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If you see one mouse or rat in your house, there’s a good chance that many more of them are nesting in your home. The reality is that they live throughout the United States, and one single female rat can reproduce every three weeks, with as many as a dozen babies at a time. So it just makes sense to call in professionals for rodent control services, even when you still have a relatively small problem with rats and/or mice.

Turner Pest Control can quickly rid your Sarasota home of rodents, through our, fast, affordable, and highly effective rodent control services.

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Rodent Extermination Services

We use a two-pronged approach, using the most up-to-date methods to deal with your current infestation and also focusing on protecting you from future ones. Our team strategically sets traps, using a targeted type of bait—the kind the rodents in your Sarasota home prefer. We also seal potential entry points to proactively protect you going forward.

Dangers of Rodents

Rats and mice can transmit infectious diseases. This can happen if you touch an infected rodent, either dead or alive, and these diseases can also be transmitted by rodent fecal matter in your home. Plus, when fleas, ticks, and mites feed on rodents, they can also transmit those diseases and contaminate your food. These dangerous illnesses include hantavirus, bubonic plague, salmonellosis, and rat-bite fever.

More About Rats and Mice

Rodents enter homes to find shelter, as well as to seek out food and water. They’re looking for safe places to nest, and they can often enter your house without your noticing them. There are, however, often signs of their presence. Here are some common ones.


Rodents scurry, and you may hear those noises inside your walls or in your attic. You might also hear scratching sounds at night.

Rub Marks or Tracks

As rats and mice travel along baseboards and walls, their oily fur may leave behind greasy residue. So, look for signs of unexplained dirt.


Rodents love dark areas, nesting where they’re likely not to be disturbed. Signs of rodent nest building can include shredded paper or packing materials in your closet or attic. Or you may find piles of fabric or insulation in unusual places.

Gnawing Signs

Rats and mice sharpen their teeth through gnawing. Inside your home, this could mean wooden portions, including structural elements, plus wires in the walls and pipes. This can, unfortunately, lead to unsafe conditions in your house, with gnawed wires having the potential to start fires.

Tiny Pellets

Rodent droppings can be found where rats and mice seek out food, such as in kitchen cabinets and pantries. You might also find them under kitchen and bathroom sinks, along baseboards, and in cardboard containers. These may be the most obvious signs of an infestation. If you see them, use gloves when cleaning up. They can transmit diseases and aggravate allergies.

Prevent Rodent Infestations with Turner Pest Control

Close up entry points into your home. This includes repairing or replacing door and window screens, when needed, and to use weatherstripping in appropriate places. Fill in and patch holes where plumbing pipes and cables come in, and look for any other potential entry points and address them.

Another key strategy is to keep counters and floors free from food. Wipe up spills quickly, sweep up crumbs from your late-night snacks, and store your food in airtight containers. At night, put your pet’s food and water bowls away, both inside and out. Repair plumbing leaks so the rodents don’t have a ready source of water.

Does your home have gutters? If so, keep them clean and in good repair, because they funnel water away from your house. If you don’t have them, consider installing them. Keep mulch several inches from your home’s foundation; this is an attractive nesting spot for rodents. Tightly seal your outdoor garbage cans and make it difficult for rats and mice to get inside waste cans.

These proactive strategies will, ideally, keep rats and mice out of your home. But, they aren’t foolproof. So, if you notice signs of a rodent infestation, call for professional help. Rats and mice can multiply quickly so, the faster you schedule your rodent extermination services, the more quickly we can interrupt the infestation process.

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