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It’s your home: only the very best protection from termite damage will do.

Call for the Best Termite Control Services in Sarasota

Some termite control services cut corners—we never do. We make sure to get protection in every place where termites can enter your home or cause damage.

Termite damage costs people about $2 billion dollars in the United States, each and every year—making this destruction more costly than hurricanes, tornadoes, and windstorms combined. So, it isn’t unusual for a Sarasota homeowner dealing with a termite infestation to have repair bills totaling in the thousands.

Here’s what else you can expect from your Turner Pest Control termite service:

FREE ESTIMATES: There’s never any charge or any obligation for quotes on our comprehensive termite treatment plans, and you can request your estimate online. 

A THOROUGH INSPECTION: Our expert technicians know just where termites hide. We inspect your home’s interior and exterior for signs of termite damage and termite activity.

A CUSTOMIZED PLAN: Based on the results of our inspection, we create a termite extermination plan that meets your specific needs and pest pressures.

EXPERT TERMITE TREATMENT: Our up-to-the-minute training and technology ensures that your termite control service is the safest, most effective, and longest-lasting treatment available.

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Termite Destruction

The climate in Florida provides a perfect haven for a wide variety of termite species, and they love feasting on wood, including in Sarasota homes. They can accomplish this in secret, remaining virtually invisible as they go about their destructive deeds.

Two of the more common types in our area include:

  • Formosan termites: These number among our country’s most aggressive species of termites, and they’re quite prevalent in Florida. One colony alone can have more than one million members swarming about. One colony.
  • Eastern subterranean termites: The good news is that these termites are less aggressive and destructive than their Formosan cousins—but these are so incredibly widespread that they actually cause more overall damage.

Plenty of termite species feed on wet wood, something that’s in good supply in humid Florida. And, if one termite is nibbling on the wood in your home, there are a significant number of other ones close at hand. That’s because these nasty critters live in colonies with queen termites continually producing eggs throughout her lifetime, which can span 50 years.

Signs of termite infestations include the damage they create, actually seeing swarms, finding wings they’ve shed, or mud tubes by your house. If you destroy these tubes and they come back, this makes it even more likely that termites are at fault.


Termites can do thousands of dollars of damage to your home. Our comprehensive termite protection wipes out existing colonies and prevents future infestations. 


We treat under patios, inside pipes, inside blocks, and anywhere else termites hide


We offer economic Premise treatment, high-tech Termidor, and environmentally friendly Altriset


Protect your home with one of our termite warranties to bridge the homeowner’s insurance gap


Our green treatments are so safe that no warning labels or first-aid instructions are needed


termidor hp optional services
This premium, high-tech termite treatment protects your home with minimal disruption to your property. The revolutionary Termidor HP High Precision Injection System is the ultimate termite treatment.
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Our expert technicians make sure your home is protected in every place where termites can enter or cause damage. We do more than meet treatment standards by treating with the maximum application allowed.
termite optional services
Our termite bait systems watch over your home 24/7 and lets us easily check for activity. If we find termites during our quarterly monitoring inspections, we work with you to determine the treatment strategy that’s best for you.
Ultimate Treatment in Termite Protection—Learn about Turner Pest Control’s Termidor HP Treatment.
Sarasota Termite Extermination


Preserving your investment with termite control from Turner Pest Control


The reality is that, with termites, spot treatments are not enough. They don’t provide you with the complete protection you need and deserve. So, to help prevent infestations before termites can even settle in, we treat soil around your home, plus around pipe penetrations, bath traps, and other termite-friendly entry points.

We focus on plumbing entry points because, when builders pour concrete, they often use wooden forms. If these aren’t removed during the construction process, these become ideal nesting and feeding spots for termites.

We treat foundational cracks (even as tiny as 1/32 of an inch) because termites can slip right through them, entering your home. Other hot spots include room additions and above-slab patios. In those areas, you may have soil levels that are higher than desirable, which can create a direct on-ramp for termites—meaning from your soil into your Sarasota home.

In our exterminations, we don’t use bait treatments. We use soil treatments. Why? It’s because we want to eradicate those destructive termite colonies before they ever get into your home. And, soil treatments are ten times more effective than baiting kinds, and they allow us to rid your soil of these pests much more quickly.

Professional Sarasota Termite Extermination Services

Because termites are so destructive, it doesn’t make sense to use do-it-yourself products on the market. This only gives them more time to gain a foothold in your house and create even more expensive damage.

Instead, we recommend the latest, most effective termite control products, applied by professional pest control technicians who’ve been trained to apply them correctly for maximum effectiveness.

Our trained technicians know where termites like to lurk, so they track them down; determine what types of termites are infesting your home; and then use the most appropriate and effective methods to eradicate them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Termite are small, soft-bodied insects that live in large colonies and feed on wood, including timber and the wood in structures. The three major types are subterranean, drywood, and dampwood. As their names imply, subterranean termites usually live in soil; drywood termites prefer very dry wood; and dampwood termites prefer wet wood, such as in forested areas.

Turner does not offer a warranty on drywood termites, but we can spot-treat them. If you have a severe drywood termite problem, we will refer you to drywood termite treatment professionals.

The presence of termites alone is not a definitive indicator of whether damage has been done. Determining if your home has been damaged requires an inspection. If you suspect you have termites, Turner offers a free, no-obligation inspection.

It’s easy to mistake termites for flying ants. Both have four wings, but termite wings are uniform in size while flying ants have larger wings in the front. Generally, termites range from ¼ to ½ an inch long and are pale in color.

Each species has its own swarming season, but in general, spring is primetime for termites. Formosan subterranean termites, the most destructive type,  are seen in spring and swarm at night. Contact us immediately if you notice swarming termites.

Termites do billions of dollars’ worth of damage in the U.S. every year. They eat nonstop, around the clock, so large populations can quickly damage wood and threaten the integrity of your home’s structure. The good news is that Turner’s comprehensive termite control services can take care of existing colonies and prevent their return.

The key to termite prevention is reducing or getting rid of the moisture that termites need. Take steps to reduce the humidity levels in your crawl space and attic; divert water away from your home’s foundations with gutters; and fix leaks coming from pipes, faucets, and your outdoor AC unit. You should also get rid of roots or tree trunks, wood stakes, or old form boards that are close to your home. Regularly inspect your home’s foundations for termite damage signs.

This is one area of pest control that homeowners should not attempt on their own. Licensed pest control professionals have the experience, extensive training, technology and products required to effectively control termites populations and protect your home.

We do not do WDOs. These are typically done by home inspectors.

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