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Bed bugs can’t hide from our powerful treatments.

Naples Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bugs are sneaky creatures, slipping into your home, hiding all too well, and then settling in. Then, if you try to get rid of them, DIY, it’s hard to do. Bed bugs are hardy and resilient.

So, what do you do? Before the infestation has a chance to grow or become more entrenched, contact professional bed bug exterminators to efficiently tackle the problem. At Turner Pest Control in Naples, we’ll begin our comprehensive program with a thorough home inspection, followed by a customized recommendation for expert bed bug pest control in Naples that’s specific to your situation. Our experienced technicians will then resolve the problem, conducting follow-up inspections until the bed bugs are completely eradicated.

Arrival of Bed Bugs

These critters can get into your home in several ways, including when someone comes to visit you. They’ll simply hitch a ride on whatever is available: the guests’ luggage, shoes, or clothing. Or, if you go on a trip, you could bring them home with you. So, inspect your suitcases before you bring them into your house. As you unpack, wash clothing, towels, linens, pet bedding, and more in hot water before you put them back in closets or dressers. This can help to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

If you go to yard sales or enjoy thrift shopping, know that secondhand goods can host unwanted bed bugs. So, inspect what you buy before you bring the items into your Naples home.

While a fairly widespread belief states that bed bugs prefer homes that aren’t really clean, that isn’t true. A dwelling’s cleanliness doesn’t have anything to do with its attractiveness to bed bugs. The reality is that bed bugs are both tough and adaptable, and over thousands of years, they’ve continued to thrive in a wide range of conditions and human environments.

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Signs of Bed Bugs

Even if you don’t spot bed bugs in your home, they may be there. After all, they’re outstanding hiders! So, you may need to look for signs of their presence instead. These can include the following:

  • tiny bites on your arms, legs, and back—and any other skin exposed while you’re on your mattress or covered by bed linens
  • dried blood drops—which can be brown, red, or black—on your sheets
  • an odd odor; bed bugs have a musty smell

Bed bugs can huddle in furniture joints, baseboards, bed frames, and other cracks and crevices in your home. Or, they could be on mattress undersides. If you see insects in these places—and they’re flat, oval-shaped, reddish-brown, and about the size of an apple seed—there’s a good chance that they’re bed bugs. If recently fed, they’ll probably look bloated.

Challenges With Treating Bed Bugs DIY

First, the overall population of this pest has been increasing since about 1990 although no one knows exactly why. Suspicions, though, center on the increase in national and international travel and, since Florida is a vacation destination and home to international airports, it makes sense that more of these bugs would find their way to our state.

Then, unfortunately, bed bugs hide in places that can be difficult to reach and treat. Once they get inside, they spread easily throughout the home, meaning that more places must be treated—and then, to add to the challenges, adults can live for months without a food source. Literally. Plus, they can survive in temperatures that are approaching the freezing point and then up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.

On top of all of that, because of their tiny size, it can be challenging to know if the bed bug treatments are working especially since they often hide in the daytime hours. Infestations typically have bed bugs across their life cycle stages, and so what works in the adult stage, for example, may not eliminate the eggs.

To compound the problem even further, some DIY bed bug control treatments can increase the size of the infestation and create health risks for your family. Examples of hazardous practices, according to the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, include the following: the use of off-label pesticides or foggers, heat as a DIY method, or your own treatment mixture.

Bed Bug Exterminator Products and Treatments

Each of the two methods used by Turner is safe and highly effective. Talk to our experts in pest control for bed bugs in Naples if you have questions about which one is right for you.
Heat Treatments

Thermal Remediation® uses only high heat to kill bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle in just one treatment. There’s no chemical fumigation, so no toxins are left behind and you and your pets can return to your home right after treatment is completed. Heat treatment can penetrate even the smallest cracks and crevices.

Chemical Treatments

After our bed bug experts confirm that these pests are in your home and locate their hiding places, we use the latest insecticide dust and residual contact treatments. As part of this thorough and effective bed bug control strategy, we provide an initial treatment, plus two more follow-up visits one and two weeks later.

Benefits of Heat Treatments

To help you make your decision about the right method for you, here are some of the benefits of our thermal bed bug control treatments that rely upon high levels of heat to kill the pests. This treatment is particularly effective because bed bugs can’t survive extreme temperatures and because this pest is becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides. With Thermal Remediation®, heat is evenly distributed to kill bugs at each of their life stages—all in one treatment.

Heat penetrates into the bed bugs’ hiding places, which can include the tiniest cracks and crevices in your home and other places that may be difficult to reach with chemicals. Because no chemicals are used, there can’t be any toxins left behind, making it an eco-friendly solution. (Note that there is an insecticide barrier that’s applied beneath baseboards for long-lasting control.)

Untreated areas of the home can stay in use while this non-toxic bed bug treatment is being applied. Plus, except for a few especially heat-sensitive items, you can leave your belongings in the space being treated.

Bed Bug Exterminator Services in Naples, FL

Our trained technicians use bed bug control treatments that are the safest, most effective forms of control around. So, you can relax and enjoy peace of mind as our bed bug exterminators use the best treatments, products, and equipment to provide you with a bed bug-free home.

With Turner’s bed bug control services, you can count on the following.

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An Initial Consultation
During your consultation, we can talk about what you need, plus your treatment preferences and budget.
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A Free Estimate
Know what you'll need for guaranteed bed bug services that provide long-lasting protection.
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A Practical And Efficient Plan
This may help prevent you from having another bed bug infestation.
More About Bed Bug Treatments at Turner

Choose Turner Pest Control for Bed Bug Treatment in Naples

Turner is the experienced choice, serving customers like you for more than fifty years with professional, background-checked, and well-trained technicians. They will provide you with prompt and respectful bed bug control services that are both safe and highly effective. Plus, Turner offers affordable programs that will fit within your budget. So, it’s not surprising that we’re one of Florida’s fastest-growing companies!

You can get started with your pest control for bed bugs in Naples by scheduling a free inspection online or by calling (239) 221-0096.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The best thing to do is to prevent any bed bugs from getting into your home in the first place. Once they do get indoors, they can reproduce quite rapidly and spread to more places inside your house. So, pay attention to how bed bugs may get inside your home—through soft goods like clothing or towels or items like luggage or furniture—and carefully inspect them before bringing them into your home.

If you’re going on a trip, cover your luggage with a plastic trash bag or other protective covering while you’re in the hotel or other lodging. When you get into your room, inspect the mattresses, box springs, and hotel bedding for tiny, pepper-like brown or black spots that could indicate dried blood from bed bug bites. Even if there don’t seem to be any of these spots, don’t put your luggage on the beds. When you get back home, inspect all of your belongings before taking them indoors. Wash clothing, towels, and linen in hot water before putting them away.

It’s a good practice, too, to regularly wash items, such as extra linens, that you store at the washer’s highest setting. Do the same with pet bedding. Although bed bugs don’t remain with your pets like fleas and ticks do, they can bite them, which is unpleasant for the animals.

If you shop at thrift stores or rummage sales, follow the same processes before taking any secondhand items into your Naples home.

Our expert technicians start by finding out where the pests are lurking. Then, we create a customized bed bug treatment plan that uses the safest, most effective options available today—ones that are both minimally invasive methods and as environmentally friendly as possible.

We’ve got two different types of pest control for bed bugs in Naples that you can choose between:

  • Thermal Remediation®: These bed bug control treatments use high heat that kills these pests across their entire lifecycle in just one single treatment. Because it doesn’t use any chemical fumigation, pets can return home immediately after the bed bug treatment is completed; there are no toxins that could be left behind. Heat treatments are especially effective because of how they can penetrate even tiny cracks and crevices.
  • Chemical Treatments: After discovering where the pests are hiding in your home, we’ll use the latest insecticide dust and residual contact treatments. This thorough pest control for bed bugs in Naples involves an initial treatment plus two follow-up visits: one week and two weeks later.

Schedule your free bed bug inspection online today.

In general, you’ll want to move or remove items from your home that could make it difficult for our technicians to have the necessary access to treat your home. It can also help to vacuum floors and furniture well in advance of our technicians’ arrival and wash soft materials like bedding in hot water. Take your pets to a friend’s house during the bed bug treatments; your family will typically need to stay out of the home for four hours for the treatments to be completed. There may be a few heat-sensitive items that you need to move as well.

When we arrive, we’ll take care of removing mattresses, box springs, bed frames, outlet covers, and more. That way, our treatments can reach wherever the bed bugs hide.

There is little prep involved outside of that when our bed bug exterminators use heat treatments because there are no chemicals used and, therefore, no toxin residue. Your pets can even return right after the bed bug control treatments are finished. You can talk to your technician who will provide you with your plan to get answers to any of your questions.

With our chemical treatments, we’ll provide specifics about what to put away such as food items, toothbrushes, and medicines, and answer all of your questions about this form of pest control for bed bugs in Naples.

With our Thermal Remediation®, which uses high heat, our bed bug exterminators will kill these pests in all of their life stages in just one treatment. So, in that case, yes. With our chemical bed bug treatments, we’ll apply three of them one week apart.

To talk more about the differences and decide which of these bed bug control options would be best for you, reach out to chat with our experts.

This can vary, depending upon the extent of the infestation and what type of treatment you choose to have: our heat treatments or chemical ones. With our Thermal Remediation®, there is one bed bug treatment involved because it takes care of the pests across their lifecycles and leaves no toxin residue. With our chemical treatments, there will be three visits from our technicians.

Both start with a thorough home inspection, and our expert team can answer all of your questions so that you can decide between the treatments. You’ll receive a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for your treatments and, upon your approval, we’ll get rid of these nasty pests.

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