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Get the healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Jacksonville Pest Control for Lawn + Outdoors

We beautify your Jacksonville lawn year-round.

You can have the green, healthy lawn you’ve always wanted with Turner Pest Control’s comprehensive lawn and outdoor services. Let us do all the work of getting rid of pests and fertilizing, while you relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

Get a customized lawn program

To help you get the most for your budget, our lawn and outdoor services are priced according to the size of your yard. We analyze your lawn and recommend a program that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Our Jacksonville lawn services

Turner Pest Control’s outdoor treatments take care of the pests and problems you have now and prevent seasonal issues before they occur. Our complete pest protection and fertilization services include these and more:

  • Disease control
  • Control of fungi, such as gray leaf spot
  • Fertilization treatments
  • Turf optimization and “green up” treatments
  • Control of lawn pests, such as tropical sod webworms and chinch bugs
  • Sidewalk and driveway weed elimination
  • Winterization, including pre-emergent weed control
  • Ornamental pests control for pests such as scales, aphids, and lace bugs

If you see pests in your turf or signs of wilt—such as folded leaf blades, a blue-gray tint, or grass that doesn’t bounce back after being stepped on—don’t wait to contact our lawn and outdoor pros. Our experienced technicians will inspect your yard, identify any issues you may have, and create a treatment program tailored to your lawn.

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Lawn Aeration Services

Aerating lawns comes with plenty of benefits, including to enhance root growth, boost the process of nutrient delivery, and remove thatch buildup. Lawn aeration will reduce water runoff and soil compaction and will increase turf resistance to heat and drought, making a lawn more resilient.

Aerating lawns involves perforating holes strategically to remove small plugs of soil and thatch. This facilitates the ability of water, air, and fertilizer to permeate soil in sufficient amounts. Lawn aeration in Jacksonville, FL allows your lawn to breathe, which helps with the growth of deeper roots. The result? The lush, green, healthy lawn of your dreams.

When thatch—loosely compiled layers of organic material, living and dead—builds up on your lawn, these stems, roots, and shoots cause soil to become compacted. It only takes about a fourth to half an inch of compaction to deprive your soil of the water, oxygen, and nutrients it needs for healthy growth.

Once thatch is more than an inch in depth, accumulating more quickly than it can organically break down, the material holds onto excess water. This makes it even more difficult for oxygen to reach your turf’s roots and creates a pest- and fungi-friendly environment. This is why lawn aeration services are so valuable.

Warning signs include poor lawn growth despite quality care; topsoil that’s been trampled; and lawn layering that has led to water drainage issues.

Turner’s lawn care experts will beautify your lawn by providing lawn aeration in Jacksonville, FL. This process works best when the weather isn’t yet too hot. To find out more about how aerating lawns will help, schedule a free soil aeration inspection. Just like with the rest of our outdoor and lawn services, our technician will provide a free, no-obligation quote that’s customized for your yard’s specific needs.

Complete fertilization and pest protection services from the experts.

Florida’s long grass-growing season makes lawn pest control unique — pests can be a problem year-round! That’s why we offer comprehensive services that treat and prevent every type of Florida lawn problem:

Broad leaf and grassy weeds


Complete treatments, including granular applications


Fungus management and turf optimization


Additional "green up" treatments


Shrub fertilization and disease control programs


Optional fire ant, mole and armadillo control

For extra protection or special problems, we also offer these optional services:

Turner Pest Control also offers these optional services to make your yard and outdoor enjoyment the best they can be for you, your family, and your pets:

Fire ant management
Let us keep your summer free from painful fire ant bites with our once-a-year treatment. You can optionally bundle fire ant treatment with our lawn program to save even more!
Mole Control
While moles can’t be prevented from making their way into your yard, there are effective treatments for getting rid of these turf destroyers. Our mole control service includes applying bait to the track in which the mole travels.
Armadillo control
Armadillos not only dig up your soil; they can also carry diseases that are dangerous to humans. Our armadillo control service includes applying products in the animal’s existing burrows that causes them to leave and not return.
It’s time to enjoy your lawn — Let Turner's lawn pest control professionals do the work

Whether you’ve seen the signs of lawn pests or other problems, or just want to have the most beautiful yard on the block without any of the work, Turner Pest Control’s lawn and outdoor services get the job done.

Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Even the most well-tended lawns can have pest and disease issues, but there’s a lot you can do to maintain your lawn’s health in between your regular Turner Pest Control lawn and outdoor service appointments:

  • When the growing season is at its peak, keep your lawn height at 3.5 to 4 inches.
  • Maintain a sharp edge on your mower blade so that it cuts cleanly instead of tears your grass
  • Leave clippings on your lawn to return nutrients to the soil
  • Water your lawn early in the day to minimize evaporation and to let your turf dry before cool, night hours
  • Turn off your automatic irrigation system during rainy spells to prevent overwatering
  • Water less but longer during drought conditions

Why choose Turner Pest Control?

Turner Pest Control customers enjoy prompt, courteous service from our team of friendly professionals. We’re QualityPro certified, a designation we’ve earned for our commitment to protecting our people, our environment, and you.

We promise you’ll be satisfied with our service or we’ll return at no charge to you until you’re happy. There are never any contract cancellation fees, fine print, or hidden fees—just affordable and effective pest control service you can always count on.

Call Turner Pest Control for a free lawn and outdoor inspection.

Whether you’ve seen the signs of lawn pests or other problems, or just want to have the most beautiful yard on the block without any of the work, Turner Pest Control’s lawn and outdoor services get the job done.

Give us a call or contact us online today for a free, no-obligation estimate on service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Turner Pest Control customer has unique needs, so no matter which of our services you’re interested in, we begin with a comprehensive inspection. Once we’ve assessed your pest issues and listened to your needs, we develop a customized plan for your services and provide an estimate that’s based on the size of your property or home. Since our services and your estimate are tailored to you, we provide quotes in person.

Treatment of fire ants is separate from our lawn service. We do offer optional fire ant treatment, however, and will be happy to provide you with an estimate for this service.

Our comprehensive lawn and outdoor services may include the application of products that fertilize your lawn, manage broad leaf and grassy weeds, treat fungus, and optimize your turf. As always, we balance effectiveness with safety to ensure you get the results you want. Our technician will be glad to explain our recommended products and services during your appointments and answer any questions you may have.

There are several factors that affect how quickly treatments work, including how severe your weed problem is. Generally, the healthier your lawn is, the faster you will see results.

It depends upon what condition your lawn is in when we develop a customized plan to treat it. Generally, the healthier your lawn is, the sooner you’ll see results. We know from experience that it may take approximately six months to see optimal results.

You can learn more about what our services include on our Compare Our Services page.

An irrigation system that’s in good working order is key to lush, healthy lawns and essential to the results you will get from our lawn and outdoor service. The long growing season and types of lawn grasses most commonly seen in our area require the even, regular watering—not too little and not too much—that irrigation systems provide. Watering by hand or moving hose-attached sprinklers around the yard are not as effective. Our technician will be happy to offer guidance on the watering schedule that’s right for you.

Not immediately—please wait until any products we’ve applied to dry before allowing children or pets on your lawn.

Our treatments will help minimize issues with moles, but moles move in unpredictable ways from one lawn or property to another. We will provide specific treatment if needed.

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