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Get the healthy, green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Outdoor & Lawn Pest Control Services in Melbourne, FL

We’ll beautify your lawn in Melbourne, protecting it against pests while also offering complete lawn care services throughout the seasons. That way, you can enjoy a lovely green lawn all year.

Because no two lawns have precisely the same problems, we’ll offer you a free inspection to discover what, specifically, is keeping your lawn from being healthy, lush, and beautiful. Then we’ll recommend outdoor pest control services specific to your Melbourne home.

More Than Just Pest Control Services—Lawn Care, Too!

Maybe your lawn has patches of dead or dying grass. Maybe there are brown spots on the blades, or chew marks, or the blades are wilting. You may notice holes in your lawn’s soil, which makes it highly likely that you’ve got a pest problem, perhaps a pretty significant one. You might even be able to see the insects!

If you have questions, or are ready to get started, simply contact us online or call 321-329-9500.

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Don’t Let Pests Set Up Shop

Because we have such a long growing season in Melbourne, thanks to our warm climate, this gives pests plenty of time to dig in and get comfortable in your yard. To fight back, we provide multiple optional services. They include:

  • Mosquito control: Mosquitoes go far beyond just being a pest in the Melbourne area, also being an ongoing public health threat by carrying deadly diseases; these include the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Plus, mosquitoes can post a real threat to your pets, spreading heartworm, as well, making mosquito management in your yard important for every single member of the family, including the four-legged kind. So, we target breeding sites in your yard, following up with treatments—from daily to seasonal—to fully manage the mosquito population. If you’re having a special outdoor event, we can do a one-time treatment in preparation.
  • Fire ant management: The last thing you want to see when you’re trying to enjoy your yard is a colony of fire ants. They can also pose a real threat to you and your family, so talk to us about our annual treatment that includes free service calls, guaranteed. To make it easier—and to benefit from additional savings—ask to bundle your fire ant treatment with the rest of your lawn care services.
  • Perimeter lawn care treatment: With our residential pest control services, you’ll also benefit from perimeter treatments that keep pests away from your home. We’ll treat your yard for spiders, ants, flies, roaches, and more.

Complete fertilization and pest protection services from the experts.

Florida’s long grass-growing season makes lawn pest control unique — pests can be a problem year-round! That’s why we offer comprehensive services that treat and prevent every type of Florida lawn problem:

Broad leaf and grassy weeds


Complete treatments, including granular applications


Fungus management and turf optimization


Additional "green up" treatments


Shrub fertilization and disease control programs


Optional fire ant, mole and armadillo control

For extra protection or special problems, we also offer these optional services:

Fire ant management
Let us keep your summer free from painful fire ant bites with our once-a-year treatment. Free service calls are guaranteed, and you can optionally bundle fire ant treatment with our lawn program to save even more!
Mole Control
While moles can’t be prevented from making their way into your yard, there are effective treatments for getting rid of these turf destroyers. Our mole control service includes applying bait to the track in which the mole travels.
Armadillo control
Armadillos not only dig up your soil; they can also carry diseases that are dangerous to humans. Our armadillo control service includes applying products in the animal’s existing burrows that causes them to leave and not return.
It’s time to enjoy your lawn — Let Turner's lawn pest control professionals do the work

Whether you’ve seen the signs of lawn pests or other problems, or just want to have the most beautiful yard on the block without any of the work, Turner Pest Control’s lawn and outdoor services get the job done.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every Turner Pest Control customer has unique needs, so no matter which of our services you’re interested in, we begin with a comprehensive inspection. Once we’ve assessed your pest issues and listened to your needs, we develop a customized plan for your services and provide an estimate that’s based on the size of your property or home. Since our services and your estimate are tailored to you, we provide quotes in person.

Treatment of fire ants is separate from our lawn service. We do offer optional fire ant treatment, however, and will be happy to provide you with an estimate for this service.

Our comprehensive lawn and outdoor services may include the application of products that fertilize your lawn, manage broad leaf and grassy weeds, treat fungus, and optimize your turf. As always, we balance effectiveness with safety to ensure you get the results you want. Our technician will be glad to explain our recommended products and services during your appointments and answer any questions you may have.

There are several factors that affect how quickly treatments work, including how severe your weed problem is. Generally, the healthier your lawn is, the faster you will see results.

It depends upon what condition your lawn is in when we develop a customized plan to treat it. Generally, the healthier your lawn is, the sooner you’ll see results. We know from experience that it may take approximately six months to see optimal results.

You can learn more about what our services include on our Compare Our Services page.

An irrigation system that’s in good working order is key to lush, healthy lawns and essential to the results you will get from our lawn and outdoor service. The long growing season and types of lawn grasses most commonly seen in our area require the even, regular watering—not too little and not too much—that irrigation systems provide. Watering by hand or moving hose-attached sprinklers around the yard are not as effective. Our technician will be happy to offer guidance on the watering schedule that’s right for you.

Not immediately—please wait until any products we’ve applied to dry before allowing children or pets on your lawn.

Our treatments will help minimize issues with moles, but moles move in unpredictable ways from one lawn or property to another. We will provide specific treatment if needed.

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