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Getting rid of rats or mice is an urgent issue for our customers, so if you have rodents in your Jacksonville home, Turner Pest Control responds quickly. Our experienced rodent control technicians provide fast and effective service, whether you have just a few rodents or a severe infestation.

Expert rodent extermination services

It’s a well-known fact that a rodent population can explode rapidly, so if you’ve spotted even one or two mice or rats, there may be many more you can’t see. Call us at 904-701-0286 or make an appointment online for a free inspection at the first sign of rodents in your home. We’ll create a treatment plan that’s customized to your home and needs.

Our rodent control experts are trained in the latest and most effective ways to solve your rodent problem. We know how to identify the entry points that rats and mice use to get into your home, and use baits, traps, and other methods to resolve your rodent issues.

What to know about rodents

Rats and mice can be a nuisance or a threat to your family’s health and home. Here are the basic facts about rodents and why rodent control is so important.

Signs of rodents: One of the first signs you may notice are rodent droppings, especially in spots where you store or prepare food. Other signs are often related to their chewing, since rodents need to gnaw almost constantly to keep their teeth sharp. You may find holes chewed in boxes or bags of stored food, and chewed insulation on wiring. Rodents can access almost any area of a house, so you may hear the sound of them moving in walls and attics.

The dangers of rodents: According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 35 diseases that can affect humans can be spread by rodents’ urine, feces, saliva, or bites. Rodents can also carry disease through the mites, ticks, and fleas that feed on them.

Rats and mice can even cause fires in homes by gnawing on electrical wiring and damage cars by chewing the wiring in them.

How to prevent rodent problems

There are several steps you can take to minimize rodent problems in your home, including:

  • Keeping screens and weatherstripping in good condition.
  • Eliminating sources of moisture by repairing leaky spigots and faucets.
  • Storing firewood at least 20 feet from your house and keeping mulch several inches away from your foundation.
  • Storing all food in airtight containers.
  • Inspecting packaging, boxes, and bags before you bring them inside.
  • Taking garbage outside frequently and lids on garbage cans sealed.

One of the most important things you can do is seal up entry points around your home. Since rodents can fit through very small openings, look closely for narrow gaps and cracks. Inspect areas behind kitchen appliances and cabinets; around fireplaces; around pipes connected to sinks, washing machines, and hot water heaters; around dryer vents; and throughout the attic.

Check for gaps around all doors and windows and around the holes where plumbing, electrical, cable, and gas wires or lines come in.

Introducing Anticimex SMART—Non-toxic, digital rodent control.

Turner Pest Control is one of the few pest control companies in the U.S. to offer Anticimex SMART, the revolutionary rodent control technology in use around the world. This whole-house electronic mouse control system predicts and prevents infestations, delivering these benefits and more:

  • Non-invasive, environmentally friendly protection
  • The system uses sensors, cameras, and high-tech digital traps
  • 24/7 monitoring of your home for rodent activity
  • 100% non-toxic, so your family and pets are safe from poisonous chemicals and traditional mouse traps
  • Detects activity in hidden places
  • Activity information is sent to us wirelessly and automatically, then our technicians respond to empty traps and relocate traps where activity is detected

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