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Bed bugs can’t hide from our powerful treatments.

Customized bed bug treatment for your Jacksonville home.

Bed bugs can be hard to find and even more difficult to eradicate. These tiny pests can hide not only in bedding, but also in the smallest crevices throughout your home. That’s why bed bug extermination is a job that’s best left to the pros. At Turner Pest Control, our bed bug experts offer a comprehensive solution that includes a thorough inspection, safe and effective treatment, and follow-up inspections to ensure your bed bug problem is solved.

If you spot even a few bed bugs in your Jacksonville home, contact us for a free, no-obligation inspection right away.

How Turner’s bed bug experts can help

Like most types of household pests, bed bugs go through a life cycle from egg to adult. One of the keys to completely eradicating bed bugs is to kill them at each of these stages, so our comprehensive treatment plan includes followup reinspections to make sure the problem is solved. We provide several separate treatments over a three-week period, using several methods for the best results.

Turner also offers Thermal Remediation, the latest innovation in bed bug control. This one-time treatment uses high heat to destroy bed bugs in every life stage without chemical fumigation or toxins.

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Turner Pest Control has the latest and most effective bed bug extermination products and treatment methods, including:
Heat Treatments

Thermal Remediation® uses only high heat to kill bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle in just one treatment. There’s no chemical fumigation, so no toxins are left behind and you and your pets can return to your home right after treatment is completed. Heat treatment can penetrate even the smallest cracks and crevices.

Chemical Treatments

After our bed bug experts confirm that these pests are in your home and locate their hiding places, we use the latest insecticide dust and residual contact treatments. As part of this thorough and effective bed bug control strategy, we provide an initial treatment, plus two more follow-up visits one and two weeks later.


Not sure if bed bugs have invaded your home? Our expert bed bug control technicians can identify these pests at every stage of their lives and recommend the best solution for getting rid of them.

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Small spots and Odors
Look for small reddish or brownish spots on linens and mattresses. Additionally bed bugs' scent glands produce a foul, musty odor.
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You can see adults easily when they’re not in hiding. They are typically brownish or red in color.
bed bug bites
You may have red, itchy welts, often lined up in a row.
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How bed bugs enter your home

It’s a misconception that bed bugs are rarely found in clean homes. In fact, considering how many ways they can come in, bed bugs will set up housekeeping in even the most well-kept residences. Here are some of the ways they can get into your home:

  • Visitors: Someone coming from an environment where bed bugs are present may unknowingly bring them into your home on their clothing or, if they’re overnight guests, in their luggage.
  • Your own luggage or clothing: You can pick up bed bugs from hotel rooms and transport them home in your suitcases and clothing.
  • Used items: Second-hand clothing and furniture may have enough bed bugs in them to establish an infestation in their new location in your home.

Signs that you may have bed bugs in your Jacksonville home

Bed bugs are no bigger than the size of an apple seed, so they’re not as easy to spot as most other types of pests that are commonly found in Jacksonville. Even if you can’t readily see them, they do leave evidence of their presence:

  • Spots of red or brown blood on your bedding or your pajamas
  • Spots on your bedding or mattress left by their fecal matter
  • Cast-off exoskeletons, or skins

If you do see a bed bug, you’re looking at an adult. They’re almond-shaped, almost flat, and are reddish-brown in color.

How to prevent a bed bug infestation

Although a bed bug infestation is almost impossible to eradicate with DIY methods, the good news is you can take several steps to reduce the chances that an infestation will happen in the first place:

  • Closely inspect any second-hand “soft goods” such as clothing, mattresses, and furniture before you bring them indoors.
  • Put protective covers on your box springs and mattress that are designed to keep bed bugs out.
  • Vacuum rugs and furniture frequently.
  • When traveling, wrap your suitcase in a plastic bag, or keep it in the bathtub and away from soft goods.
  • After traveling, closely inspect your luggage and wash clothing in hot water (including things you didn’t wear).
  • Pare down the clutter in your home to reduce the number of hiding places for bed bugs. They like to hide in cardboard boxes, so use plastic containers for storage and take the cardboard outside for recycling.

What else to know about bed bugs

Bed bugs have been on the comeback in recent years, so you may have been seeing them more often in the news. Here’s what you need to know about these hard-to-kill pests:

  • Adults can live for months without feeding
  • Bed bugs can quickly spread from room to room once they get indoors
  • They can live just about anywhere humans are—dorms, offices, theaters, stores, schools, and public transportation
  • Bed bugs can survive in a wide range of temperatures, from nearly freezing to 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • They usually hide during daylight hours
  • Bed bugs cannot jump or fly
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Frequently Asked Questions

These tiny pests are elusive, hardy, and always on the move. The cleanliness of a dwelling has nothing to do with attracting bed bugs or preventing them from getting in. Bed bugs have continued to adapt to human environments and can thrive in a wide range of temperature and many types of conditions.

Bed bugs will take any opportunity to hitch a ride into your home on luggage, furniture, and other soft goods such as clothing. When traveling, put a plastic trash bag or other protective covering on your luggage while you’re in a hotel and keep your suitcases off of the bed. Check hotel bedding, box springs and mattresses for tiny, pepper-like stains when you arrive, and thoroughly inspect all of your belongings before bringing them inside when you get home. Also inspect any used furniture or clothing you’ve acquired before you bring it inside.

Once indoors, these pests quickly spread from room to room in homes or hotels, traveling through pipes, on luggage and clothing, and even in vacuum cleaners. Because they can live for months without eating, they can be very difficult to control.

Definitely not! They can be found virtually anywhere, not only in soft goods such as beds and furniture, but also behind electrical outlets and in crevices along baseboards.

Bed bugs do not transmit diseases to humans, but their bites can cause itchy welts that may become infected if scratched.

Yes. Our SMART TurnerGuard Termite and Pest Control plan provides all-in-one pest protection which includes bed bug extermination and control.

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