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St. Pete Pest Control for Lawn + Outdoors

In St. Pete’s temperate climate, it’s possible to have a beautiful lawn, year-round. With Turner’s lawn and outdoor services, you can have a lush, green yard without the work, worry, or hassle. 

We’re the only group of lawn care professionals that will care for your yard the way you would. We’ll fertilize your lawn, control weeds, get rid of pests, and more without using harsh chemicals. Turner uses effective treatments that keep you, your family, and pets safe.

As our lawn pest control customer, you can expect the following:

  • Free initial inspection: Turner’s experts will assess the condition of your lawn and identify specific issues: pest presence or weed growth as two examples. 
  • Customized estimate: Each lawn is unique, and so are our lawn and pest control services. We’ll personalize your plan based on your property’s square footage so you never pay too much. 
  • Recurring treatments: You can count on professional treatments every eight weeks. You’ll need a working irrigation system; 48 hours after each treatment, water your lawn.
  • Additional services as needed: In between scheduled visits, if you have an issue, just let us know. We’ll return for retreatments to keep them under control.
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Complete, Professional Fertilization & Lawn and Pest Control Services

Our long grass season in St. Pete’s creates a unique challenge with lawn pest control. That’s because the outdoors pests can be a problem, year-round, too—and that’s also why our St. Pete lawn and outdoor services prevent or treat the range of Florida lawn problems.

Broad leaf and grassy weeds


Complete treatments, including granular applications


Fungus management and turf optimization


Additional "green up" treatments


Shrub fertilization and disease control programs


Optional fire ant, mole and armadillo control

For extra protection or special problems, we also offer these optional services:

Turner Pest Control also offers these optional services to make your yard and outdoor enjoyment the best they can be for you, your family, and your pets:

Fire ant management
Fire ant bites are painful and can lead to infection. Turner’s annual treatment will help to protect your family—and free service calls are guaranteed. For maximum value, bundle annual fire ant treatments with St. Pete lawn services.
Mole Control
Moles are persistent turf destroyers and, if they're in your yard, we’ll apply bait where they travel to effectively get rid of them. Save even more by bundling this service with your St. Pete lawn and pest control services.
Armadillo control
Armadillos can carry dangerous, transmissible diseases, making them more than just a nuisance. We apply products in the animal’s burrows that will make them go away and not return. Bundle with St. Pete lawn services!
Let Our St. Pete Lawn Pest Professionals Do the Work

You can relax while we help you to have the most beautiful yard on the block, one that adds true curb appeal to your home. Get started with our St. Pete lawn and outdoor services today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on providing customers with personalized quotes to meet their unique needs. That’s why we start all of our services, including St. Pete lawn and outdoor services, with a thorough visual inspection. We’ll assess issues, listen to your needs, answer your questions—and then create a customized plan that’s based on the square footage of your property. So, because we offer tailored solutions, we provide quotes in person. You can conveniently schedule your free assessment online. 

Not right away. Please wait for lawn care applications to dry thoroughly first.

We treat and protect your lawn from commonly found pests. These St. Pete pest control services include protection from critters like mole crickets, sod webworms, armyworms, chinch bugs, and lawn grubs. You can add St. Pete pest control protection for fire ants, moles, and armadillos.

As part of our lawn care inspection, we’ll identify the pests and recommend customized treatments. If you’d like to identify them yourself, you may need to look at the damage they cause, instead of pests themselves. Why? Because you won’t always see the actual pests and, if you do, some look like other species, which can be confusing. 

For example, if you saw a seven inch mammal with a hairless, pointy snout, small eyes, and no visible ears, this is likely a North American mole. They live underground, though, so you’re more likely to see signs of the damage they do: volcano-shaped mounds where they dig tunnels. (If moles come on your property, our bait mole extermination system will solve the problem. To save money, you can bundle this with St. Pete lawn care services.) 

No matter what lawn pests you have, we can identify them and address the problem as part of your lawn pest control services. During each recurring visit (every eight weeks), we’ll reassess your lawn’s condition and provide exactly the right St. Pete pest control applications.

Yes, we use safe products, balancing usage for effectiveness. Overall, we may apply treatments to manage weeds (broadleaf and grassy), fertilize your lawn, treat fungus, and optimize your turf. Your technicians will describe the products and answer any questions you have about the ones we specifically recommend for you. 

In general, weed treatments work more quickly on healthier lawns. From our experience, it can take six months or so for optimal results—with ones with more severe weed problems taking longer than those with fewer issues. When our technician assesses your lawn and creates a personalized treatment plan, be sure to ask all your questions and we can answer them about your specific yard.

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