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It’s your home: only the very best protection from termite damage will do.

Expert Termite Treatment and Control in Naples

Get All the Protection You Need Against Termites 

When you need termite control in Naples, you want prompt, effective, and affordable service. Recognizing that need, that’s exactly what we provide at Turner Pest Control. We’re not like other pest control companies that apply termite treatments to the easy-to-spot critters and then call it a day. Instead, we take a comprehensive approach, applying our treatments in cracks, crevices, gaps, and everywhere else where termites can lurk.

When you choose us for your termite control in Naples, you’ll benefit from:

  • No-Cost, No-Obligation Quote: Obtain all the information you need with our free termite control estimates. To get this info, simply reach out to us today.
  • Thorough Termite Inspection: We know exactly where to look for termite presence, and with our comprehensive inspection, we won’t overlook hiding spots, whether they be inside or out.
  • Personalized Termite Control Plan: Turner Pest Control will use the intel we’ve collected during your home inspection to tailor a plan that’s precisely right for your needs.
  • Highly Effective Termite Treatments: Our safe, long-lasting, modern technology will allow you to maximize the benefits of your termite treatment.


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Watch for Termite Warning Signs

After termites invade your home, they can damage it in sneaky ways. You may not see what they’re secretly doing—gnawing on your home’s structure 24/7—until they’ve caused serious damage.

Eventually, the problems they’re causing will reach a tipping point, and you may notice the havoc they’re wreaking in your home. Alternatively, you may see shed wings or the mud tubes they’ve created. (Pro tip: If you seal up mud tubes but they come back, you very likely have a termite infestation.) You may also see termite swarms, but even if you don’t, you could have a sizable infestation.

Termite Species in Naples, FL

Florida is home to multiple types of termites. They gravitate to the area because of our wet wood, with two termite species being especially problematic: Formosan termites and Eastern subterranean termites. Here’s more about them:

  • Formosan Termites: Just one single colony can have more than a million termites—and they can be very aggressive. This is a termite species you won’t want in your home; unfortunately, they’re in Florida in large numbers.
  • Eastern Subterranean Termites: Although these termites are a less aggressive species, they’re so incredibly prevalent that they can be even more destructive than their Formosan cousins.

Termite infestations can vary depending on the species and quantity. Termites live in colonies that can grow to immense size because their queens can spend a fifty-year lifetime laying eggs to expand their numbers.

Naples Termite Control Services

When you need termite control in Naples, choosing Turner Pest Control will benefit you in numerous ways. With our termite treatments, you can count on our team to:

  • Conduct a complete home inspection
  • Create a detailed report of what we discovered
  • Personalize your termite treatment plan in highly effective ways that are safe for you, your family, your guests, and your pets. Plus, we’ll work with you so that our plan fits within your budget.
  • Offer you treatment plan options that include:
    • Premise: the most economical option
    • Termidor: longer and more extended termite treatments for your protection
    • Altriset: the greenest choice
  • Also, offer a proactive termite prevention plan

Termite Prevention Plan in Naples, FL

Here’s what we do at Turner Pest Control—stop termite infestations. In an ideal world, this will take place before they become entrenched in your house.

So, we offer a two-pronged approach. If you already have termites, we’ve got world-class solutions to exterminate them. If they haven’t yet gotten inside, our Naples pest control experts have the preventative techniques to keep them out. This involves treating places indoors like bath traps, pipe penetrations, and more—and we’ll also use highly effective soil treatments around your home.

Termite Control Services: The Importance of Diligence

Does your home have a crack in the foundation that’s as small as 1/32 of an inch? If so, crafty termites can slither into these crevices to set up shop in your home. That’s why, at Turner Pest Control, we treat the tiniest gaps that can serve as entry points for termites, along with other vulnerable spots like wood forms left behind by builders who poured concrete for the foundation, plumbing entry points, bath traps, and so forth.

Plus, you may have room additions or above-slab patios with higher-than-normal soil levels. If so, then termites can take advantage of these on-ramps to your house. This is why our termite exterminators apply highly effective soil treatments that work ten times faster than bait systems.

Protect Your Home in Naples

With Turner’s complete termite treatment solutions, we will take care of current colonies and stop new ones from taking hold. And, because termite damage can cause thousands of dollars of termite damage in a single home, our termite treatments can save you money.


We treat under patios, inside pipes, inside blocks, and anywhere else termites hide


We offer multiple termite treatment options: economic Premise treatment, high-tech Termidor, and environmentally friendly Altriset


Protect your home with one of our termite warranties to bridge the homeowner’s insurance gap


Our green termite treatments are so safe that no warning labels or first-aid instructions are needed

Three Options to Solve Termite Troubles

termidor hp optional services
This premium, high-tech termite treatment protects your home with minimal disruption to your property. The revolutionary Termidor HP High Precision Injection System is the ultimate termite treatment.
pest control jacksonville technician spraying
Our expert technicians make sure your home is protected in every place where termites can enter or cause damage. We do more than meet treatment standards by treating with the maximum application allowed.
termite optional services
Our termite bait systems watch over your home 24/7 and lets us easily check for activity. If we find termites during our quarterly monitoring inspections, we work with you to determine the treatment strategy that’s best for you.
Ultimate Termite Control Solution From Turner Pest Control: Termidor HP Treatments

Protect Your Investment in Your Home With Termite Control in Naples


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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, yes, because they’re attracted to the wet wood that is found in our humid state. Termites can cost a single homeowner thousands of dollars with many home insurance policies not providing coverage for the damage. So, if you suspect a termite presence in your house, reach out to us today.

Reduce the moisture that attracts termites by ensuring your home’s gutters divert water away from the foundation, and make adjustments to lower the humidity in your crawl space and attic. Fix any leaks in faucets, pipes, outdoor AC units, and so forth. Eliminate roots and tree trunks by the foundation and throw away wooden stakes and old form boards. If you still suspect a problem then contact us to request a free inspection.

Not definitively, no. To find out if home damage has occurred, you’ll need a professional inspection—and Turner offers free, no-obligation ones. Then, we can effectively tackle the problem with modern products and technology delivered by our well-trained professionals. Contact us!

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