Outdoor & Lawn Pest Control Services in Melbourne, FL

We’ll beautify your lawn in Melbourne, protecting it against pests while also offering complete lawn care services throughout the seasons. That way, you can enjoy a lovely green lawn all year.

Because no two lawns have precisely the same problems, we’ll offer you a free inspection to discover what, specifically, is keeping your lawn from being healthy, lush, and beautiful. Then we’ll recommend outdoor pest control services specific to your Melbourne home.

If you have questions, or are ready to get started, simply contact us online or call 321-329-9500.

More Than Just Pest Control Services—Lawn Care, Too!

Maybe your lawn has patches of dead or dying grass. Maybe there are brown spots on the blades, or chew marks, or the blades are wilting. You may notice holes in your lawn’s soil, which makes it highly likely that you’ve got a pest problem, perhaps a pretty significant one. You might even be able to see the insects!

To help, we provide a range of services, including comprehensive Melbourne pest control services, and just the treatments you need to maintain an eye-pleasing lawn. We offer outdoor service plans that include:

  • Fertilizer treatments: This is a key part of comprehensive lawn care service plans, and we provide granular applications of our treatment.
  • Weed management: We provide broadleaf weed treatments to further beautify your yard.
  • Fungus growth management: Our team will keep fungus growth at bay, optimizing your lawn turf.
  • Shrub fertilization and disease control: Let us know if you need shrub care, because we will gladly make this part of your customized package.
  • Micronutrient treatments: To maximize the beauty and health of your yard, we use “Green Up” lawn care treatments.

We can also recommend additional services to provide you with complete outdoor protection.

Don’t Let Pests Set Up Shop

Because we have such a long growing season in Melbourne, thanks to our warm climate, this gives pests plenty of time to dig in and get comfortable in your yard. To fight back, we provide multiple optional services. They include:

  • Mosquito control: Mosquitoes go far beyond just being a pest in the Melbourne area, also being an ongoing public health threat by carrying deadly diseases; these include the West Nile virus and the Zika virus. Plus, mosquitoes can post a real threat to your pets, spreading heartworm, as well, making mosquito management in your yard important for every single member of the family, including the four-legged kind. So, we target breeding sites in your yard, following up with treatments—from daily to seasonal—to fully manage the mosquito population. If you’re having a special outdoor event, we can do a one-time treatment in preparation.
  • Fire ant management: The last thing you want to see when you’re trying to enjoy your yard is a colony of fire ants. They can also pose a real threat to you and your family, so talk to us about our annual treatment that includes free service calls, guaranteed. To make it easier—and to benefit from additional savings—ask to bundle your fire ant treatment with the rest of your lawn care services.
  • Perimeter lawn care treatment: With our residential pest control services, you’ll also benefit from perimeter treatments that keep pests away from your home. We’ll treat your yard for spiders, ants, flies, roaches, and more.

Completely Customized Lawn Treatment in Melbourne

At Turner Pest Control, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, we provide homeowners with lawn care services that are completely customized. That way, you’ll get just what you need, paying only for the services included in your plan.

Our company is nationally recognized, one of the fastest growing businesses in our region. Yet, we have stayed true to our roots, offering the same quality that we did when we first began in 1971. In fact, we’re one of the Top 100 companies in our industry.

Turner Pest Control is QualityPro-certified, something that fewer than three percent of pest control companies in the United States can say. To maintain this top-shelf designation, we must agree to comply with all professional standards; allow our records to be available for QualityPro audits; and provide signed affidavits each year confirming our continuing compliance.

Finally, we don’t require complicated contracts or cancellation fees. Instead, we focus on ensuring the satisfaction of our Melbourne customers, providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ever unhappy with treatment results, we will return to your home at no charge.

Let’s get started! Contact us online or call us at 321-329-9500 today.