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    Bed bugs can’t hide from our powerful treatments.



Bed bugs are stealthy creatures, slipping into homes quite easily. Then, once they get inside, they settle in hidden places, making it challenging to get rid of using DIY methods.

At this point, you don’t want the infestation to become any bigger or more entrenched in your home. So, when these pests get into your house, it’s time to contact the expert bed bug exterminator in Lehigh Acres, FL: Turner Pest Control. Our comprehensive, professional program starts with a thorough home inspection followed by a customized recommendation for professional bed bug treatments. Our well-trained team will solve the problem, ensuring that the bed bugs are truly gone for good.

How Bed Bugs Arrive

Besides being stealthy, bed bugs can be pretty creative in the ways they get into homes. When people visit, avenues of entry can include their clothing, shoes, and luggage. Or, if you take a trip, they can hitch a ride with you when you return. So, inspect your suitcases carefully before going back inside, and wash clothing, towels, and linens (including pet bedding!) in hot water before putting them back into chests of drawers and closets. This can help to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs.

Here’s another route that bed bugs can take. If you shop at thrift stores, rummage sales, and so forth, the secondhand goods you buy can host unwanted visitors: bed bugs in the clothing, mattresses, furniture joints, and so forth.


Bed bugs hide so well that, many times, people aren’t even aware of their presence. That said, they may see signs of them instead of the actual insects. Signs of bed bug presence can include tiny bites on your skin, especially on your arms, legs, and backs since those are most commonly exposed to your mattress or bed linens. Dried blood drops on your sheets could be brown or red in hue. Plus, because bed bugs have an odd odor, people may notice a musty smell before seeing the other signs.

Sometimes, of course, you’ll actually see the bed bugs. They’re about the size of an apple seed and a reddish-brown color; their shape is typically flat and oval but, after feeding, they can look bloated. They often huddle in your home’s cracks and crevices, which can include your baseboards as well as furniture joints and bed frames. Other times, people find them on the undersides of their mattresses.


There are several of these problems. First, bed bugs are quite tiny. Next, they can hide in places where they’re difficult to spot or treat; so, it can be challenging to know if you’re successful in your treatments. Plus, when a home suffers from bed bug infestations, the creatures are likely in a range of life stages, from egg to adult, and what works for one life cycle may not work for another.

As a caution, some DIY bed bug treatments can increase the size of your infestation while others can create health risks for your family. According to the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, these include off-label pesticides or foggers; employing heat, DIY; and creating your own mixtures.


Our Lehigh Acres pest control experts offer two different products and processes to get rid of bed bugs.

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    Thermal Remediation® uses only high heat to kill bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle in just one treatment. There’s no chemical fumigation, so no toxins are left behind and you and your pets can return to your home right after treatment is completed. Heat treatment can penetrate even the smallest cracks and crevices.

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    After our bed bug experts confirm that these pests are in your home and locate their hiding places, we use the latest insecticide dust and residual contact treatments. As part of this thorough and effective bed bug control strategy, we provide an initial treatment, plus two more follow-up visits one and two weeks later.


When you need relief and peace of mind, contact us! Our trained technicians use the safest, most effective bed bug treatments, products, and equipment.

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Lehigh Acres Bed Bug Exterminator FAQs

Don’t see your question answered? Get in touch today!

Why are bed bug problems so persistent?

Bed bugs have been around for many centuries and, during that time, they’ve adapted well to the human environment across multiple conditions and temperatures. Although a persistent myth says that keeping your house clean will prevent them from getting in your home, it isn’t true. Cleanliness isn’t a factor in what attracts them.

Plus, they’re difficult to spot and, as hardy creatures, difficult to eliminate, DIY. Over time, they’d become resistant to the effective treatments of the day, too, which means that professional treatments had to evolve. Fortunately, our bed bug exterminator in Lehigh Acres, FL offers two highly effective choices: heat treatments and chemical treatments. For more information and guidance about which would be best for you, simply reach out to Turner Pest Control’s experts in bed bug pest control in Lehigh Acres.

How can I prevent bed bug infestations in my home?

Good question! Consider how these critters get into your home, and block those methods. For example, they get inside on furniture or luggage or soft goods like clothing, so you can carefully inspect these items before bringing them into your house. When traveling, place a plastic trash bag or other protective covering on your suitcases, and don’t put them on hotel beds. Inspect the bedding in the hotel for tiny stains, including on the box springs and mattresses. Whether you see pepper-like spots or not, inspect your belongings when you get home, washing towels, linens, and clothing in hot water before putting them away.

How effective are high-heat bed bug treatments?

Thermal Remediation® is a highly effective treatment, reaching hiding spots that can otherwise be hard to treat. With our bed bug pest control in Lehigh Acres, heat treatments kill these insects across life stages without the use of insecticides. So, when you want environmentally friendly bed bug treatments that take care of the problem in one application, contact Turner for a free pest inspection.

How can Turner Pest Control help me with my bed bug problem?

We offer two treatments: chemical bed bug treatments and heat treatments. Our trained technicians find where these pests are hiding and provide a personalized bed bug treatment plan with methods that are minimally invasive and as environmentally friendly as possible. Still have questions? Fill out our contact form and we’d be happy to help!

How much does pest control for bed bugs cost in Lehigh Acres?

There’s no one size fits all price for bed bug pest control in Lehigh Acres because, at Turner, the price depends upon factors like the type of treatment you choose and the size of your home—although, in each case, we provide cost effective bed bug treatment that provides true value. After our expert technicians inspect your home and discover the presence of these biting pests, the two types of bed bug control we offer are chemical treatments and Thermal Remediation® treatments. 

Chemical treatments involve the use of the latest insecticide dust and residual contact treatments. With this application, our bed bug exterminator in Lehigh Acres, FL will apply an initial treatment and provide two follow-up visits. With Thermal Remediation®, high heat kills bed bugs in one single treatment without the use of insecticides. 

To decide what is right for your home, request an inspection and our expert technician will thoroughly examine your home and then provide a transparent, no-obligation quote with no hidden fees. The result? A home that’s free of bed bugs once more.

How effective is pest control for bed bugs?

Modern bed bug pest control in Lehigh Acres provided by Turner’s is highly effective. You may, however, have heard about this critter’s resistance to pest control—and here’s why. As noted by the National Pesticide Information Center, bed bugs have thrived around the world for quite a long time. In fact, bed bugs have even been found in Egyptian tombs that are thousands of years old. They have also been quite prevalent with one in every three homes in London in the 1930s having a bed bug infestation.

For a few short decades (from 1939-1972), it looked like bed bugs would be overcome for good through a man-made chemical called DDT that was designed to kill bugs in soldier housing during World II. It was extremely effective. However, many of the insects developed resistance to these bed bug treatments, and it was also discovered that DDT was harmful to the environment. 

So, it was back to the drawing board. Fortunately, highly effective bed bug treatments have since been developed. At Turner, we offer a choice between two approaches:

  • Chemical treatments: Our exterminator in Lehigh Acres, FL will apply the best insecticide dust available today and make two followup visits to take care of your infestation.
  • Thermal Remediation® treatments: With this form of bed bug pest control in Lehigh Acres, heat is used to destroy these insects without the use of insecticide, and it only takes one treatment.

To tackle your infestation, reach out to Turner. Our bed bug exterminator will examine your home for a pest presence and provide a no-obligation quote for the best bed bug treatments for your situation.

Is one bed bug treatment enough?

Well, it depends! Turner offers two types of highly effective bed bug pest control in Lehigh Acres. With one of them, one treatment is all it takes while, with the other, the treatment plan consists of three visits. Both approaches start with a thorough inspection of your home and an analysis of your infestation. Then, our expert technician will share results with you along with a no-obligation quote for the recommended treatment plan.

With the chemical treatments, we’ll use the most modern insecticide dust and residual contact treatments. This involves our bed bug exterminator in Lehigh Acres, FL applying a treatment and then scheduling two follow-up visits.

When you want just one highly effective bed bug treatment, Thermal Remediation® is the direction to take. This approach uses high heat to kill these unwanted pests at each stage of their life cycle as it penetrates into even tiny cracks and crevices. Because there isn’t chemical fumigation involved, there are no residual toxins left behind. This means that you, your family, and your pets can come back into the house as soon as the bed bug treatment is finished.

For your bed bug pest control in Lehigh Acres, please contact our experts online or call us at (239) 758-0397.

How do I prepare my house for bed bug treatment in Lehigh Acres?

When you choose Turner for your bed bug treatments, our skilled bed bug exterminator in Lehigh Acres, FL will provide you with specific instructions on how to prep your home for treatment. We keep things as simple as possible for you; recommendations will differ based on whether you’re receiving our chemical treatments or our Thermal Remediation® treatments that use high heat to eradicate the pests. Please contact us if you have questions now about the process. 

How can you tell if you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs can be hard to spot because of their small size and their ability to hide so well in your home’s cracks and crevices in baseboards, furniture joints, bed frames; under mattresses; and more. So, you may not be aware of their presence in your home. If you spot flat, oval, reddish-brown bugs that are about the size of an apple seed or Lincoln’s head on a penny, there’s a good chance that you have a bed bug infestation. If you see a bug that sounds like this description but it looks bloated, it’s likely that the bug has recently fed on blood.

Many times, homeowners see signs of bed bugs rather than the insects themselves. These can include finding tiny bites on the skin of your arms, legs, and backs after it’s exposed to bed linens or mattress. You may find brown or red drops of dried blood on your sheets from these bites. Sometimes, people notice a musty odor first, which bed bugs emit.

If you suspect or know that you have an infestation, just connect with our bed bug exterminator in Lehigh Acres, FL for a thorough home inspection. We will confirm their presence and identity, providing you with a free, no-obligation quote for customized bed bug pest control in Lehigh Acres. You can also call us at (239) 758-0397.

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