Find out how our focus on quality supports your brand.

Exceptional quality for your brand and your customers.

Our commitment to ensuring the highest standards in our work is why we have a dedicated quality assurance director at your service. Our investment in quality assurance is our way of adding excellence to your pest management program. Open communication regarding our findings during routine performance checks, conditions we see as challenging and our recommended course of action is paramount in the QA process. Protecting your reputation and your customers is our top priority.

We exceed industry standards in every area of our service to you.

From treatment protocols, equipment usage and technology, to safety and professionalism, we constantly work to ensure that we maintain a service level above industry standards. Our internal QA program is an ongoing practice that enhances our service.

Customer QAs may be scheduled or performed randomly to monitor our performance and the conditions of your facility.

"My service technician was Richard. I would like to compliment him on his knowledge, courtesy, and professionalism. I would like to give the same acknowledgment to lawn service technician James and Bryan my inspector. Turner is fortunate to have these gentlemen as employees! Please pass my satisfaction to their supervisors."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

5 / 5 stars
—Bruce B.