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Nobody wants bed bugs. These nasty creatures infest homes and bite people—and, to make matters worse, they’re very difficult to spot, and challenging to treat using DIY methods. Fortunately, the highly trained technicians at Turner Pest Control can provide you with the same treatment plan used by top hotels, medical facilities, and office parks throughout the region.

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Nasty Creatures Invade Sarasota Homes

Bed bugs are devious pests, finding multiple ways to get into your home. They travel into your house on consignment or thrift store purchases, from mattresses and furniture to clothing and more, and ride in on clothing and luggage of unsuspecting guests. In short, if there are bed bugs in places where objects have been—and these items come into your home—they very well may contain these unwanted critters.

Signs of Bed Bugs

In some cases, these pests make it easy for you to spot them, perhaps as they rest on the bottom of your mattress. Other times, they’re trickier to spot—which means that, even if you don’t see them, this doesn’t mean that you’re bed bug-free. Why? They hide in cracks, and they hide in crevices.

You may notice tiny bites on your skin without ever actually seeing any of these pests. Commons spots are your arms, legs, and back, typically where your skin comes in contact with your mattress and/or bed linens. Other times the first sign of an infestation are brown or red spots on your sheets, which may well be dried blood droplets from bed bug bites.

Yet another sign is a musty odor in your mattress or comforter.

If you suspect bed bugs, then wash your towels, sheets, and other linens in hot water, including those you’ve stored away. Also, inspect any suitcases and travel bags for indications of bed bugs.

And, don’t waste your time on DIY treatments. If you’re seeing any signs of bed bug infestations, you need a professional solution provided by highly trained technicians. Fortunately, the experienced team at Turner Pest Control offers a comprehensive program that includes a full inspection, professional treatment, and follow-up inspections until you’re free of bed bugs.

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Minimally Disruptive Methods and Techniques

We use bed bug extermination methods that are environmentally friendly so you and your family can remain safely indoors. In fact, they’re designed to be safe for people with allergies and other health problems. Appointments are conveniently scheduled and we make the entire process as easy as possible for you.

Customized Pest Control Plan

Our professional technicians will talk to you about your needs, budget, and preferences for your Sarasota home. We’ll provide you with a free estimate for a practical, efficient extermination plan that offers long lasting protection.

Bed bugs can strike at any time, which is why it’s crucial to have experienced pros on your side.

Turner Pest Control: the Smart Choice

Finding bed bugs in your Sarasota home can be a distressing experience. That’s why our technicians respond quickly when you call, having the safest and most effective equipment and products to exterminate these pests at their fingertips.

Our experience is a true difference maker.

We began providing services in 1971 and, although technology has improved, our promise to customers remains the same: friendly and professional service, with treatments of the highest quality.

Other reasons to choose Turner Pest Control include our:

  • Nationally recognized quality and service, ranked among the top 100 businesses in the United States for pest control services
  • QualityPro Certification, something that’s awarded to fewer than three percent of pest control companies in the country

We respect your time—with a 24-hour response turnaround—and your schedule, with our prompt technicians arriving at your appointment time.

We respect your safety, using green products that are safe for family and pets, and having our technicians undergo the strictest of background checks.

We respect your finances, providing a range of affordable options, one that fits every budget. Plus, there are no complicated contracts and no cancellation fees.

Bed Bug Solutions, Guaranteed!

You have our word that you’ll be satisfied with our services. And, if you’re ever unhappy, we’ll return to your Sarasota home, free of charge, to make things right. Meaning, until you’re 100% satisfied.

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