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Protect Your Sarasota Home With TAP Pest Control Insulation

TAP insulation is an environmentally-safe material that serves as a pesticide in your attic and walls while also providing you with excellent insulation. This material contains a specialized borate material that’s added to its paper fibers, a substance used by pest control professionals to rid Sarasota homes of insects and more.

Technicians at Turner Pest Control are fully trained and licensed to install TAP insulation using specialized machines, and we offer this service as part of our comprehensive pest control services and our termite control services. Interested in learning more? Contact us online or call (941) 342-7378.

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TAP Insulation Installation Process

This is a loose-fill cellulose insulation material blown into attics and inside walls by our technicians over any existing insulation. Benefits of TAP pest control insulation include the following:

  • Controls pests, including ants, booklice, centipedes, crickets, darkling beetles, earwigs, millipedes, roaches, silverfish, sow bugs, and termites; this includes the Formosan termites that plague plenty of Florida homes
  • Lowers energy bills by keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, creating opportunities for year-round energy savings
  • Guards against mold and mildew growth
  • Offers excellent fire resistance
  • Provides outstanding acoustical control

When you use Turner for your TAP insulation installation, you’ll receive a lifetime warranty on permanent pest protection. If you’re interested in this service, please contact us online or call us at (941) 342-7378.

Poor Insulation Risks

When insulation in your attic becomes damaged, you no longer fully benefit from its protection. Once disturbed, you’ll pay more in energy bills and this creates an environment where moisture damage (and all of its associated problems and costs) is more likely to occur. Your HVAC system will need to work harder, which will cost you more money and make your home feel less comfortable. 

Plus, insects and small animals may hide in your attic, and their urine and feces can pose significant health risks to your family. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes, people can become sick when exposed to urine and droppings from rats and mice. How? Spores that contain these substances can become airborne, breathed in by your family and guests or ending up in their eyes and ears.

When animals leave behind waste, this creates a perfect environment for mold, and for bacteria and other microorganisms that feed on organic by-products. Plus, animal waste attracts insects, and wildlife in your home may carry diseases—including rabies, encephalitis, histoplasmosis, and tuberculosis—and parasites. Children, the elderly, and pets can be especially vulnerable to contracting diseases.

Restore Your Attic Insulation

Technicians at Turner can inspect your attic and determine its overall condition. If needed, we can remove current materials and replace them with superior TAP pest control insulation. We’ll send the best technicians to your Sarasota home, ones who are trained and licensed. Ready to get started? Schedule your free inspection online.

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