Termite Control and Extermination in Ocala, FL

Get rid of termite colonies with Turner Pest Control’s complete termite protection plan.

Your Ocala home can be severely damaged by termites. That’s why you need the professionals at Turner Pest Control to provide safe and effective termite protection.

Termite damage can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs. You should only accept the best termite protection available—and that’s through Turner Pest Control. Other Ocala termite and pest control companies may provide minimum treatments, but we use the maximum application allowed for the most effective treatment.

We also provide homeowners a choice of termite treatment levels:

  • Premise: our most economical treatment plan available
  • Termidor: next-level termite treatment plans providing longer and wider protection
  • Altriset: our most environmentally friendly termite treatment option

How will we provide termite control for your Ocala home?

We recognize that our client’s homes and budgets are unique, so we create a termite control plan that is just for you. Our technicians perform a full perimeter treatment, including underneath your patio and concrete slabs, behind and inside bricks, and even around pipe penetrations that other companies ignore.

And you’ll have peace of mind because our termite treatment plans come with a zero-deductible termite warranty. We also offer no-tent Drywood Termite programs for Ocala residents.

No termite treatments are alike.

Many termite control companies use shortcuts by spot treating for termites or simply excluding areas from their treatment plans. This allows them to provide more but less-effective treatments.

At Turner Pest Control, we make sure your home is protected wherever termites can enter and cause damage. Our termite treatment plans offer soil protection and more to ensure complete termite protection.

Here are a few more reasons that Turner Pest Control's termite treatment plans are the best in town:

  • Treatment plans include foundation cracks, no matter how small. Termites can enter through a crack less than 1/32 of an inch wide. Although termites can’t eat through concrete, the smallest cracks in foundations or slabs make easy pathways to wood and other building materials they do eat.
  • Plumbing entry points are common areas termite plans ignore. Typically, when concrete is poured, it’s done in forms made of wood. Sometimes contractors leave these wood forms behind, which can lead to termite infestation in these out-of-sight areas.
  • Sometimes a patio or room addition leaves soil levels too high, allowing termites to enter your home where they’ll be undetected until the damage is evident. We inspect these areas and look for access points where termites can get into to your home.

We do not believe in using termite bait systems. We believe soil treatments are a much more effective treatment for termites. Soil treatments are designed to kill termites and termite colonies before they can gain a foothold into your home and they work more than 10 times faster than termite baiting systems. If you think you already have termites, or just suspect there’s termite damage, there is no sense in wasting time with baiting systems.

Get rid of your termite problems with our affordable expert services!

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