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We rid your home of termites—and keep them away. 

Protect your home from termite damage with Turner Pest Control. 

Benefit From the Ultimate in Palm Bay Termite Treatment

At Turner, we protect every place where termites can cause problems. We never cut corners (like some termite control services do), applying protection where these destructive pests can get into your home and cause damage.

While other Palm Bay, FL pest control companies may only provide the minimum of treatments, we provide the maximum applications allowed.

Here are additional benefits of choosing Turner Pest Control.

  • Free estimates: There’s no charge or obligation—ever—to get a quote for your customized treatment plan. To make it easier, you can even request a quote online.
  • Thorough termite inspection: Our professionals locate where termites hide in your home, inspecting it inside and out for signs of termite activity and damage.
  • Personalized plan: We’ll analyze our inspection results to craft a termite extermination plan that will address your pest pressures.
  • Termite control expertise: Turner provides the safest, longest-lasting, and most effective treatments possible. We keep our technician training and technology up-to-the-minute current. 

In short, we offer comprehensive pest control in Palm Bay.

Termites: Feasting in Private

We refer to this destructive pest as the “invisible invader” because they’re easy NOT to notice. They’ll gnaw away on key structural parts of the house from the inside out. 

Although results may not be visible at first, over time, termites can destroy a house. In Palm Bay, be especially alert for signs of damage. That’s because the Formosan termite is spread out through our city. This is truly an invasive species, one that causes serious damage to a home. 

Palm Bay Termite Treatments: Safe and Fully Customized

When we say “safe,” we mean they’re safe for you, and your family, guests, and pets. All starts with a comprehensive termite inspection and plan that’s tailored for you, and your needs and budget.

We offer three termite treatment levels:

  • Premise. Our most economical option.
  • Termidor. Longer, more extended protection.
  • Altriset. Our greenest treatment.
Proactive Approach: Prevent Problems Before They Begin

Our expert technicians prevent infestations before they have a chance to start. How? By treating, for example, pipe penetrations and bath traps as well as the soil around your home. In other words, we don’t do spot treating; we focus on both the big picture and the details to provide you with complete termite protection.

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Termites can literally cause thousands of dollars of damage to one single home, including yours. So, we take a two-pronged approach, first wiping out existing termite colonies and then preventing future ones from settling in your house.


We treat under patios, inside pipes, inside blocks, and anywhere else termites hide


We offer economic Premise treatment, high-tech Termidor, and environmentally friendly Altriset


Protect your home with one of our termite warranties to bridge the homeowner’s insurance gap


Our green treatments are so safe that no warning labels or first-aid instructions are needed

We Protect Palm Bay Homes Against Termite Infestations

termidor hp optional services
This premium, high-tech termite treatment protects your home with minimal disruption to your property. The revolutionary Termidor HP High Precision Injection System is the ultimate termite treatment.
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Our expert technicians make sure your home is protected in every place where termites can enter or cause damage. We do more than meet treatment standards by treating with the maximum application allowed.
termite optional services
Our termite bait systems watch over your home 24/7 and lets us easily check for activity. If we find termites during our quarterly monitoring inspections, we work with you to determine the treatment strategy that’s best for you.
We Protect Palm Bay Homes Against Termite Infestations

Protect Your Investment in Your Home With Turner’s Termite Control


In Palm Bay, it’s essential to have a complete treatment plan. This is a place where the Formosan termite thrives and wreaks havoc. Here’s what the treatment plan should address:

  • Foundation cracks: Although termites can’t eat through concrete, even cracks as small as 1/32 of an inch can serve as entry points. 
  • Wood forms: When concrete is poured, wood forms can be used for your plumbing entry points. If they aren’t removed during construction, they can provide ideal eating and nesting spots for termites. 
  • Room additions and above-slab patios: When being built, many construction methods create higher than desirable soil levels. This creates “on ramps” from the soil to the home, providing areas for termites to reside without being detected.

At Turner, we eradicate termite colonies before they get inside your Palm Bay house. This means we use soil treatments (instead of bait systems), a proactive approach that prevents termites from gaining a foothold in your home. 

Here’s a bonus benefit: soil treatments are ten times faster than baiting techniques!

Palm Bay Termite Types
  • Formosan termites: As mentioned, the coptotermes formaosanus (their scientific name) are quite prevalent in the Palm Bay area, according to the University of Florida. These are subterranean—underground—termites, the most aggressive species of termites in the United States. 
  • Eastern subterranean termites: Although they’re less destructive than their Formosan cousins, their presence is so widespread that they actually cause more overall damage.
  • Drywood termites: This species is also found throughout Florida, including in Palm Bay. They often get into homes when furniture is being transported. As a drywood species, they don’t need much moisture to survive—or much soil. So, they can significantly damage hardwood floors and other similar parts in your home. 
What Homeowners Should Know About Termites

It’s a well known fact that termites love to chew on wood. Did you know, though, that most of them appreciate wet wood more? This is true even when the damp wood is moldy, so it’s important to monitor your home for any mold growth. This is especially true in Palm Bay and surrounding areas because our humid, semi-tropical climate can foster the growth of mold. 

When you own a Palm Bay home, here are some more facts about termites that are important to know:

  • Termites congregate in colonies. They don’t live alone. This means that, if you spot a few of them around or inside your home, others lurk nearby. In fact, if it’s a Formosan colony, it may number in the millions. Other subterranean termite types have colonies with several hundreds of thousands of members. In other words, these colonies aren’t small!
  • Queen termites lay eggs for their colonies at a steady pace. In warmer climates, like Florida, they may lay eggs all year long. Factor in that queens can live for fifty years, and you can get a sense of how rapidly an infestation can grow.
  • Termites don’t sleep. They work around the clock, damaging homes.

If you have questions about termites and pest control in Palm Bay, just ask! Our Palm Bay, FL pest control experts will have answers and advice. To get your solution, call (321) 329-9500 for a free termite inspection and treatment plan. 

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