, sometimes spreading diseases to people along the way. If you’re experiencing this type of problem from animals outdoors, contact us for removal. Our experts are here to tackle your wildlife challenges. So, when you need efficient and effective wildlife animal removal services, please contact us online or call (352) 378-2433.

Wildlife Control

Although Turner is best known for pest control, we do more—and you can count on us to remove wildlife from your Gainesville home.


They damage homes, including tearing up roof shingles and soffits, breaking attic vents, gnawing through insulation in the attic, and more. Plus, they can spread disease. Raccoons are, in fact, one of the most frequent carriers of rabies.


They can also cause significant damage as they gnaw on cables and wires, which could lead to a house fire, along with siding, insulation, and much more. Squirrels can also spread unwanted diseases.


Armadillos dig tunnels to find food and to create a place to reproduce, which can do serious damage to your yard. Plus, they carry diseases that can spread to people. If you need a wildlife trapper in Gainesville, contact us.


Rabid bats can transmit the disease and droppings and urine leak through drywall, damage ceilings, and ruin insulation. So, if you suspect a bat presence, contact us for wildlife removal and pest control services.


Contact Turner Pest Control for premier wildlife removal in Gainesville.

Wildlife Prevention

Although there’s no surefire way to keep wildlife out permanently, these prevention tips can make a big difference in keeping these creatures out of your home. Best tips include the following:

  • Place your outdoor garbage cans away from the foundation of your home and keep them firmly lidded.
  • Regularly check the condition of your roof and make any necessary repairs.
  • Maintain your attic and crawl spaces, keeping them clean, dry, and well ventilated.
  • Caulk around windows, including basement ones, or use weatherstripping.
  • Regularly remove outdoor debris, including after storms.
  • Cover openings of vents and exhaust fans.
  • Prune tree branches that are close to your house.

Pay attention to damage that animals may be creating—even if you don’t see the animals themselves. For example, you might see chew marks inside your home or hear scratching noises. Watch, too, for signs of animal waste. If you have reason to believe that you have problems with wildlife, we’ll happily inspect your home at no charge; identify the issue; and make customized recommendations.

Turner for Your Wildlife Control in Gainesville, Florida

Whether you need raccoon removal in Gainesville or help with squirrels, possums, birds, bats, snakes, or other unwanted creatures, reach out. We’ve been helping families like yours for more than fifty years, providing outstanding service. Turner Pest Control is now one of Florida’s and South Georgia’s fastest growing companies as people appreciate the excellent customer service they receive.

We carefully vet our technicians, training them well and conducting stringent background checks. When you contact us for animal removal in Gainesville, you can count on timely arrivals at your home and courteous service. So, don’t delay. Contact us for wildlife removal in Gainesville online or call (352) 378-2433.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a range of possibilities with the most likely culprits including rats/mice, squirrels, possums, bats, and raccoons. If you hear scratching sounds, don’t try to tackle the problem, DIY; you aren’t really sure what you’ll encounter and, no matter what wildlife is inside, they may bite or react badly to being cornered. So, contact wildlife removal professionals, and let them solve the problem for you.

Usually not—and the same is true with squirrels, possums, rats, and more. Once a wildlife species finds a reliable source of the food, water, and shelter they need, there’s no reason for them to leave. So, if you need raccoon removal in Gainesville or removal of other animals, please contact us online or call (352) 378-2433.

Because we know how urgent it can be for a homeowner if animals find their way inside or are damaging the property, we’ve set up a special inbox for wildlife removal requests. Contacting us makes good sense, too, because it can take professional expertise to remove the wildlife without injury.

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